#AtoZChallenge DAY06: F for FEAR

Day: #06 || Alphabet : F || Theme: Emotions || Word: Fear


Today , the 6th day into the #AtoZChallenge I realize daily blogging isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. It’s not just managing to post daily in between our daily schedule but more importantly it’s about having content to write on a daily basis. And so today I faced the Writer’s block (a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown). 

The word which led me to this Writers block turned out to be the emotion I was actually feeling since the day began – FEAR . What is the FEARfeardef

So I decided instead of what I had originally thought of writing about FEAR like – the fear of losing our loved ones, the fear of not feeling good enough, the fear of change, the fear of unknown, the phobias and the fear of death… I simply write about what had happened today. 🙂 

I knew the emotion that I wanted to write – FEAR! and surprisingly the more I thought about what to write the fear of not being able to come up with anything hit me. I had so many thoughts running in my head and it was a total mess. I even ended up in an argument with a close friend Vikas with whom I was discussing about my mental block.  I told him what I had jotted down as points to post about fear and there was one particular point that he didn’t agree with. Which now when I think was kinda true. It did had the flavor of fear but not exactly how I wanted it to be. The more he tried to explain me the more irritated I got and he just asked me to go ahead and write whatever I was going through.

After putting up five posts as part of the challenge without much difficulty, in my head I built up Expectations of performing in the similar way without any trouble the next 20 alphabets would be a piece of cake. And when today fear struck of not being able to Fulfill those expectations, and end up Disappointing my readers and more importantly my own self if I don’t come up with any content by end of day did I realize the truth – aren’t all the emotions we as human beings feel intertwined to one another ???? One emotion leading to another.

We are within this Wheel of Emotions you feel one and then next instant you feel another. Some make us happy, proud and ecstatic while others make us sad and gloomy and low. But the good part is all these emotions that we feel make us feel ALIVE. Makes life’s journey interesting.

What are your fears ? Do you have any kind of phobia?? Have you faced the Writer’s Block? How did you overcome it ? Is it normal to have a block just within a week of the challenge (hoping to get answers from the previous challenge survivors) 

P.S : The only thing I am scared of in this world are SPIDERS..ehhh!!! I do suffer from Arachnophobia. So much so that i wouldn’t go to that area where a spider is no matter if it’s a tiny weeny creature. I hate them. Probably this is how I would look when am close to a spider. 


The  Fear Smiley( i love the invention of emoji,  conversations have become so much more fun specially when the person is not in front of us physically yet you can express your emotions for real)