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Music is my Escape

Song 6 : Love me like you do. RCR ft Pratz

Hello all my dear friends!!! Well my only regret in life (not exactly regret am not getting the right term) is that i cannot sing , am a horrible bathroom singer too all thanks to my husky voice 🙂 And this makes me fall in love with all the other people out there who have this amazing talent i simply adore them.

I love listening to cover songs by various artists specially of my favourite songs. 😀 It feels as if they sing specially for me. And one such song that i have been waiting to hear is Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding and the cover sung by my blogger sister Pratyusha from Naughtyinnocence. Please do listen to her sing and leave your lovely and encouraging comments for her.
– loads of love Sneha ❤


Heya Guys,

Hope you guys are having a great week. Hurrayyyy! The weekend is coming. 😛
So this song is my sister’s favorite song! It was her wish to hear this out in my voice.
It’s a small dedication to my akka Sneha.

Do check out her amazing blog 🙂

There is another thing special about this particular song.
It a collaboration between my friend Raja and myself, who has done an amazing job on the music and beats.
And I was fortunate enough to lend my vocals for the beautiful music. Had amazing fun recording this song, enjoyed myself experimenting with the harmoninsing.

Here’s the soundcloud link to my song : Love me like you do RCR ft PratZ.

PS: Listen with your headphones on!! 😛

Listen to LMLYD. RCR ft PratZy.mp3 by kapilavai pratyusha #np on #SoundCloud

Hope you guys enjoy 🙂 Leave back your precious comments…

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#MusicBringsLife – One hour of Awesomeness

This Post is in response to the Indispire series hosted by Indiblogger (if you are an Indian blogger you got to be on this, if not head straight to the site like right now), Edition 104 : No one can hate music as it uplifts your mood accordingly. Which genre or one is your favourite? You can dedicate the post to a form or an artist too.

I listen to a lot of music ranging from Indian Carnatic music to Rock depending on my mood.  Knowing a handful of Indian languages makes my options of listening to Indian music even more. And having a bunch of friends who are into Rock and EDM and House is another plus.The best part about music is you got one for every mood you are going through. You have music for every occasion, you have music for every kind of human being its a totally different world.

Some of my favorite quotes on music are below:

> Play the moments, Pause the memories,Stop the pain,Rewind the happiness

> Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.

>Your heart ❤ is just a beat box for the song of your life

 I had a tough time when i started going for walks. I used to play all these high energy beat music while i walk but ended up shaking a leg or two or simply grooving while walking.. and getting stares from people. 😛 😛 😛 Don’t even try imagining the scene its awkward.

Keeping the post short and straight to the point, the music which lifts my mood no matter where i am or what mood I am is David Guetta’s Ultra Music Festival 2015,Miami show. Its one hour of absolute awesomeness specially for people who love loud music, people who can’t stop dancing. In fact even while working at office when i need to focus on some particular task i am doing this is what i listen to and all the other sounds just vanish in the background.

So let me know did you enjoy this one hour of absolute awesomeness.?? Share your votes, hardly takes seconds 🙂 Let me know your fav music in the others options

Be high on music , be high on life!!! 🙂 ❤