#AtoZChallenge 2016 – in a Summary

This page is like a small index kinda thing as part of the #AtoZChallenge 2016. All the posts published as part of the ongoing challenge can be accessed from here making navigation easier for all my lovely readers ❤ (and for me sometimes 😉 ). Idea courtesy by My Random Musings 


If you are new to AtoZChallenge then this should help you with all details from the A to Z of the AtoZChallenge – A to Z of the #AtoZChallenge

Theme Reveal – Theme Reveal 2016 – Emotions

Tips and Tricks –  Last Lap Preparations and Being a Minion – Holton’s Heroes

A for Anticipation – Day 01 – ANTICIPATION

B for Boredom – Day 02 – BOREDOM

C for Courage – Day 03 -COURAGE

D for Disappointment – Day 04 -DISAPPOINTMENT

E for Empathy – Day 05 – EMPATHY

F for Fear – Day 06 – FEAR

G for Guilt – Day 07 – GUILT

H for Happiness – Day 08 – HAPPINESS

I for Irritated – Day 09 – IRRITATED

J for Jealousy – Day 10 – JEALOUSY

K for Kindness –  Day 11 – KINDNESS

L for Love – Day 12 -LOVE

M for Melancholy – Day 13 – MELANCHOLY

N for Nothing – Day 14 – NOTHING

O for Obstinate – Day 15 – OBSTINATE

P for Pride –  Day 16 – PRIDE

Q for Quietened – Day 17 – QUIETENED

R for Rage – Day 18 – RAGE

S for Sadness – Day 19 -SADNESS

T for Trust – Day 20 – TRUST

U for Umbrage – Day 21 – UMBRAGE

V for Vulnerable – Day 22 – VULNERABLE

W for Wonder –  Day 23 – WONDER

X for Xenophobic – Day 24 – XENOPHOBIC

Y for Young – Day 25 – YOUNG

Z for Zest – Day 26 – ZEST

Reflections Post – My first ever #AtoZChallenge





'Life is a spectrum of colors; shifting shades at every stage'


'Life is a spectrum of colors; shifting shades at every stage'

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