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Ten things I want to say to 10 different people right now – DAY 10 OF HALF MARATHON

This prompt was a tough one to write. I really had no idea what can i possibly write on it. Should i be mentioning about ten important people what i feel for them ? Or should i be just randomly writing ten things i expected from people i am close to? Not happy about it..hmm so i refer google to come up with few ideas as am watching #masterchefaustralia (there is something so therapeutic about cookery shows even though you don’t understand half of the things 😛 do u also feel so?? ) and this is what i come up with –

To all those people who run behind happiness and yet never find it, stop and have a look at life and think of all the things you are blessed with and need to feel happy about it. I do agree a fat paycheck, a perfect family, all the other luxurious things in life bring happiness but if you are not happy from within all these don’t matter at all. Stop searching happiness, try to make someone else happy and you’ll realize what you had been searching for all this while.

Money buys happiness i do agree to this to some extent but don’t let the chase for money make you lose your family and friends. Don’t go do things which aren’t ethical just to earn extra dollars in your bank account. Don’t let yourself down or cheat yourself to make money and yet go to bed everyday fearing when you would get caught for the same or even if not, don’t have that guilty feeling as you live each day.

You own your life – take charge of it and feel liberated. We are in a century where everything is possible and we have the right opportunity to all possibilities only if we chose to do so. Give yourself the freedom to experiment with life by taking risks, by living it and not merely surviving each day. Appreciate freedom of opinion and choices in other. Freedom is more of the mind than the actions. Do not misuse the freedom you have in life be it in family, at work, or in a society you are living it. Use freedom as your strength not as your weapon

None of the hard work you have put in life or things you have achieved would be of any worth if it doesn’t give you peace at the end of day. If you just earn enough for your family and yourself, if you earn so much that the next two generations need not even work, if you live in a 2 bedroom apartment or a bungalow of your own, if you are riding a two-wheeler or a Mercedes Benz, if you are a single person or if you have a loving family, if you are the greedy kind from the Christmas carol or the one who rejoices with a group of friends lifelong it all comes down to one important question – do you find peace within yourself?

#5 JOY
Find moments of joy in small little things that you do and you’ll realize how easy it is to be happy. Talk to that random passenger who is sharing a cab with you ask him how his day was and you would know how easy it was to bring a smile on someone’s face. Ask your maid how she and her family is doing, or give her some of your old clothes(which can be worn) and you would know how much of a difference you have made in her life. Buy that pen which a kid at the traffic signal is selling you don’t really have to use it but you buying that one pen or sticker from her could have given her that extra amount she needed to buy a book for herself or even a meal of one time. Find joy in visiting orphanages and the elderly. Bring a smile in their lives and joy in yours.

Only if you know your priorities in life you would be able to bring the right balance in it too. Understand what are the possible aspects of life for which you could negotiate and for which you are not ready to. Bring balance in life and work, bring balance in family and friends. Don’t let one phase of life take over the remaining.Compromise on things that you think you can and are justified to you, stand by your policies and principles if they demand not to be compromised.Balance between your needs and desires, balance between you for yourself and you for others.

Are your expectations in life met? Are you doing the right job that you wanted to or like most of us end up in different professions in reality does it really fulfill your aspirations? Does being friends with someone fulfill your life in terms of becoming a better person or individual?Are you living up to your potential that you are at least aware of? If not think about why your worth as an individual is not being fulfilled. Is it because you are too comfortable in your skin and do not wish change in life, or is it because your are not ready to put up a fight against what is wrong or what is deserving for you.

Even if you don’t have one or you are not confident about yourself still go ahead with a confident face and attitude and you’ll feel how much of a difference it could make in your life both personal and professional. Be confident about your choices and do not doubt yourself. Remember the answer to any question is no if you do not ask it. Be confident in putting your opinions across people when needed. Be confident to stand up for what you feel is right.Believe in yourself and hold on to your moral values.

Being stable doesn’t mean to be in your comfort zone all the time. Remember change is the only thing constant in life and change is inevitable. Try and embrace change yet hold onto your ground and be stable in life. Do not let the unknown affect you and bring you down both emotionally and physically. Nothing in this world is Stable or Secure except YOU. Your moral values, your spirit, your knowledge, your capabilities are the only stable attributes in your life. Do not react to the situation, respond to the situation. In times of difficulty try to separate the pain from the suffering. Just as the roots do not get affected no matter what the situation is above the ground, be stable in your principles and you’ll overcome all the unstability around you.

I have spoken about passion the most during the half marathon challenge and i feel it’s the one which keeps your spirits ignited. Being passionate is not just about being crazy about doing something in life, be passionate in your relationship both with family and friends. Be passionate in your work even though its something you are not happy doing, you’ll eventually see the benefits. Find purpose in life and it’ll give you meaning.Believe in yourself and you ll know how being passionate isn’t really hard. Keep the fire in you alive.

~~ Don’t measure your life in the moments you have lived, but in those moments that took your breathe away and those moments which brought happiness through you in others ~~

With this post i complete the 10 day writing challenge which was inspired by Shane’s blog and am happy as one more writing challenge is completed. Though am still few more days for the #halfmarathon and that would be something that i really need to think now 🙂 Do let me know what could i write for 11,12,13 and 14 if at all you have noticed the way i am doing the half marathon challenge. 😀 Help meeee plzzzzzzzz

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that I saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren 



It’s another new week, and hoping all of you must have kicked those #mondayblues . This one is another post on a lighter note just to share a little bit more about me and with one condition – comment back by at least 2 things about you that i don’t know and you would like me to know. Let’s make this an interactive post 😀 For a change i am gonna write random things about me and not the usual ones. I hope you still continue to be my blog reader after this post  !!! 😛 😉

I think i have a split personality: I am very different when i am with a bunch of close friends – i am more talkative, more fun. While when i am with just one person(no matter how long i have known this person) i prefer being quiet and be more of a listener. Weird !!! 

I have OCD: Not the extreme kinds that makes difficult for people to live with me but more of a personal one for example, i need to fold the blanket when i wake up in the morning, that is the first thing i would do. I need to wear a watch before i step out of the house(i’d rather take off from work if the watch stops). I need to have a kitchen slab while am cooking, i keep doing the dishes in the middle of cooking. The volume of the television should always be an even number (am not crazy, it’s just me :P) 

I am only scared of spiders: Probably the ONLY THING in this wide world that scares the shit out of me are SPIDERS. I think if i see a lion in front of me or a ghost i wouldn’t be scared but just go with the flow(they’ll do whatever they have to do to me :D). But spiders no way, i would be jumping here and there until its gone from my sight.

I am not an ice cream or cotton candy person at all: Ice cream i can still think of having once a while like once in few months but cotton candy never ever. Similarly any aerated drink. I have never tasted Pepsi or Cola or lemonade in my entire 29 years of life. Believe me!!!

I forgive but i don’t forget: Not that i don’t want to forget but its only because i have a very sharp memory. Even if i try to i would remember the incident and every thing revolving around it.

I get hypnic jerks while sleeping very often: A hypnic jerk, hypnagogic jerk, sleep start, sleep twitch or night start, or jump, is an involuntary twitch which occurs just as a person is beginning to fall asleep, often causing them to awaken suddenly for a moment.

I have been seeing a dream since i have had memories: This is very weird to me too . I have been seeing this particular dream since i was a kid and once every year. I strongly remember it’s just once in a year that i would dream of this and its been the same exact dream without any changes at all. It’s a tour as a kid i make to the zoo, and i get separated from my family and i end up in a deserted place inside the zoo. It’s a huge cage and i am looking up waiting to understand what cage is it and then suddenly a gigantic white crane appears and puts its beak from over the fence and swallows me. #beingmosthonest

Most used punctuation in my writings: If you ever notice, the most used punctuation by me whenever i write is “!!!” I don’t remember when i started using this but its become by signature now 😀

I am claustrophobic: The first thing i do when i enter an unknown place, house, vehicle, office cabin is to find the center point of the space and stand/sit there. I try to stay away from the walls of a particular space. Similarly its tough for me to travel in a vehicle with windows closed all the time. I’d try as much as i can to open the windows every few mins.

 Are you still there reading? 😀 If yes then thank you so much for bearing up with my random WEIRD facts. Sometimes its good to talk about your weirdness too, makes you the Authentic YOU !!! So its your turn now to tell two random things about yourself. Go ahead, am listening.

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that I saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren 

Eight ways to win my heart – DAY 08 OF HALF MARATHON

Let’s keep it short this time, I don’t really want to tell people what are the ways to win my heart 😀 (#classified 😛 ). Most of the things have been told in my what turns a woman on and what turns a woman off post. I am like any other girl with a little twist that’s all.

I am a Cancerian woman in the truest sense!! So that makes your work easier in doing some research on how to win a Cancer Woman’s heart. I could tell you the top eight points to make things a little less difficult for you. Cancerians being a water sign and effected by the Moon imagine all the possibilities good and bad both of the sea and then relate it to a woman and you are good to start with. Remember the dialogue from the movie Titanic – A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Make me laugh and you’ll have me forever
  • Motivate me and support me when I share my dreams or tell you my problems, don’t play on my insecurities
  • Respect my family even more than me I mean it!
  • Though not a typical girl but once in a while even I love compliments and to be treated like one, to be made feel wanted by you.
  • Don’t mess with me when I am moody or need my space. I know I can be crazy but that makes me interesting, trust me. My mood swings are both good and bad. So if you can’t handle my worse you don’t deserve my best too
  • I don’t open up in an instant so give me that scope of opening up my layers to you as and when I get you closer in my life
  • I am very emotional I might cry watching the same movie again and again but that doesn’t make me weak, it just helps me feel light so let me cry when I need to 😛
  • I love being in my shell, I either move sideways or backwards so go ahead and take the initiative.

See I told you, I ain’t that difficult 😀 😛 ❤ (or any other woman for that matter) You just need to hit the right chord with us and the music plays.

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that I saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren 

Seven things that cross my mind a lot – DAY 07 OF HALF MARATHON

Friday it is!!! And mid-way into #Halfmarathon and am glad I managed despite all the odds(lack of time and lot of travel). Wishing you happy weekend in advance 😀 to all my lovely readers.

Do you people think random things in your head? mmm like all of a sudden you are lost in your own dream land weaving stories and characters or for that matter thoughts related to life and things you aren’t happy about etc etc … I do and that could be anything under this sky. Seven things that cross my mind a lot are:

  1. Do ghosts exist? : Ohh yes!! I do a lot of times. Why if you may ask I really don’t have an answer but I love watching horror movies a lot and then I go into this deep thought of whether these supernatural and unknown powers really exist? Being from a place like Andaman and Nicobar Islands I have grown up hearing ghost stories and experiences from very close people whom I have seen since I was a kid. And how can you not believe them? So yeah Ghosts and everything about them excites me(am shit scared too as soon as a horror movie gets over, I need someone to go to the next room also yet I love watching horror movies)
  2. What would I do if I didn’t have a 9-6 job? : Me not working is something which would never happen. I love my work and enjoy every bit of it. But there are times when I just feel like resigning and sitting at home doing nothing and then a whole bunch of ideas pop up in my head . What would I do the whole day, will I end up having an individuality of my own? how will I be financially self independent if not a regular job, will I become cranky? what alternate profession I could take up instead of an IT job are many of the questions that pops up in my head.
  3. If I had like a crore in my bank account? 😀 😀 😀 Don’t we all think about all the things we could do if we had a huge amount of savings in our bank accounts? I know you do and so do I ;think of all the places I could visit, all the things I could buy from my wish list and more…
  4. How can I make a crore? : Even dreams charge money at times.. hahaha and so I keep thinking how can I save money and I always terribly fail at it. I don’t know when was the last time I could save some money as I had planned my monthly expenses in the beginning of the month.
  5. Why is feminism so over rated? : I think “#feminism” as a concept is really over rated by both men and women alike. Men mistake feminism to be hatred by women towards women while Women mistake feminism as their rights over men. Feminism is nothing but equality to women in all those things that men do too. We can’t customize it according to our needs. People should understand its more about “gender equality”. (a peek into an upcoming post in future)
  6. Astronomy and Astrology: I am always fascinated about the whole concept of astronomy and astrology. I am not a firm believer of astrology but I do check the Astro section in newspapers whenever I get a chance. The whole concept of zodiac signs really excites me . So are the stars and moon and everything up in the sky and beyond it. I have grown up watching constellations very clearly in the sky and I still love doing that. All these alien-ufo stuff they show in movies always leaves me thinking about them a lot.
  7. The legacy I wana leave  behind me: I simply don’t want to die without leaving a legacy behind. I want to be that someone whom people look up and feel inspired and when I kick the bucket I would want to stay back and see all those people whose life I have touched turn up to bid me farewell. I want to be that person who is remembered for her work. I want to leave a mark in the world even in the tiniest way possible

Yup let’s call it a wrap for the day or I would actually get thinking about a lot more things and that would not suit the headline of this post. So those are the top seven things that crosses my mind very often. What do you people think? Anything in common that we share ? do lemme know!

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that i saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren 

Six things I wish I’d never done – DAY 06 OF HALF MARATHON

~~ Never regret something that once made you happy ~~

This has always been one of the principles I have in life. I am not the ones who would regret doing something because I was well aware of the fact of what I was doing and what the consequences would be- so regret is not an excuse at all. Yet we humans never stick to our own principles so there are a handful of incidents or decisions which at times make me feel that I shouldn’t have let gone of that chance/person in life. Wana take a look?

Giving up my H1B: This would be the biggest regret of my life. 4 and a half years into my first company and I was lucky enough to get through the lottery system and wa sure I would have flown to US for my career growth yet I chose not to as I was resigning from the company for personal reasons. I regret this one decision every now and then even more cause the personal reason never worked out in my favour for which had done such big stupidity of letting a chance to grow in career just a miss.

Being lazy: Ohh yes I could be as lazy as the sloth. Since I started working I think infact I am sure that I became lazy. I stopped my regular dance classes. Life was concentrated more on work and travelling with friends. Had I been a little more disciplined – the 1/4 th at least of the kind of people who wake up in the morning and go for jog etc it would have made me so much more cooler !! And worse part is all this doesn’t affect me at all cause I know after I hit the publish button I would be too lazy to even go back to the switchboard and turn off the light so that I could catch some good sleep. 😛

Feeling Insecure: This has to come out of me some day and I am sure I ll eventually have that broad smile on my face once I kick my insecurities out. In a previous post also I had spoken about insecurities. I am sure I would be talking a lot more around this and how it affects our esteem in our own way. So never feel small about yourself , your only agenda should be that  – you should be a better person than yourself. simple agenda of life!!!

Not being much of a reader since childhood: Everyone in my family loves reading except me. Even though now I still manage to read books which also kinda started once I religiously got into blogging. But I regret all those years which I wasted telling myself that reading is so boring. I think the best knowledge one can gain and the most amazing experiences one can live is through books. I would definitely want to encourage everyone to grow their interests towards reading be it any genre but one must and one should read books.

For being cold towards certain people: I sometimes become cold towards people who even I don’t understand why and how it happens or what triggers it but I just don’t feel like being with people in that moment. My friends would be calling I would not take the call and miss out on them. I would not go for any hangout they plan and eventually they just stop inviting me. Now why I do it even I don’t know mostly I would be worried about something and that just makes me cold towards everything else. Some friends I also lost cause of this behavior. But I do have my best friends who know when I go cold..they are amazing cause they give me that space and benefit of doubt and wait for me to be back alive!! ❤

Not learning from mistakes: I always end up making mistakes and then learning from it, sometimes knowing that it would be incorrect or turn out bad in my favor I go ahead with those choices and would convince myself that I ll come out strong and learn a lesson for a lifetime yet I would go back continue doing the same thing. Only particular kind of scenarios 😛 It’s like I simply don’t wana learn from those mistakes at all which later backfires in a bad wayyyyy.

Yeah that was pretty much my regrets in life in the last 29 years and I think they aren’t that bad either but yes agreed totally that I should give it a thought and turn over a new leaf.

What are your regrets in life? Anything if you would want to change now , would you do it or just live with the feeling of regret in heart.????

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that i saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren 

FIVE people who mean a lot to me – DAY 05 OF HALF MARATHON

Hello 🙂 Hope everyone is doing good!!! I am doing good too, i have recently switched to my third company in the six years of IT career and the current role is pretty challenging plus the distance from my home to office is 21+kms 😥 😦 But i am loving the new vibe, new people, new work etc which is keeping me really busy so much so that I hardly get time to check my blog comments or make posts on time(scheduling a post before itself is really not possible for me, i prefer writing in the spark of the moment) But all is good, as far as i manage to complete the #halfmarathon. And for the #WordHighJuly that i stopped mid way i would complete it over the weekend(hopefully)

So today the prompt is FIVE PEOPLE WHO MEAN A LOT TO ME and for some reason I ‘d not want to make it specific like Mom, Dad, Sibling, a Friend cause everyone’s parents or rather family means a lot to them so lets keep that specifications aside. Rather I’d put it in a generalized way to make it more simpler(for me to quickly publish the post 😛 )

Parents : Since God couldn’t be in all the places he made parents !!! Its as simple as that. No matter how successful we become in life, or even if we become parents in future we would always be the kids in the eyes of our parents. They still care for us if we even catch cold, or get worried when we don’t reach home on time. We make mistakes repeatedly even then they never hate us. We hurt them at times yet they chose to forgive us every single time. They accept us for the way we are. More than that they are the ones who brought us in this world and set those basic moral values within us. We didn’t know from the start that A stands for Apple or what it is to be well-mannered, all this was taught by our parents and we tend to grow up becoming like them someday. So take care of them and love them unconditionally cause no one would love u the way they do.

Siblings : They are your first friends!!! You learn to share things, you learn to give respect, you learn to care and love another person, you learn whats fun and whats a fight. You need to keep that bond strong as you grow. Many siblings tend to part ways cause of their own personal life which is not wrong but then you share the same blood, you shared the same values. Love your sibling as much as you loved them when you were kids. I love my brother and equally fight with him like cats and dogs. He is 34 and am 29 yet our fights are for silly reasons, i have my own ego that am no more your baby sister that he would preach me and for him his ego would be she is so younger to me and yet she is showing attitude but all this is just those silly fights and nothing else as long as you don’t let the ego take over the sibling love. I have a lot of respect for my brother even more after our mother passed away. If it wouldn’t have been him dad and me would have just shattered to pieces even more so. (But that doesn’t mean he gets the remote while watching tv hahaha 😀 )

Teachers : A teacher takes a hand,opens a mind and touches a heart!!! Thank you for guiding us all the years in school and college with your love and affection. The most noble job that you do – guide us, support us, inspire us, teach us. Just as parents plant that seed within us of a future Sneha or X Y Z, it’s the teachers who nurture them with their care and knowledge. We are like clay in their hands and the way they mould us is how our future looks like. If it hadn’t been for my dance teacher who saw me dancing around when i was 5yrs old and took my hand and asked me to join her classes I wouldn’t have completed my diploma in classical dancing. It it wasn’t my English mam in graduation who motivated me to push myself and perform well in studies and extra curricular activities and get a job i wouldn’t have been taking up new challenging roles at work, or my teachers in school who chose me to become the school prefect which has given me the strength for a lifetime to walk up to anyone and on any stage and talk to a crowd.

Friends : This is the family you get to choose on your own !!! Since its Friendship day next month i would talk more about friendship in future posts but here i would want to simply say, parents you don’t have an option to choose, siblings you don’t have an option to choose, teachers you don’t have option to choose – The only people you get to choose are your friends and trust me it’s these friends who actually mold you in the person you are. They accept you with all your flaws, they motivate you when you are low, they cheer for you when you do well, they love you when you can’t count upon your family. This is the family that you need to take along with you as you grow in life – in age and in career. One always needs someone to talk to who would not judge him but listen.

This is an interesting one !!!

People who share the same passion as yours In my case it would be all those people who share the same kind of passion and interest that i have. Be it my friends back in dance class, or my office colleagues who became best friends, or this bunch of blog friends i have made cause we share the passion for writing and speaking out. I always love people who share my interests even if it’s just someone random whom i got to know and might not even be in touch in future but “that moment” makes them my favourite people.!!!! 😀 ❤

P.S: this feels like a post made in so much of haste 😦 But am glad i managed to publish it before the day 5 ends 😀 All is well!!! plus i complete a 100 posts on Life As A Potpourri with this post 😀 Woohoo!!! See my fav people make special things happen for me 😛

100 posts

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that i saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren 


Wasn’t it obvious that after yesterday’s post on Three Turn-On’s we have to talk about the Turn-Off’s as well. They are i guess more important than the turn on’s because as you grow no matter you are not aware of what are your likes in a person but for sure you know what you don’t want in the person 😛 (did that make any sense?)

Lets come straight to the point – What turns women off? It’s very very easy to screw up a woman’s mood !! We just fluctuate all the time even if it’s not that time of the month our moods have their own mood at times 😀 So here are Four Turn Offs that most women find in men including me

Self obsessed :  I mean come on dude, i know you have good looks, you might be filthy rich and would be street smart but you don’t really have to boast about yourself or be too self obsessed. All this should be appreciated by the opposite person without you mentioning it and not vice versa. Talk about yourself in general what are your likes and dislikes, give room for the lady to also talk about herself and her experiences. Do not dominate the entire conversation only about you…Cockiness would just not help ..!!!

Lack of Passion : This is like very important to the women today, cause they themselves are so passionate about their career and future. Don’t just be lazy and lack that aura about doing something in life. If not climbing mount Everest at least have the passion to go for a drive with your lady,not asking too much from you. Women find it extremely sexy in men who knows what he wants in life and works towards it. No drive no passion, not at all hot or happening !!!

Disrespect and Control : Your woman is your better half and you have no right to control her or treat her like an object. As much as you have a say in important matters, so does she. Be respectful towards her. She doesn’t owe you anything for you to be abusive or violent towards her. You have an opinion about things tell it to her in a calm manner like why you would not want her to do certain thing, don’t force it onto her. (you talk to a woman with love and she’ll do everything for you,the moment you try to order her the same thing oh boy you’ll have the time of your life) . Similarly don’t eat too much of her space, she herself is an individual and has her own individuality so give her that privilege. Don’t be too clingy and over possessive about her. There could be times when she needs to handle other things rather than giving her updates about where she is what she is doing to 24×7 to you (if you insist on doing so, then be prepared to let her also be pestering you 24×7). 

Having a Cold Shoulder attitude : I totally agree with the fact that men don’t like discussing problems and try to find the solution on their own and i totally respect it. But my only concern is why would that still show up in your actions. If you are upset about something or worried discuss it, it doesn’t make you a weaker sex. Keeping it all inside you and making a mountain of the mole simply won’t help you or your woman. Your actions should match with your words, if not then just go ahead and communicate (the key to everything). Woman love listening to others problems so take advantage of that trait and use it your favour, you would never know when she can come up with a solution or just talk you out of not thinking about it much. 

Besides these four turn offs there are few common things that woman don’t like at all which i guess even a kid would know!!! Like bad breath, body odour, not being responsible, being needy, dirty shoes and ohh i totally forgot this one dirty nails…yukk!!!.

We love you men for all that you do for us. We love how you take care of us and pamper us specially when we are not keeping well, how you surprise us by small little gestures, we are not complaining about you we are just helping you tell what you don’t have to do to make it even simpler in us liking you even more. 😀 😀 😀

Please do let me know your feedback, this is the first time am doing such gender based blogs and don’t want to end up having a war with my men readers and followers 😛 So let me know what turns you off both men and women alike are free to answer!!! It would be interesting if one of the male blog follower could come up with their side of the story so that we women would know what we should not be doing and what we should continue doing after all its all about sharing experiences !!! Isn’t it? ❤

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that i saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren 


They say men operate in just two modes – 0’s and 1’s (if you know what am talking about) while women have 0’s and 1’s too but with many permutations and combinations. (hence the image :P)

Wooing a woman is as easy as cutting the butter with a knife all you need to know is how and when to do it!! Simple isn’t it? No? well let me tell you more on that – 🙂

We woman love good sense of humour, a happy woman is whom you would all want to be with. Am i hearing men not agreeing to the fact of happy woman – hahaha it’s not a myth trust me. You don’t have to be a comedian or an encyclopedia of good jokes (avoid the Poor Jokes- woman don’t enjoy them at all) all you need to know is how to bring that smile on her face. For me a man who can make me laugh finds his way straight to my heart. Blame it on the female hormones but every once in a while we women tend to be sad and gloomy. I have a bunch of amazing guy friends who have such awesome sense of humour. I can laugh for hours and hours with them, even at the sarcastic jokes they make(if you get it right in the first place itself). So try to be if not funny but a happy person in general and you’ll see how your woman’s face just lightens up as well.

Sapiosexual – that’s what I am. I love men who could talk sense someone who knows about a lot of topics not necessarily all that i know,then there is no fun in learning from your better half. A man who could have an intelligent discussion. I find a man’s brain as his sexiest organ 😀 (thats what sapiosexual literally means) I have met men in life who look really handsome but the moment they open their mouth ..man i must tell you i just wish that moment passes as quickly as possible. To share a story, i had this guy in office who was really handsome, well-built, good features, a really good personality and he was my “temporary crush” that time. I was talking about him to my best friend that how i wish i could just talk to this guy once as i really find him hot. And my friend told me that he knew this guy – they stayed in the same apartment and could set up a meeting like a house party where both of us him and me could meet. But he told me that you should just let it go cause you would regret it later since he knew i liked intelligent men(not nerds not being offensive but naa not them) I insisted on my friend to set it up and told him that he was simply jealous that am giving that “temporary crush” so much importance. And so being the best friend he is , the house party was set and he introduced me to this guy. We got to talking and then ten mins into the conversation i just turned towards my best friend and was like please save me from here. I know my mistake. What happened was this crush wasn’t boring just that his frequency didn’t match with mine at all. He still sounded like a guy who was still in college and was in his own dreamland i mean i just couldn’t connect and understand what he was talking. He made some really bad jokes which didn’t change my blank expression on my face forget about even a smile. And that day i realized Don’t judge a book by its cover!!! Beauty with Brains applies equally on men as it is on women.

Communication : They say to get a woman’s heart a man must first his 😛 Woman love to listen as much as they love to talk. They say men always end up finding solutions to the problems discussed by woman which is a nice gesture but sometimes all we need is you to listen to us. We have already planned in our head what we are gonna do about a problem or have choices in mind we just want to share it with you and know your opinion. Sometimes all we want for you is to LISTEN which is also an important way of communication. Similarly we do want to listen to your problems as well. We love those small talks you men make. And for people like us bloggers who have so many words to speak i think we need someone who can keep up with us. And not reply to our long messages with a “hmm ” or “okay”. It really pisses a woman off. At least type a sentence. (A Blogger for a blogger? :P)

A few other important traits in men that turns me on is Chivalry – a man who knows how to respect a woman is the one who can always find love and respect for them in my heart. You don’t really have to pull the chair and pay the bill on a date night or open the door but more than all these small gestures, the respect you show in your words and actions not just with the woman but people around would really impress any woman. A real woman can do it all by herself..but a real man won’t let her(that’s chivalry. You need to know when and how to do it).

Remember woman have grown up watching their dads and brothers so they would always want to find those traits in the men they like/love. You don’t have to be her dad or brother but  if you could just make her feel she is gonna be equally loved and taken care by you as other men have she will be yours forever.  Respect her space, be a friend to her first. 

A man who remembers all the dates like a calendar, who spends money on his girl, who just talks about money and only calendar but has no passion, good looks all these really matter if you don’t know how to make her happy and feel loved.

So what turns you on in a man? and in a woman? Do you agree with what i have said, please do let me know with your comments. 😀 

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that i saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren