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THIRTEEN something that should not be TABOO anymore – DAY 13_part01

The number 13 – THIRTEEN in itself gives us chills down our spine. We always associate it with being unlucky, something tragic etc because of all the notions associated with it in the past. So why not discuss something similar. Today it’s about THIRTEEN topics that SHOULD NOT BE A TABOO ANYMORE. And sharing it on my blog is somehow empowering me, and for the first time making me feel the strength bloggers have – to share their opinions and views of some serious issues with the world.

— this should not be a taboo anymore —
1. Mental Illness
2. Menstruation
3. Sex Education
4. Fat/Skinny/Dark/Fair
5. Marital Rape
6. Career oriented woman cannot be a good homemaker
7. Homosexuality
8. Women and drinks
9. Talking about honor killing
10. Divorced/separated/widowed woman = Easy Target
11. Single Parent
12. Men can feel pain
13. Financial Status to judge someone

I actually wrote the entire 13 taboos in detail and it was way too long even for me to do a review check. I made some changes in the last moment and am going to talk about the Thirteen taboos in details in a series of posts post this blog (hence the delay in post yesterday). Let this one be just a peek-a-boo on the upcoming series post.  

Just because you can’t physically see something doesn’t make it any less real, serious or scary for the person suffering with it. Mental illness needs to be talked about just like any other injury or disease or like a broken leg. Mental illness are of different types ranging from mild to severe like Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Bipolar, Dementia, Schizophrenia,Autism, Attention-deficit and even something which we just neglect Hyperactivity. Mental-Illness

The first major reasons are for late diagnosis of these are because we consider them a taboo to be discussed with anyone even a family member and that is cause when the family members consider it a taboo and are not open to the thought that it can happen to anyone. When ever some one is told to meet a psychiatrist we think the person has gone nuts, but the fact is sometimes counselling helps you to understand what you going through. It doesn’t certify you as a mad person. So if you suffer from one, seek help!! If you know someone who is going through a mental illness, find help for that someone. 

Yes! it indeed is considered as any other social taboo. There are societies that consider this biological occurrence in female as impure, unclean and even more embarrassing. There are still families who don’t let the woman of the house come close to them, or attend auspicious occasions or do the religious rituals if they are on their menstrual cycle. I mean menstruation signifies the fertility of a woman. If she wouldn’t have been able to have her regular monthly cycle , men wouldn’t have been born. Even talking about periods is considered a stigma. I remember as kids if a girl is sitting on bench during the sports period everyone goes hush hush about it both boys and girls. What is so difficult to understand this? Don’t men get erected early mornings? have we woman considered it as perverseness and not stigmatised u for that then why woman. It sounds more like a disease that we women go through each month. When women buy sanitary pads, shopkeepers put it in a black cover so that no ones knows what you buying as if am buying a bomb to blow up my neighborhood. That smirky smile of the man at the billing counter when he bills the sanitary pad, i just feel like punching him right on face. Or the ads on tv for sanitary pad Blue ink for what? The reality hits when you first see blood instead of the blue color when you hit puberty.attitude-towards-menstrual-cycle-all-india-percentage-women_chartbuilder

Adolescent girls in developing countries miss schools for at least fives days every month -60 days in a year, due to lack of access to sanitary napkins and unhygienic school conditions only because the issue is not spoken out loud. There are so many issues associated with menstruation that need to be discussed, like irritations, infections, irregularity, pcos, PMS etc so that “That time of the month” becomes pleasant rather than a pain and curse for us. If a woman tells you she is not well consistently when you keep asking her whats wrong with you just understand she is on her periods, or if she tells you directly don’t be taken aback and consider her “ooohh she is too open to discuss all this with me” attitude. #dontlettheperiodstopyou !!!

As much as rape is a social menace so is giving sex education or even talking about sex a taboo. I remember the first time my mother told me about sex or a physical touch which shouldn’t be appreciated. I was in fourth std when my mother told me that if ever anyone touches you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable just shout out loud no matter who it is or which place you are in. Why can’t all moms tell their daughters about how to be careful? Or tell the boys about how to treat a girl. 1 in every 10 girls in India go through molestation as kids and they never talk about it with anyone even their moms and this leaves a scar in them for an entire lifetime. 418592_517944008220211_1350532575_n-640x424

Sex education is not just about learning the male and female reproductive system. So many teens in India and abroad go through abortion even before they are 20 because of lack of education about contraceptive methods,sexual health, dysfunction and STDs. This encourages misinformation and myths and false cure. So many men have erectile issue and not talking about it with their wives or family doctor simply impacts their marriage,social and domestic life. And this also results in lack of knowledge in doctors as they are never aware of such illness and how to treat these disorders. Sexual education is necessary to identify and be comfortable with one’s own sexuality.

Let me know if you liked the part 01, it would mean a lot of encouragement for me to post about other topics 🙂 Also anything that you agree with or would want to share your opinion about what should not be a taboo anymore.

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter.

TWELVE fav one each of the 12 months– DAY 12 OF HALF MARATHON

I was sure what i would be writing for 12 something as part of the #halfmarathon challenge am soon gonna complete 🙂 and that is my TWELVE favourites for each of the TWELVE month. There is always something special about every month of the year, it could be an event, a festival, someone’s birthday any and probably everything. Here i am sharing #myfavorites 🙂

JANUARY : This has to be the month dedicated to NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS. All that you had planned to do last year but couldn’t achieve, all that you want to complete in the current year. It’s all about goal settings and working towards it. Be it a goal related to improving on your finances, living a healthy life, travelling places you have been planning for, ticking of those bucket lists you made. it’s all about paving way for a new year, a new you.

FEBRUARY : No it’s not Valentine’s day that makes this month special for me or my love story, but it definitely is related to unconditional love and this one is the love story of my parent’s when they tied knots for eternity on the 10th of Feb 1980. This is what makes this month so special to me and i love this month because of this single reason.

MARCH : Besides the fact as a woman this month celebrates us on 8th of March every year which is really a proud feeling, what makes it special for me is it’s the beginning of the favorite season of the year SPRING. I love the new leaves on plants and trees, flowers blooming, there is this very special kinda atmosphere specially in Bangalore that is a mix of cold and warm. Winters just passing by and summer is just round the corner kinds.

APRIL : The first day of the month is only special its my one and only loving brothers birthday. Yeah yeah, he was born on the April Fool’s day:P It’s an honour to have an elder brother. Now if that was just not enough, it’s also the birthday month of my sister-in-law 🙂 theirs too was a love marriage ❤ Also it’s the time when schools are about to close for vacations, and for adults its time to start planning for vacations and get their leaves approved 😛

MAY : This month is lucky in itself because it is my mom’s birthday month. If it wasn’t for her i wouldn’t be blogging here 🙂 I love you mom and i miss you so much . It’s summer vacations.. yipee!! I still remember when we used to wait for schools to close both mine and my mom’s(she was a school teacher)  so that we can go for vacations. Time to pack the bags and start the journey.

JUNE : Hmm nothing particular about this month as such, no birthdays, no vacation as such but what used to be special about it back as kids was that during this month i used to do all the school shopping – uniforms, books etc and would wait for the classes to begin towards the end of the month. Also the thought of following month made this month seem too long. All i’d think was the next month, wana know why continue reading 😉

JULY : Yipeeeeee!!! My favorite month of all the remaining ones because it’s MY BIRTHDAY MONTH 🙂 🙂 🙂 I don’t really need any other reason for this month to be more special. It’s time to update my resolutions for the year, make those edits and deletes and additions.I also share this month with my best friends birthday, he is my strength 🙂 and he means so much.

AUGUST : Two important occasions makes this month my second favorite after July and that is FRIENDSHIP’s DAY and RAKSHA BANDHAN. My friends have been my biggest strength and it needs to be celebrated. This Aug that’s few days from today i’d be celebrating a decade long friendship with my best friends and i couldn’t be more luckier to have found them. We call ourselves the #unforgettables 🙂 Now Raksha bandhan is the festival which celebrates the bond between a brother and a sister. And am grateful to have an elder brother who is my strength, my backbone, who supports me in everything i do. It’s also my Blog anniversary and next month its the first blog happy birthday.

SEPTEMBER : I am engineer by profession and September marks the Engineers day on the 15th of September. My mother was a very respected teacher, this month also celebrates the teachers we have had in life on the 5th of September. Also my first ever dance stage performance was during September 1994 🙂 So many reasons to like this month. Also my family festival Onam is celebrated in this month. More on that some other day.

OCTOBER : My dad’s birthday makes this month special 😀 Plus the festival of lights Diwali and festival of good over evil Dusseshra fall in this month. These festivals kind of change in their dates but it’s usually around the same time of the year. I celebrate both these festivals with a lot of love and happiness. It’s time for fun and celebrations, meeting family, going home , eating lots of sweets 😛

NOVEMBER : Two of my best friends have their birthdays this month. And that makes this month special. They understand me for exactly who i am. And guess what one friend out of the two is getting married this coming November and i am already making plans and preparing myself to be the best bridesmaid to her. The other friend has never failed to make me feel special and we have this random question thing that we play since the last four years that we have known one another and that has helped us grow as such good friends. He is in US now and i miss him so much. We haven’t met for the last two years but we never fail to have our usual weekend skype calls 🙂 #thankstotechnology 

DECEMBER : And finally the last month of the year. Being a convent student, Christmas was a huge event for us. The whole month goes in preparing for Xmas celebrations. So this month has always been a happy happy one. I miss school so much during Christmas, and to compensate we play the Secret Santa in office 😛 It’s the month to welcome a new year and to plan the awesome new year party. Well last year this month added another important day infact days to it and that was when my gang of girls sweetest person got married on 1st jan 2015 for which the celebrations has begun almost two weeks before. And she chose me to be her bridesmaid and i was the happiest person to be so. I had the time of my life during her wedding from her bridezilla tantrums to running here and there, taking care of her and other things, being more than a family member everything made her wedding so special.

Too many other important things are also there which makes each of these months special but the ones i spoke about are my favorites ❤ These are the only reasons why i look forward to these months. Too many other birthdays which i just can’t miss cause all these people have made me me. Too many other decisions of life that were made career, life etc.

Which is your fav month? Let me know!!! Is there another list that you would have taken up if you had the chance or somethings that you think i could have written instead of this one. Lemme know , lemme know 🙂

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter.

Eight ways to win my heart – DAY 08 OF HALF MARATHON

Let’s keep it short this time, I don’t really want to tell people what are the ways to win my heart 😀 (#classified 😛 ). Most of the things have been told in my what turns a woman on and what turns a woman off post. I am like any other girl with a little twist that’s all.

I am a Cancerian woman in the truest sense!! So that makes your work easier in doing some research on how to win a Cancer Woman’s heart. I could tell you the top eight points to make things a little less difficult for you. Cancerians being a water sign and effected by the Moon imagine all the possibilities good and bad both of the sea and then relate it to a woman and you are good to start with. Remember the dialogue from the movie Titanic – A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Make me laugh and you’ll have me forever
  • Motivate me and support me when I share my dreams or tell you my problems, don’t play on my insecurities
  • Respect my family even more than me I mean it!
  • Though not a typical girl but once in a while even I love compliments and to be treated like one, to be made feel wanted by you.
  • Don’t mess with me when I am moody or need my space. I know I can be crazy but that makes me interesting, trust me. My mood swings are both good and bad. So if you can’t handle my worse you don’t deserve my best too
  • I don’t open up in an instant so give me that scope of opening up my layers to you as and when I get you closer in my life
  • I am very emotional I might cry watching the same movie again and again but that doesn’t make me weak, it just helps me feel light so let me cry when I need to 😛
  • I love being in my shell, I either move sideways or backwards so go ahead and take the initiative.

See I told you, I ain’t that difficult 😀 😛 ❤ (or any other woman for that matter) You just need to hit the right chord with us and the music plays.

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that I saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren 

Seven things that cross my mind a lot – DAY 07 OF HALF MARATHON

Friday it is!!! And mid-way into #Halfmarathon and am glad I managed despite all the odds(lack of time and lot of travel). Wishing you happy weekend in advance 😀 to all my lovely readers.

Do you people think random things in your head? mmm like all of a sudden you are lost in your own dream land weaving stories and characters or for that matter thoughts related to life and things you aren’t happy about etc etc … I do and that could be anything under this sky. Seven things that cross my mind a lot are:

  1. Do ghosts exist? : Ohh yes!! I do a lot of times. Why if you may ask I really don’t have an answer but I love watching horror movies a lot and then I go into this deep thought of whether these supernatural and unknown powers really exist? Being from a place like Andaman and Nicobar Islands I have grown up hearing ghost stories and experiences from very close people whom I have seen since I was a kid. And how can you not believe them? So yeah Ghosts and everything about them excites me(am shit scared too as soon as a horror movie gets over, I need someone to go to the next room also yet I love watching horror movies)
  2. What would I do if I didn’t have a 9-6 job? : Me not working is something which would never happen. I love my work and enjoy every bit of it. But there are times when I just feel like resigning and sitting at home doing nothing and then a whole bunch of ideas pop up in my head . What would I do the whole day, will I end up having an individuality of my own? how will I be financially self independent if not a regular job, will I become cranky? what alternate profession I could take up instead of an IT job are many of the questions that pops up in my head.
  3. If I had like a crore in my bank account? 😀 😀 😀 Don’t we all think about all the things we could do if we had a huge amount of savings in our bank accounts? I know you do and so do I ;think of all the places I could visit, all the things I could buy from my wish list and more…
  4. How can I make a crore? : Even dreams charge money at times.. hahaha and so I keep thinking how can I save money and I always terribly fail at it. I don’t know when was the last time I could save some money as I had planned my monthly expenses in the beginning of the month.
  5. Why is feminism so over rated? : I think “#feminism” as a concept is really over rated by both men and women alike. Men mistake feminism to be hatred by women towards women while Women mistake feminism as their rights over men. Feminism is nothing but equality to women in all those things that men do too. We can’t customize it according to our needs. People should understand its more about “gender equality”. (a peek into an upcoming post in future)
  6. Astronomy and Astrology: I am always fascinated about the whole concept of astronomy and astrology. I am not a firm believer of astrology but I do check the Astro section in newspapers whenever I get a chance. The whole concept of zodiac signs really excites me . So are the stars and moon and everything up in the sky and beyond it. I have grown up watching constellations very clearly in the sky and I still love doing that. All these alien-ufo stuff they show in movies always leaves me thinking about them a lot.
  7. The legacy I wana leave  behind me: I simply don’t want to die without leaving a legacy behind. I want to be that someone whom people look up and feel inspired and when I kick the bucket I would want to stay back and see all those people whose life I have touched turn up to bid me farewell. I want to be that person who is remembered for her work. I want to leave a mark in the world even in the tiniest way possible

Yup let’s call it a wrap for the day or I would actually get thinking about a lot more things and that would not suit the headline of this post. So those are the top seven things that crosses my mind very often. What do you people think? Anything in common that we share ? do lemme know!

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that i saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren 

Stop, wait a minute

I know that reminds of you the song Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars but naa this is not about the song but its time for #HalfTime2016 that is being organized by the BlogChatter group. I generally do posts from the prompts by the Daily Posts of WordPress but this introspection of your own mid year blog sounded interesting to me. Looking forward to more of these campaigns by the Blog Chatter team 🙂 2016-1-min-300x300July is definitely the right time to take a pause and look back at your journey both your New Year Resolutions that have been postponed each month 😛 and so it is with Blogging. It does make a lot of difference as to the areas where you need to improve and to continue doing certain posts that has been a hit for you. So here’s a look back at my blogging journey  🙂 Hop Along!!!

  • Number of Posts
    Considering this being my first year into blogging, my main focus has been on improving the number of posts i make each month. Initially when i had started I only published posts according to my mood(which swings weirdly) and for specific events. Lately I have made a good progress on this and my biggest achievement in being able to take up daily post challenges
  • Writing Challenges
    I have realized how important it is to take up writing challenges. It not just pushes your creative side but definitely helps you grow in your writing which is a big deal for any blogger. The random prompts, quote challenges, daily post challenges are really amazing. One you get a lot of traffic to your blog, two increases your blogging networking, third its a totally brainstorming activity. I am glad i could do a lot of these
  • #AtoZChallenge
    The best decision i took besides getting into blogging was signing up for the Ultimate Blogging challenge – AtoZChallenge. Even more challenging because I was also a minion for John’s HoltonHeroes. This really improved me as a blogger. I did my homework on searching theme – Emotions, working on different topics, content. Learnt how networking is important for a blogger. I have made some really great friends through the challenge and more importantly it was like an encyclopaedia of different topics as varied as possible that i got to learn. Amazing experience and can’t wait for April 2017 already!!!
  • Guest Posts
    I started of guest posts through my AtoZChallenge, not just by my few blog friends but also some who write well but don’t really wana have a blog. I was proud of myself that i managed to inspire them to write and leave a mark of their own in the blogging world. Woohoo!! ❤ I have also started doing guest posts on other blogs and the encouragement has been amazing.
  • Published work
    Women’s Web  has been really kind in publishing my articles on their reputed community page. In the last three months i guess I have published five of my articles on the website and i feel good about it. I am more excited now to do even more inspiring posts that could help the women out there in the tiniest way possible
  • Photo Challenges
    I suck at clicking pics of self and others though i always loved capturing memories in a frame and this wish was fulfilled by the #FMSPHOTOADAY challenge hosted by FatMumSlimI got to know about this in May and i managed to complete the challenge. I plan on doing it for alternative months now cause it really helps my instagram networking as well.
  • Scheduling and adding more sections to Blogs
    As my blogging journey continues I have planned on adding different sections to my blogs which i had not done so far. I have been posting my Zentangle and Doodles art work randomly on the blog but now i am keen on doing them regularly as a separate section. I was overwhelmed when couple of my friends started to do Zentangle after seeing my posts. I feel i could touch few lives in some way possible. So would be the movie reviews henceforth. I have always written short reviews for movies on facebook but i think i can plan on giving them some space on my blog cause i love movies ❤ ❤ . Few other in mind are Book Reviews and Experiences etc. Also i have learnt how scheduling posts on a particular day of the week is a sign of a good blogger who takes up blogging seriously.
  • Attend Bloggers Meet
    As is reading and commenting important to nourish your blog so is attending a bloggers meet and this i realized when i attended the Indiblogger meet in Feb. I met some really amazing bloggers who are now such good friends. It’s not just about attending some event and then writing about it but meeting these people in person has really influenced and inspired me to be more religiously involved towards my blog. I plan on attending more of such events.
  • Importance of Social Media channels
    For me Social media was all about facebook and instagram. Blogging has taught me how effectively I can use these social media channels to help my blog grow. There’s more to check-in and uploading images, ask any blogger this and you would know why. Hashtags can immensely affect your blog and posts if you know how to use them wisely. Hootsuite is something that I am learning to use right now.

My stats for the last six months though not a big number but is definitely inspiring enough for me to be more passionate about my blog LIFE AS A POTPOURRI. I have to do justice to it by bringing more variety in it. More on my blogging goals and blog makeover as i complete my first blog anniversary next month 😀 #superexcited