#AtoZChallenge DAY13: M for MELANCHOLY

Day: #13 || Alphabet : M || Theme: Emotions || Word: Melancholy

Yeah!! We are half way through the 26-day #AtoZChallenge 2016 and I guess am going good so far and looking forward to the day I complete this challenge, can anticipate the happiness I would be feeling. 

Having said that today I have chosen an emotion which we kinda misunderstand to being sad. Its MELANCHOLY . As said by Victor Hugo – “Melancholy is the pleasure of being sad”. Yes! Sounds strange??!! Well let me first give you the meaning of this emotion (googled)

Yes, melancholy is an emotion (or better say a state of mind like the mood) during which we feel sad with no obvious reasons(can’t completely agree to no reasons but let that be for now). Aren’t there days where you go to sleep and yet end up being awake for no reason. Something constantly running in your head yet you don’t know what exactly it is. Sometimes when you are travelling and you get lost in thoughts (don’t get confused with day dreaming 😛 ) just watching out the window as the road you are travelling moves ahead and everything you see outside is being left behind…yeah similar to that.! 

How can melancholy help you?
1. Most probably at this stage you are lonely so you can get the time for yourself. Nobody gonna disturb you.
2. You can try out what you wanted to achieve but couldn’t manage to achieve that in past.
3. Listen music, write blogs, go out in beautiful places. You end up doing all the things that will refresh you.

Melancholy needs to be enjoyed for no one wants to become happy only after being sad or depressed. It’s that state of mind which lets you sit back and think about all that you have been doing right so that you continue to do so and also all that you have been doing wrong for which you can find possible solutions.

I have this special corner in my house where I sit and feel rather more melancholic, with some really sad and emotional songs in the background. I know its sounds weird but sometimes its a good place to be in. Do you have any special place in your house? Do you also go through this emotion of melancholy? Would love to hear your comments on it.

Leaving you all with a beautiful image that I came across which suits perfect for the emotion Melancholy.