#AtoZChallenge DAY11: K for KINDNESS

Day: #11 || Alphabet : K || Theme: Emotions || Word: Kindness


With just three minutes left for the day to get over i had convinced myself that today i won’t be able to publish my post. I actually dozed off and had asked my best friend to wake me up by 11 so that i can somehow finish the post. And poor soul he called me so many times and finally i woke up by 11.45pm 😦 So with just few minutes left i had given up the complete hope. But then all of a sudden this voice deep down inside me said – “after ten days being successful in posting you shouldn’t miss out on this one, you can do it” 

So this post isn’t how i wanted it to be but i am gonna come back and update it later. Also i wish my dear friend Darshith  from Smiles here and Smiles there – many many happy returns of the day.Keep spreading the smiles through your blog and vlog cause you are an amazing person and friend. Thanks a ton for opening up whole new world of bloggers as friends to me ❤ love you ❤

The word i have chosen is KINDNESS  and am posting this image for now.  Image courtesy to one of my favourite illustrators INKOLOGYPlease do check out his facebook page, you’ll love it ❤

The Kindness Smiley(not sure if this justifies kindness)