#AtoZChallenge DAY10: J for JEALOUSY

Day: #10 || Alphabet : J || Theme: Emotions || Word: Jealousy

Day 10 of #AtoZChallenge yes..ten days is an achievement in a 30 day daily challenge specially when its your first time ever and I am gonna celebrate it with another guest post by my very dear about whom I have mentioned many times in my blog – Vikas 

Vikas is a fun, handsome, athletic, traveler, trekker and super awesome writer besides being a very dear friend of mine who understands me so well. I have known him for hardly more than a year but sometimes you meet few people and you know they are gonna be by your side as friends for lifetime he is one such person. I can’t imagine how I would have fun at work if it wasn’t for him and my other friend Dilip. They are my Yin-Yang in life.

Vikas Dilip and me 🙂

I have asked Vikas a hundred times to start a blog cause his writings are worth sharing with the world. He comes up with such amazing stuff and all that locked in his google docs 😦 So i insisted him to write a guest blog for me and to see the response he gets. Maybe this guest blog would encourage him to start his own blog 🙂 ❤

And what better emotion to pick – JEALOUSY ,  i was sure he would come up with something amazing and here it goes. Thanks Vikas ❤ ❤ ❤


Being jealous is human.
Knowing of being jealous is self-awareness.
Accepting of being jealous is honest.
Still unable to do anything about it. Life.

One man’s pride is other man’s jealousy (and foolishness according to a third 😀 ) Jealousy or envy is considered one of the 7 great sins and it might not be a virtue in any distant way but i say it can definitely be an asset (surprised …. we will get to it soon .. 😏).
Lets start with what we have been fed (overfed rather) since childhood, be it school, home, movies, books or our favorite cartoons (Tom and Jerry is still the best by the way…. dude don’t even argue) that being jealous is not the right way of being, it is immoral and not virtuous. Even our beloved Game of Thrones, where everyone you like dies sooner or later, doesn’t miss on a single chance to show all the characters harboring slightest jealousy in a negative and demeaning light (too much observation … i know 😎 … but i wasn’t talking about Tyrion 😉).

Lets set the ground rules now.
That stinging feeling you go through when you look at your neighbors Mercedes while you get out of your own (non significant) car everyday or the flushing feel you get when you meet your best (dumb 😈) friends hot girlfriend for the first time, who you too had a crush on, and get face palmed right back by your barren life, that agony (how did he manage to pull this off) and pain, let’s face it, is one or the other form of jealousy. Do not mistake it for you feeling incompetent or unworthy. Its envy. And the sooner you can identify and accept it the better it can be circled around and dealt with, inside that ego of ours.
So we feel jealous of inconsequential things also sometimes (I meant the Mercedes … 😏), big deal. Own it and accept it. Stop thinking of yourself as some evil incarnation.

Now that we start accepting of being jealous, the tough part is done. We hear being jealous is bad, I say it’s a blessing in disguise (a wicked one nonetheless). Jealousy, like anger, if channelized in the right way can be a great asset.

We are ambitious, we work hard, we like succeeding but there is always someone you find who does things better (stop planning their accidental murder … right now). No harm in a little envy to creep in. Because all we have to do is see it as a challenge and direct the jealousy to make ourselves better instead of cribbing and making ourselves miserable.
Now go and tell that best (dumb) friend of yours this “you lucky dog, I am so jealous of you”, and see the broad smile on his face. He might even give away his secret of how he got the girl. Result – you guys are still best buddies and you learnt something new from him 😉. Moral – no more gyan(preaching) on jealousy just a fact that there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

The  Jealousy Smiley

21 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge DAY10: J for JEALOUSY”

    1. Hello Jeremy.. thanks a ton for stopping by 🙂 Thats a very intriguing comment am gonna move to your page as soon as i hit the send button on this comment. 🙂 Am working as a Minion for John’s team 🙂


  1. Love this! Everything is relative. I’ve seen many people get jealous, then totally shut the door to that possibility for themselves. Sad. Yes, keep planting that seed in your friend’s mind to keep writing and start blogging. It may not happen right away, but you have not only planted that seed but germinated it by sharing his words. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you so much for that lovely comment..am definitely gonna share it with him and am sure this would make him want to write more:) Yeah!!! thanks once again for stopping by ..big hugsss ❤


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