#AtoZChallenge DAY03: C for COURAGE

Day: #03 || Alphabet : C || Theme: Emotions || Word: Courage


“Courage is the willingness to act in spite of fear” – Michael Hyatt

It’s the third day into the #AtoZChallenge and I am having my spirits still high so much that i actually started drafting this post yesterday (Sunday). I totally forgot that Sundays are off and you need not post anything. 😛 😛

COURAGE – is a very strong emotion. C.S Lewis says, “Courage is not simply one of the Virtues, but the form of every Virtue at its testing point…”.  Courage is not an emotion that the soldiers have in their heart while fighting for us at the borders or the other military personals have, what we see in superheroes but courage is in simple everyday things like waking up out of bed every single morning even though you had a bad and terrible last night. How can any other Virtue exist without first having the courage to open oneself up to let them in and then begin acting upon them? ?

Do-You-Have-The-Courage-to-Price-HighCourage is to make yourself believe that you are more than what you are in your dreams and aspirations. To come out of your comfort zone and take the risk in achieving things that you always wanted to do.

Courage is to take the huge leap of faith in relationships, at work things that you might believe wouldn’t work but yet you are ready to take the huge plunge.

Courage is what I have seen in my mother who battled Rheumatoid Arthritis for 15 years and still had that pleasant smile and confidence in her that she is strong until she breathed her last. Many terminally ill people are the most courageous people you would ever come across in life, they have the courage to fight death and pain and embrace life every single day.

Courage is rising up again when you fall cause falling isn’t failing, it simply means you had the strength to try and the courage to rise up again. It shows how strong you are as a person every time somebody didn’t believe in you or didn’t stand by you when you fell.


Courage is to give life another chance in relationships, to open yourself to fall in love after a bad marriage. Courage is to accept your body and believe in how beautiful you are as a person and not be a definition of beauty according to random people. Courage is to keep looking ahead at your goal in life and not worry about the journey you travel.

Courage is not always to voice out your opinion but to listen to the other person. To feel empathy for the less privileged and to bring just a smile on their faces. Courage is to be gentle and to love the unloved.

Courage is to have an open mind, so that you can learn from all the possibilities and from the front and be a guiding light. Take the road less traveled so that in future it becomes the route others take. In the 21st century , the ability to UNLEARN and RELEARN is an example of being courageous with the sense of humbleness.

For me Courage is to have that FIREWORK inside you that lets you live every single day only to make it better than yesterday and better than the tomorrow. 

Isn’t making time, being open to share our knowledge and views to post every single day in April month as part of the challenge despite many other things that we all need to do in our daily life-like family, work , kids, business etc only because blogging is our passion and our source of happiness – a Courageous thing we as bloggers do? Tell me what is courage to you , i would be happy to know and learn.

The Courage Smiley  



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