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Solely from my heart

#BlogchatterEbook – Potpourri of Emotions & Moods -myFirst!

I take on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Tina whose Ebook “Soul Sojourn” is also a part of the mix.
About Tina’s Ebook: “Soul Sojourn´ is a beautiful creation of poignant ideas and concepts through some serious soul searching. The book is divided into chapters called as ´Pitstops´ where we take a break and ponder over the thought of the day. This book is loosely inspired by the Carpe Diem philosophy! You seize the thought of the day and make it your own interpretation! The soul travelogue is an adventurous journey into the inner self.”

“Our emotions need to be as educated as our intellect. It is important to know how to feel, how to respond, and how to let life in so that it can touch you” – JIM ROHN

May has been absolutely Magical for me, it was May 2017 that my first Ebook got published – Potpourri of Emotions & Moods. When last year Blogchatter had initiated the Ebook carnival I was amazed by the idea and the opportunity but since I was not even a year into blogging and had never had a dream of putting up a book that year just went by. But this time towards the end of the challenge I actually thought of giving it a try and with some juggle between picking up the content to, editing it and finally compiling into one book I managed to submit my draft to the Blogchatter team.

And the result is here, my first Ebook was published – Potpourri of Emotions & Moods. You can download it here it’s free … Yipee!! 🙂

Potpourri of Emotions & Moods – what exactly is this book about? First let me explain you the meaning of the word ‘potpourri’ – a mixture or medley of things. My blog Life As a Potpourri is on the similar lines where I write about many different topics so when I thought about choosing a name for the book, I was certain it had to be something related to the blog and the content I have chosen and what better than Potpourri of Emotions & Moods.  

Aren’t our lives a medley of emotions and moods that we experience each and every day? In fact every other minute could be a different mood some affected by our own behavior, thoughts and some totally influenced and dependent on external factors from people to things to situations.
To your wonder there are more than twenty six kinds of emotions and moods that we as human beings experience in our lifetime. Sometimes feeling “nothing” at all is also considered a type of emotion that we go through. In my book I talk about all of this in various forms like stories, videos, poems, experiences or casual talks.

During this journey of compiling my contents into an Ebook I have learnt couple of things which I would want to share with you guys and specially with people who want to get something done like this in future.
1. Never doubt yourself and do not procrastinate, give things a try and everything will fall into place.
Even though i was never ready to put my content into an Ebook but the thought of getting started somewhere pushed me in coming up with this even if it was in the last minute. Do not wait for the best time to happen, sometimes the good time is the best time. I would have never experienced all this if i would have waited to come up with something better and am sure i would have continued to wait for the best time which I don’t know would be when exactly. So just grab the opportunity whenever you can.
2. Learn from your mistakes.
I am not an avid reader, neither do i write poems or publish posts with very good vocab. I just write my heart out in my posts the way i would talk to you if you are sitting right in front of me. Which i think is not bad but not really something that should be the style of writing in a book when one reads I believe. This has definitely given me a perspective to think better for a future book that I write. Blog posts should be different from the chapters of a book for sure. No adjustments there the next time.
3. Ideas need a trigger
Am already having a bunch of ideas for the next years challenge and in the lines if that could be publishes as well into a book would be fantastic. Ideas need trigger and this year’s Ebook has certainly triggered me to do my homework well next time for better results.

Am sure as you read through my book you would agree that you have also experienced them in your life in some way or the other and if you do so , please do drop by your comments and feedback cause it would mean the world to me. I have also included posts from my friends who had guest blogged during the last years #AtoZChallenge and two among them were non-bloggers but enjoy writing. I find that as a big motivation in bringing good content to you folks.
You can mail me your feedback to or leave your comments below in this post! You can also check out other amazing Ebook’s which got published by clicking this link – Download Ebooks

I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Prateek whose Ebook “Phir Milenge” is also a part of the mix.
About Prateek’s Ebook: ” जहाँ भावनाएँ शब्दों से एक लय में मिल जाती हैं, वहाँ कविता का जन्म होता है। विश्वास करिए इस दुनिया में शब्दों और लय की कमी नहीं है, पर भावनाएँ जागृत करना कठिन है। इस संग्रह के माध्यम से मेरी हार्दिक तमन्ना सिर्फ़ यह ही है कि अपने पाठकों का उन संवेदनाओं से फिर से परिचय करवा सकूँ जिनसे इस भावहीन संसार में मिलना दूभर हो गया है। यदि मेरी एक कविता भी आपको किसी व्यक्ति या समय या परिस्थिति की याद दिलवा पायी और किसी मार्मिक लगाव की ओर ले गयी, तो मेरा लेखन सफल हो जाएगा। परंतु यदि ऐसा नहीं हुआ तो, फिर मिलेंगे !”.

Happy Blogging!!!Live.Love.Laugh ❤ ❤ ❤

Declutter your life the #KonMari way

Browsing through YouTube videos , which has lately become my go to entertainment when not working or doing the household chores I ended up seeing this word in a blog video on #bulletjournaling and that was #KonMari. 

Fascinated as always on seeing words I had never heard before I immediately opened up another tab and typed the words KonMari and surprisingly in 0.48 seconds about 26,50,000 results were displayed. What was even more surprising was it was about a lady Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant and author; “organizing consultant” really? Marie Kondo = Kon + Mari = KonMari (get it!!!???)

While there was too much info out there, one particular article (published two years back 😦 )caught my interest. Re blogging it here for your information. Hope you have a good read. Let me know if you had heard of this before, or have tried this?
Source : KonMari by Martha Stewart

KonMari: How to Clean Up Your Home Once and Never Need to Do It Again

Spring cleaning on the mind? What if you could clean your home once and never need to do it again? Really — never! That’s the bold claim organizing consultant Marie Kondo makes in her new book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” With that kind of promise, it’s no wonder the book has already sold 2 million copies worldwide. Copy in hand, one of our editors tackles her own clutter and shares a few takeaways from the KonMari Method.



I’ve always said that I’m a connoisseur of stuff — which is really just a silly way of saying that I have way too much of it.

I collect kooky knickknacks from flea markets and souvenirs from my travels; I amass paper, paint and pencils for that next project that I always promise myself to get to next weekend. Oh, and then there’s my antique bottle collection, my bird statuettes, my books… You see my problem? So when I heard circles buzzing about the book on the trendy, life-changing organization method known aptly as “KonMari,” I knew I was the perfect candidate to try it.

The organizing consultant’s name is Marie Kondo. Her “KonMari” method of simplifying and organizing the home led to the runaway bestseller “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” She’s even garnered a cultlike following — they call themselves Konverts and proudly share before-and-after photos of their properly folded sock drawers and emptied closets. These Konverts were made just from reading her book. The real-life Kondo has a three-month-long waiting list.

In her native Japan, Kondo says, tidiness is a way of everyday living. She applies feng shui principles to the tenets of her tidying and ditches long-held organizational beliefs — such as cleaning little by little every day, storing items according to the seasons and discarding one item for every item brought into the home. She says that these principles, though meant to help, are the very reasons why we seemingly are never able to maintain our mess.

Instead, she advocates for one epic cleaning sweep: Keep only what “sparks joy,” discard everything else, and assign a home for everything within your home. Easier said than done, right? Kondo claims that this can be done but can take anywhere between a few hours to six months. I know what you are thinking — that is a crazy time span. But let me assure you that it can be done.

For the purpose of trying the KonMari method myself, I did this in a three-day weekend in the middle of winter (when the spring sunshine wasn’t going to lure me outside). My apartment was due for spring cleaning, and I was stuck indoors on a slew of blustery, snowy days, so why not? I had run out of excuses. It was time to take control of my clutter, once and for all. And these were the philosophies I had to adopt:



And I don’t mean material objects either.

Before you move a single thing, the first step in Kondo’s method is to visualize the life you wish to have with a clutter-free space. A free closet or uncluttered walls isn’t deep enough. Dig deeper. What does a life free of clutter mean to you? Maybe it means hosting more parties for your friends or adopting a pet or raising a baby. For me, I visualized a more creative home life: one in which I could bake more, draw more, paint on canvas more (a hobby I’ve all but abandoned since my move to New York). These things have been put aside for dealing with my everyday messes. And who wouldn’t want to spend time with friends over organizing china in the cabinet? Kondo asserts that by discarding things, we’re freeing up space for the things we love.


What does that mean exactly?

One of the first steps in Kondo’s method is to identify what does, indeed, “spark joy” for you. Pick it up (don’t just observe it from afar on a bookshelf or under-bed storage box), turn it over in your hands, study it — how does this possession make you feel? How do you feel at the idea of discarding it forever?

The things that spark true joy for you won’t always be rational and in fact, Kondo encourages this intuition. There is an excerpt from book when she refers to one such item in her home — her Kiccoro T-shirt; it’s a memento from an expo she attended years ago and despite scoffing from others (“How can you keep this? Aren’t you embarrassed? How can you wear that? You should throw it away…”) she has held onto it with fierce affection. “These are the types of things you should boldly hold on to,” she writes. “If you can say without a doubt, ‘I really like this!’ no matter what anyone else says, and if you like yourself for having it, then ignore what other people think.”


This is one of the little lies we tell ourselves. We can rattle off all the reasons (read — excuses) we “need” to keep something — whether that’s a weekend project or a stormy night without power — we simply hold on to it because we might “need it” someday. “Needing” something is not the same as “loving” something or even for recognizing the item for its inherent value.

Think of these “someday” possessions you own. For me, it might be a pile of magazine clippings or a bundle of “mystery wires” or a stockpile of beauty products. But what I realized was that I held onto these objects for all the wrong reasons. Instead, as I picked them up, I felt a creep of anxiety at the idea of letting them “go to waste” and the excuse bubbled up, “Well, what if I need it for…?” Yes, it’s good to be prepared, but at what cost? I barely noticed them in my home so obviously they weren’t desperately “needed.” I only felt anxiety at the idea of losing them. In fact, according to Kondo, possessions are stripped of their dignity when they go unused in the home. It is better to let them go.


I know, odd concept right? But before you doubt this theory, stop to consider how we treat our possessions on an everyday basis: We unceremoniously drop our coat, shoes and keys at the door. We stuff our drawers with sweaters, socks and shirts; and we banish our least-used items to the back of our closets. This is how a home becomes messy and, even worse, how we lose track of our own possessions. When deciding what to keep and what to discard, Kondo suggests pulling every single item out (by category) to display on the floor at once. Her clients are often shocked at the sheer amount placed before them.

To prevent this from happening, she encourages you to better respect the items for the use they provide you. This means storing items so they can each easily be seen at a glance, giving each room to breath, and even acknowledging the items with a mental “thank you” before putting them away at the end of the day. In other words, there should be a place for everything and everything in its place.


Wonder why you can’t let something go? Kondo says that we hold onto things for one of two emotional reasons — a fear of the future or to preserve the past. In my own KonMari tidying, I found that I’m guilty of the latter. In the depths of my desk drawers, I unearthed things I had long forgotten. Once brought to the light of day, they unleashed a flood of bittersweet memories: a painted seashell from the islands of Cinque Terre, a clotted cream fudge tin (long since empty of fudge) from Harrods in London, a tea cup from Cambridge where I studied abroad, a bag of sea glass collected in the early morning with my father at the seashore, a friendship bracelet from childhood, and of course, piles of photographs that have yellowed from the passing of years.

For me, this collection carried a special sort of power: They reminded me of my collected life experiences, but mementos do not celebrate the present and Kondo encourages us to celebrate the present. In doing so, I reclaimed power over my possessions; my possessions have no power over me.

— — Did you enjoy the read, do let me know. I think am gonna try this too to declutter my home and bring in more freshness and specially creativity . Happy blogging!!! Live.Love.Laugh ❤ ❤ ❤ — —


Every time you think there couldn’t be anything more to the Andaman and Nicobar islands and i drop a bomb!! 😉 Yes!! The more you ask the more you have to explore various wonders of nature in these islands.

The Andaman and Nicobar islands are home to not just one but TWO VOLCANOES – BARREN Island and NARCONDAM Island also only ones in India which makes it important considering there are only about 500 volcanoes on earth.

Image Courtesy: Andaman Gov

Barren Island houses the only active volcano in India. The volcanic islands like only about 195 km east of the capital city Port Blair. About 135 km north east of Barren Island lies the other volcano Narcondam Island with no such activity in history. After lying dormant for 150 years, Barren Island volcano erupted in 1991 and has been showing sporadic activity since then, scientists of Goa based National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) said.

Barren Island is roughly circular with a diameter of ~3 km and represents the topmost part of a submarine volcano rising more than 2 km above the sea floor. The highest point of the Barren Island volcano is ~200 meters from sea level. Barren Island is well known for its unique fauna and flora, including feral goats, as well as bats, parrots and large number of rats. 
There were past reports about the Barren Island that there are no fresh water source in Barren Island and the animals in the Island have adapted themselves to drink sea water is incorrect. At least 2 fresh water streams have been discovered in the Island and there is probability of more.

Eruption of 1991; PC – Andaman Gov

Volcano Eruptions : 1787–1832, 1991, 1994–95 and 2005–06. 2008-2009. During January and February 1995, a thick column consisting of pale brownish gas, dark ash particles, and white steam was rising ~200 m
from the crater area at intervals of 30 seconds, accompanied by continuous rumbling and intermittent “cracking” sounds.

The most recent activity of the volcano was this year March . The Coast Guard has presented footage of steam, smoke and some red lava that spewed from the volcano at Barren Island, some 140 kilometers north east of Port Blair. You can click the link below to watch the video. Night view of the Volcanic activity

Aerial view; PC – Andaman Government

How to go there:
It is a uninhabited Island and no one is allowed to land on Barren Island unless special permission(s) are granted by Indian Navy and Govt. of India. Though it is possible to observe the Island from on-board boats/ships for which no permission is required. Some travel agents organised fishing trips to Barren Island from Havelock. The nearest inhabited island is Havelock and Neil Island and the distance from there to barren is about 83 kilometers.
The Andaman Administration started ship trips to Barren Island for tourists (They were not allowed to set foot on Barren Island though) but discontinued the arrangement within few months probably because of operational costs.

Narcondam Island is a 6.8 km² oceanic island of volcanic origin located about 240 km northeast of Port Blair. The Island has been declared as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Center.
Narcondam is unique for the occurrence of the endemic Narcondam Hornbill (Aceros narcondami), which is found only in Narcondam. This Narcondam hornbill has the smallest range among the 31 species of Asian hornbills (Kinnaird and O’Brien 2007). The species is recognized as endangered in the IUCN Red List and is protected under Schedule I of the Wild Life Protection Act of India granting it the highest level of protection in Indian Laws.It has a strong evolutionary significance and has even been compared with the Galapagos Islands.

The Hornbill birds are found only in the Narcondam island

The waters surrounding Narcondam Island are legendary for being a “diver’s paradise” considering the North Bay islands are close to this island which is famous for water sports activities. An extinct volcano, Narcondam was put on the diving map by diving pioneer Jacque Cousteau who was the first to dive in these waters, describing “a wondrous realm of stunning marine life and coral reefs”. The diving here features magnificent coral formations, spectacular rocky drop offs and presence of pelagic and majestic creatures such as Manta Rays; plus gas bubbles rising from fissures in the ocean floor.
Narcondam has a check post of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Police which is supported in precisely this fashion, with some 20-odd members posted on duty for a few months by rotation. Of course, though Narcondam is a taller, larger island, mostly forest-covered and with very difficult terrain, the police check post there benefits from a never-drying cold freshwater spring.

Mud Volcano : As mentioned in my previous posts, the Baratang Island has the mud volcano which is the only one in Asia. You can see mud instead of lava being erupted of the volcano hole.If beaches were the only reasons for you to plan your trip to Andaman now you can add Volcanoes too 🙂 Do you have a Volcano in your place or country? Let me know!! 

Happy Blogging!!! Live.Love.Laugh ❤ ❤ ❤


Back from a long break – do i regret?

Sep 11th 2016 – that is exactly 184 185 186  187 days since I have blogged and even though I don’t regret being away from my blog , should tell you I have missed this world of Blogging.  😦 In fact even the couple of posts before to last one were just one per month so all in all its been a considerable amount of time that I had been away. And it’s not just the writing part but haven’t read too from all the wonderful people out here whom i absolutely love love love. So many posts to be read and I am going to take time catching up all the reading work, but am sure I’ll manage doing it.

What got me alarmed? Sometimes you need a hit again on your head to come back to senses and that’s what exactly happened with me today. All of a sudden i realized its nearing 20th March #themereveal for the #atozchallenge 2017 and i need to get my ass back up there and participate in this. I had already missed few campaigns from #blogchatter for which I had signed up but didn’t really participate at all. So, yeah for a quick update i would be doing the Ultimate blogging challenge – the #atozchallenge even though am short on theme and time. Last year too all my posts were impromptu and nothing scheduled ahead of time so am experienced with that. Theme is what is actually killing me, any suggestions out there? 🙂

Why i don’t regret being away from Blogging? Honestly the best part about blogging is its your own space and you can do whatever you want with it which is so awesome. Few other things definitely were priority than my writing and that is majorly my regular IT job, few other personal stuff going on, lots of travel both work and leisure. 🙂 I would be letting you know all of it in detail in my upcoming posts for sure (At least the travel part 😀 ). But here is a look back of what happened in my life in the last six months in a fast rewind mode that kept me away from blogging.

~~ Job July 2016 to Jan 2017 ~~

Now let me clear few things 1) I absolutely love my job, it does get hectic like how it was last six months but there is nothing to complain. I have studied hard and worked hard to achieve this place and it would be totally unfair to talk bad about it in anyway. 2) It was a new role for me in my career and I really wanted to do well, it needed lot of hard work and time. The project I was working on is going live  on April 7th and am excited about it. All the hard work and dedication my team and the other associated teams had put in is now going to reap fruits. 3)I had extra responsibilities of my teammates apart from my individual work and hence I didn’t want to let down my team in any way. I always wanted them to look up to me and be inspired to work hard. So yeah, now that the go-live date is just few days from now work is absolutely less which got me back to blogging. 🙂 (of course until the next project but am not letting that stop me from blogging again)

~~ New friends ~~

I am definitely the social kinds, I need people around me, people who accept me for what I am , for making me feel normal and perfect with all my imperfections. And just when I was about to feel that where did all such people go I happen to meet a bunch of people. A friends friend to his friends sister to the sisters friends…and so on we ended up in a group of almost 20 people who enjoy travelling, dancing, watching movies, anytime yes for tea and all sorts of craziness. Personally I think I am the most boring person in the group but the group itself has so much energy that it definitely lifts my mood too. From birthdays to trips we have had so much fun and laughter. Here is a sneak peek of all that we did in the last 6 months. If it was not for them, I would have been stuck 100% with just work work and no fun at all.

After wedding party of a friend in Pune. This was my first time in a pub wearing a Saree and it was fun 🙂
Impromptu drive on a weekend to #Rastacafe, outskirts of Bangalore towards Mysore Road
Surprising a friend on his birthday at midnight and giving him a chocolate facial amidst that beard he had.
And there is one more from another birthday, again same old story beard and the cake
this was after the cake on the face was all cleaned up so that we had one decent pic to upload

~~ Travel. Travel. Travel ~~

The second half of 2016 and right until last month it was all about travel if not work. Thanks to the #Bookkaas (that’s the group name 😉 ) group of friends I talked above. Starting from #Gokarna in Oct , then #Hampi again towards Oct end; #Ridermania in #Goa in Novembers, Goa again for New years in December. Well not just for fun I travel, I even traveled to New York for almost a month for business trip. This was my first time abroad and an amazing experience of Winters. My first time in snow too 😀 ❤ (saving that for later posts) . Finally it was #Andaman my hometown after almost a year for 2 weeks and it was crazy. My #Bookkaas group also flew down for a week to visit Andaman and it was one of the best vacations back home I had. I generally go for a week or so and am mostly at home. I hardly go out to the other islands or beach. Check out the pics below and you’ll know how much fun I had.

To new friends and family in Hampi 🙂 Talk to a stranger and you never know you might become friends for life
A candid pic, courtesy Nithish. On the background the famous Jog falls on our way to Gokarna. That’s Swathy with me
Mandatory Selfies when on a trip – that’s Nithish, me Vikas and Swathy
Epic pic from the Andaman Vacations at Neil Island, waiting to watch the perfect sunset. Still a bunch of them missing in the frame
Sanjay with his Go Pro which captured all amazing views and a lifetime of memories. This is while waiting for our boat at the harbour to Havelock.
One of my fav places in Andaman – Ross Island. You wana know how many shades the color blue has just watch this pic and you ll know 🙂
The Amazing Bokkaas Gang, All 19 of us in a frame 🙂 Thanks to Selfie Sticks
I too managed to click few pics from my cellphone in between all the enjoyment. That’s another one from Ross Island
Central Park , New York -Yeah!!!! In between the business trip one of those weekends when you decide to see New York and enjoy the winter in its truest sense
Airports and Travel is fun when you got a bunch of crazies to send you off!! This is me travelling to US for the first time.
Another epic pic – Ridermania 2016, Goa

~~ Laziness and Writer’s  Block ~~

Being incredibly honest here, even though i had time at hand once a while it was either pure laziness or a writer’s block or too many ideas but not sure where to start from specially after a long break. I could have at least done the Echoes series and maintained some consistency 😦  Every time i would think of getting back there again at blogging i would be like naa not now, maybe once all this work and hectic life comes to rest i shall start and not stop but then you saw right i started this post four days ago and it took me today to finally publish it.

 I have missed blogging for sure, but sometimes its nice to take a break and enjoy other things as well like travel which i did. But promising this to myself that i am going to get back to regular blogging after all i love this and all you wonderful people some who have become such good friends, some from whom i have learnt many new things. Hoping to be start of with the #AtoZChallenge, i still don’t have a theme so let’s see how it goes. Need to just start writing thats all.

Have you ever taken break from blogging? Let me know, if its okay not to blog for sometime – does that affect one personally?

With loads of love love love.. i missed you all 🙂 ❤

~~ Sneha ~~


It’s hard to believe that August came and went by also and we are almost towards the end of second week of September. And you are not aware of how time flies only on two occasions – either you are too busy or each day passing by is what you don’t want to remember knowingly. 

Blog Updates:
I just managed to make one post the in all of August month. Didn’t even realize when Aug 12th passed by which was my first blog anniversary month. So many things happened in Aug about which i thought i would be publishing a post for example – friendship day, raksha bandhan, anniversary special etc. but nothing happened. After being occupied with my full-time work for 10 hours and then almost close to 3.5 hours in travel there was nothing left within me to open my laptop and blog anything. I haven’t even managed to post my video review on 6 Degrees an initiative by Blog Adda. So 80% of the reason for me not to blog was work the remaining 20% and more critical was losing my friend about whom i had mentioned in the last post. This month too i signed up for a blog challenge in the hope that it would push me blog regularly in Sep but i think this is my page my blog and it should be more of me on it whenever i wanted to write and whenever i felt to instead of being obligated to write towards it. That is the beauty of blogging i believe. You own everything about it.

IT job is fun if you love what you are doing, but it becomes a pain when there is no scope left for realizing whether you love or hate your job:P After more than a month now in my new role and company i think i have started loving my role but it does come with lot of responsibilities which am still trying to figure out how to handle it all smoothly. I am loving what i do, just need to come up with a better time management and planning to deal with my subordinates peers and management besides my work. And yeah now i have made good friends to with whom i can talk stuff apart from work which is a huge relief considering am the kinds who cannot talk work all the time neither can remain silent like a person who doesn’t even exist in the office…na na.not me at all.

Losing a best friend:
I lost my first best friend when i was in fifth standard – Asha. She passed away due to brain tumour. Another close friend in an accident some five years back. Losing people to death in any way is a huge loss but losing someone who are old or are not keeping well is something we are always prepared deep down in our hearts but losing someone young someone of around your age all of a sudden comes as a huge shock. I lost one of my closest friends whom i had known for over a decade on Aug 16th. Shiva Anna or Valentine as i used to call him , fought his battle for life for almost two weeks that he was on ventilator but finally gave up and left us all alone here to find peace in heaven. He was the most sweetest and truest human being i had met. A wonderful boss, a supportive elder brother, a caring son, the life of all his friends he was everything a human being should be. I have never seen men crying and shedding tears literally the way i saw them do during the funeral of Shiv. None of us wanted to believe what was going home. I still wish that i wake up one day and realize it was all a bad dream. To know that i wont be able to talk to him ever, or see his number ringing on my phone, not being able to call him and talk or laugh with him hurts terribly. Life is so uncertain. I hope he finds peace above in heaven and strength to his family and all other friends to bear with his loss.

Losing loved ones has only made me realize to love and respect the people whom i have in my life. Never to say goodbye after having a fight or an argument, you never know it might be the last time that you are meeting that person. We have got a short time on this world stage, as long as we live up to the expectations of that role and perform our part beautifully all is good. The whole play would turn out to be beautiful. 

Hoping to be on track this month in the next two weeks that’s left and to manage my pending post to be published, wishing you all a Happy September. Love and Respect the people around you 🙂 

Thank you Teachers!

Post from the Past 🙂 Happy Teacher’s Day to everyone who has taught me something or the other in life.!!!


Teachers’s day was celebrated all over India yesterday 5th September 2015. This occasion is marked to celebrate the birth anniversary of the second President of India, academic philosopher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

 || Gurur Brahmaa Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwarah Guru SaakshaataParabrahma Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah ||

Is a widely quoted Sanskrit sloka (verse) which means The teacher is creator Brahma; he is preserver Vishnu; he is also the destroyer Siva and he is the source of the Absolute

And on this day, i take this honor of thanking all those people who have held my hands, opened my mind and touched my heart.

HAPPY TEACHER’s DAY!!! – MOM, the first and my best teacher in life who helped me be the person i am today. I wish you were here cause i really need you now more than ever, your scoldings, your love, your guidance, those letters of yours when we were…

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July was a beautiful month; Totally awesome for so many reasons. I didn’t realize how these 31 days passed by. Hop along to know how i celebrated this month in my Monthly Favorites section called ECHOES and July for me was a JOYOUS JULY ❤ ❤ ❤

Birthday Month:
What other reasons one wants for a month to be special?! It was my birthday and i beautifully turned 29. Can’t believe its my last year in my 20’s and it was as special as any other birthday bringing more happiness, goals and promises to self. Friends make your birthday so special when you are away from family and they have been a major reason for my birthdays to be so beautiful every year, be it grand or small celebrations it has always been perfect in its own way. So many wishes from all over the world, thanks a ton to all the blogging community and some amazing friends i made through blogging which was special. And a bunch of hugs to my always so special dear friends who pamper me with love and more importantly pamper me with unconditional love. #Happybirthdaytome 🙂 Looking forward to complete all the promises i made to self.

Blog updates:
I am happy i managed to make good number of posts(22) through the #halfmarathon hosted by Blogchatter. In fact i finished two challenges one a list of 10 day prompts which was inspired from a fellow bloggers post followed by 5 more adding to it. I am also gonna post the review for 6 Degrees soon which i am about to get complete again something being encouraged by Blogadda team. It would be my first video post,watch out for more on that. Well one thing which i couldn’t complete was the Word High July hosted by my dear friend Maria and her buddy. I did start it on a good note but lost track of it 😦 Something that am not really proud of my first challenge that i couldn’t complete. I would though try to use those words in my blog as and when possible. Its always good to learn a new language.

New Job:
Yeah so besides my birthday the other major life event was my new job, i mean same job but with a new firm with a better role and package 😛 I now work for an Indian company which am really proud about called the Mindtree. Its been more than two weeks and i feel good about it. Anything new in life is always a mixed emotions there is excitement, there is fear, there is fear of rejection and being accepted. Its all about starting from scratch to make your presence and make your own place in a big team.

I have made a bunch of colleagues with whom i can chit and chat so its good. Work is keeping me on my toes. Only thing not good about this whole thing is the travel to work -24 kms to be exact that is summed up by almost an hour and half an over ride broken down in parts first a cab to the metro then half an hour in metro again half an hour and bus for me to reach the office at 9.15 am in the morning. So my whole schedule has been changed right with the time i sleep and wake-up the time i eat and everything else. But every trouble and pain is worth the peace of mind i get when i wake up each day to head to work that i love.

Cloud raiders: 
Remember last time when i mentioned about this game which i am addicted to Cloud Raiders ? Well the addiction is only getting stronger 😛 That time i was on level 13 and today am currently at 39 with a lot more army and a decent kingdom. Check out the image below. Its a strategic game with lot of thinking and more than that lot of patience needed. Every time i make an upgrade to one of my weapons it takes min 12 hours which i need to wait unless i spend money (literally money) and buy time. Liking the game..oh let me correct..loving the game! 🙂WhatsApp-Image-20160629

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-07 at 13.53.41


This is my first post in the month of August. One of my best friend is in the ICU for over a week now and is on ventilator after a brain hemorrhage. I request you all to pray for him and for a miracle to happen. He is one of the most purest souls i have met in my lifetime. Having known him for more than a decade now its really a tragedy to see him like this. 😦 All he needs is our prayers and for that miracle to happen.  #prayforShiva

 Hope your July month was fantastic, its almost half a month in August so late to ask that question was not in the mood really. Lets enjoy each day with our loved ones because life is so uncertain. 



Making Conversations with Anyone

I was so damn happy when I first watched this video, because these were some of the things that personally i tend to do when i first talk to a stranger. I know we have all heard from our parents “Don’t talk to strangers” but in that case, all the people whom we now know personally would have remained strangers to us…ehh isn’t it?

So without me further boring you, please go ahead and watch this TEDx video on 7 ways to make a conversation with anyone by RJ Malavika Varadan. I also  highly recommend to watch TEDx videos as they are really inspiring informative and entertaining at the same time.

This was first posted on a website that i write for Women’s Web by another author Charvi Kathuria

Promises on the 29th birthday

I officially welcome you all to my favourite month of the year – JULY ❤ It has to be because it is my birthday month, it was on this day that I was born to my lovely parents 28 years back and the journey so far has been beautiful and an amazing roller coaster ride for me. So Happy birthday to the 29-year-old me !!! 😀 Woohooo 

I know many people who find it kiddish when i show the excitement for my birthday but i personally feel you need to celebrate it no matter how  simple or extravagant the celebration is after all it is this day your existence as a human being came into picture.

Nothing can screw my mind or happiness this day I have been sick before on my birthdays yet i celebrated it. I have been alone on my birthday and still i have cut a cake all by myself. So am pretty strong-headed when it comes down to my birthday I am gonna be child like beaming with energy and happiness. Probably this is the only day i wait for so badly. 😀

People make bucket lists (i have a long one to myself let’s have that for some other day), to do lists and many such things. But me being me I kind of prepare lists for my birthday or more like the promises I would make to myself as the candle on the cake is blown – it’s like a new set of revised and updated Resolutions of the year (logically too July is the half of the year and for people to give their procrastinated new year resolutions a check ). This 29th birthday of mine, i make some important and long-term promises to myself cause I have decided no more new lists but one for life long. 


ME: Oh my god! Enough of everyone else it’s gonna be about me henceforth. As long as I am happy people around me are, as long as am fun and humourous so would the ones who care for me be the same I am going to be more happy as a person, more confident and strong in my opinions towards the way i look at life . 

People and Relationship: People come and people go and then there are few who chose to stay in your life forever no matter what. My family and my friends are the ones who made me ME! I promise to take them along in my life’s journey no matter what good or bad happens between them and me.I chose to nourish my relationship with them and make the bond stronger as each day passes by.  I would stop giving discounts to people who are not worthy of me.

Health: Something that I keep neglecting and then regret later. High time i get that lazy ass of the bed and work out! I wana be that old granny who can still lift her grandchildren and play with them even though she is 80.

Career: I have officially completed six years in the IT industry. I now want to focus more on my career and move up the ladder in my professional journey of life. I want to be that super boss who everyone loves and hates at the same time. Who doesn’t like Power ???? 😉

Finance: Bigger the job ,bigger the salary, bigger the salary , more the expenses. But no boy , I am gonna make more the expense yet MORE THE SAVINGS. 😛 I really need to save my taxes 😛 SAVINGS is the KEY to HAPPINESS. Money does buy happiness you see, you need to have money to buy some happiness at times (world tour ..aah!! sounds fun na)

Time Management: Considering the fact that i wana be more career oriented, i really need to buckle up and strategize how I would manage my time in doing things i love along with working hard. I still wana blog as regularly as possible, i want to continue learning something new each year, i do want to become better in my zentangles and doodles.

Kalinaw over Happiness: The last two years have taught me Happiness is more important than peace of mind has been totally misunderstood. Infact it should be the other way round. The peace of mind you feel when you lie down in bed and close your eyes after a long day is a million times more comforting than the happiness you have at the end of day. From now on my focus is in achieving peace of mind more than happiness (which is never permanent). 

So cheers to a new birthday and to a long term list of promises to myself! It’s my day and am gonna cherish it like all my other birthdays. Thanking everyone who has touched my life in some way or another and made me the person that I am today.  To all those people who took time to wish me in whatever means possible. For some yummy cakes to lovely bouquets this birthday was truly amazing!!! ❤

Thanks a ton to the word press community for bringing some amazing people in my life who inspire and love me each day, it’s so overwhelming!!!! And thank you to myself for always being there for me. Happy birthday to me !!!! ❤ ❤ Untitled

Also today’s Filipino word prompt is “Kalinawwhich means serenity, tranquility“. Find the prompt words HERE! Don’t forget to ping back & use the tag WordHighJuly. Cheers!!!


Zootopia crosses $1 Billion Worldwide – WORTH IT


Have you watched this movie? If YES – then am sure you would agree to what I am gonna say. If NO – you better go watch the movie right right now!!!! 

Zootopia crosses $1 Billion Worldwide – for all the right reasons!! 

Every year so many animation movies are released worldwide and then there comes a movie like Zootopia which you just can’t stop watching once. This movie  is fast, quirky, witty, provocative, entertaining, light at heart yet deep in its meaning, awesome animation and never fails to erase the smile on your face throughout the movie and after it ends both for kids and adults 🙂 ❤ If you loved Deadpool for being different in its genre then Zootopia would interest you too for being a differently good animation movie. !!!

Stats : It’s the fourth-biggest animated film ever behind Toy Story 3 ($1.063b),Minions ($1.159b), and Frozen ($1.276b). It is the sixth-biggest “non-sequel/prequel” of all time, behind Alice in Wonderland ($1.025b), Jurassic Park ($1.029b, including the 2013 3D reissue), Frozen ($1.27b), Titanic ($2.186b), and Avatar ($2. 787b). It is Walt Disney’s eleventh-biggest movie ever globally.

What makes it even more special? – Zootopia was not based on a television show, a comic book, a novel, or a stage play. It was not a sequel, prequel, or reboot from an existing franchise. BEAT THAT 😉 Well realized character and action great animation, great score, good message is the definition of the this movie #Zootopia ❤

Is this a movie review? – NOPE! I would encourage you all to watch the movie rather than me giving a review about it. Having said that I definitely need to tell 

~~ My favourite moments of ZOOTOPIA ~~

♦ Anyone can be Anything 


The whole movie revolved around the theme of Anyone can be anything. If one has the passion and hunger towards his or her dream then nothing in the world can stop the person from achieving it. No society taboos or prejudice be an obstacle for the one who dreams big and works towards making it a reality.  And in the movie JUDY HOPPS is the first bunny to become a police officer living up the theme of the movie Anyone can be anything in all possible way. Just because you are tiny doesn’t mean you can’t hold big dreams 😀 Sometimes you need to take the less travelled path in life to achieve your dreams.

♦ Busting discrimination in every possible way


So many of the society stereotypes have been busted all throughout the Zootopia movie. To begin with – (a) Judy Hopps is a female and a bunny from a small town village who makes it large in the big city of Zootopia by becoming the first female bunny Police Officer. Second (b) new mayoral initiative encouraging the hiring of small mammals on the Zootopia police force letting us know that change is always acceptable and everyone deserves a chance in life despite one’s background. (c) Once a liar – always a liar doesn’t really hold good anymore in today’s world. People change with time and experiences in life only to become a better person. This has been aptly shown in the character of the Fox – Nick Wilde. Just because he is a fox, he’s been labelled cunning and someone who cannot be trusted but having preconceived notions about someone without even knowing them is absolutely wrong and foolish. 

Never be afraid to embrace those differences and look at the bigger picture: that everyone can live in harmony despite all their differences if only people acknowledge that everyone is different in their own way

♦ Rude humour, well animated, attention to details


Importance to other characters – Not just concentrating on the main characters of the movie, Zootopia city that has all kinds of mammals prey and predator, of all sizes, shapes and habitats is introduced to the audience in the perfect manner. The narrative between Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde keeps you glued to your seats the entire time. The story is simple but beautifully presented. The songs in the movie do a lot of justice and are placed in the movie at appropriate time. Social issues like racial stereotypes, friendship, relationship, drugs that humans being face have been metaphorized in the form of animals. Being able to entertain both kids and adults is another strength of this movie.

Zootopia is an eye opener movie both for kids and adults. It leaves you with so many small and big lessons and thoughts to ponder on. Great characters, great chemistry, good comedy, mature and layered movie along with relentlessly ridiculous humour throughout. After Inside out, Zootopia definitely is on my favourite list of cartoon movies only for its concept.( I can never say no to Lion King , Frozen and Up as well 😀 😀 😀 <3) .

If all this talking has not influenced you to watch the movie, then the trailer for sure would make you watch it. Have fun and let me know did you love the movie??? 


Disclaimer : Image source for all my posts – GOOGLE

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'Life is a spectrum of colors; shifting shades at every stage'

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