Yin Yang Zentangled – Post 04

Unless you see the bad you would never realize what good is, unless you know how to cross darkness you wouldn’t enjoy what it is to be in light and unless you know what  it is to be feel being chained you would never enjoy what it is to be free.

Today i am one step closer to something that i have been going through since quite sometime and would tell you all one day the story behind it. For now to celebrate it and to make that journey more stronger for me this is what i drew last night.


Yin Yang Zentangled

I have a small should I be posting these drawing like a blog post under the drawing category or make a separate page for all my drawings. I am always confused with pages and posts in WordPress 😦 Please let me know your suggestions, would really appreciate it. 

31 thoughts on “Yin Yang Zentangled – Post 04”

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Well not super talented but i like doing different things 😛 Thanks for the suggestion am still making up my mind on the post vs page thing. I actly wanted to change the WP theme so may be once i finalize that i ll think of this as well

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        1. Supreet am actly thinking of changing the theme as well. But i am not sure how much is the risk in it. Will i lose my content in any ways is the question. 😦 So may be then i can think of this page/post thing as well..suggestions invited

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  1. That is just marvellous!! 😍😍 Maybe, you should put it under a category? Pages are always boring to read, I guess!!

    But on the other hand, they are more accessible than categories!! Ok.. Now even I’m confused!

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