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#BlogchatterEbook – Potpourri of Emotions & Moods -myFirst!

I take on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Tina whose Ebook “Soul Sojourn” is also a part of the mix.
About Tina’s Ebook: “Soul Sojourn´ is a beautiful creation of poignant ideas and concepts through some serious soul searching. The book is divided into chapters called as ´Pitstops´ where we take a break and ponder over the thought of the day. This book is loosely inspired by the Carpe Diem philosophy! You seize the thought of the day and make it your own interpretation! The soul travelogue is an adventurous journey into the inner self.”

“Our emotions need to be as educated as our intellect. It is important to know how to feel, how to respond, and how to let life in so that it can touch you” – JIM ROHN

May has been absolutely Magical for me, it was May 2017 that my first Ebook got published – Potpourri of Emotions & Moods. When last year Blogchatter had initiated the Ebook carnival I was amazed by the idea and the opportunity but since I was not even a year into blogging and had never had a dream of putting up a book that year just went by. But this time towards the end of the challenge I actually thought of giving it a try and with some juggle between picking up the content to, editing it and finally compiling into one book I managed to submit my draft to the Blogchatter team.

And the result is here, my first Ebook was published – Potpourri of Emotions & Moods. You can download it here it’s free … Yipee!! 🙂

Potpourri of Emotions & Moods – what exactly is this book about? First let me explain you the meaning of the word ‘potpourri’ – a mixture or medley of things. My blog Life As a Potpourri is on the similar lines where I write about many different topics so when I thought about choosing a name for the book, I was certain it had to be something related to the blog and the content I have chosen and what better than Potpourri of Emotions & Moods.  

Aren’t our lives a medley of emotions and moods that we experience each and every day? In fact every other minute could be a different mood some affected by our own behavior, thoughts and some totally influenced and dependent on external factors from people to things to situations.
To your wonder there are more than twenty six kinds of emotions and moods that we as human beings experience in our lifetime. Sometimes feeling “nothing” at all is also considered a type of emotion that we go through. In my book I talk about all of this in various forms like stories, videos, poems, experiences or casual talks.

During this journey of compiling my contents into an Ebook I have learnt couple of things which I would want to share with you guys and specially with people who want to get something done like this in future.
1. Never doubt yourself and do not procrastinate, give things a try and everything will fall into place.
Even though i was never ready to put my content into an Ebook but the thought of getting started somewhere pushed me in coming up with this even if it was in the last minute. Do not wait for the best time to happen, sometimes the good time is the best time. I would have never experienced all this if i would have waited to come up with something better and am sure i would have continued to wait for the best time which I don’t know would be when exactly. So just grab the opportunity whenever you can.
2. Learn from your mistakes.
I am not an avid reader, neither do i write poems or publish posts with very good vocab. I just write my heart out in my posts the way i would talk to you if you are sitting right in front of me. Which i think is not bad but not really something that should be the style of writing in a book when one reads I believe. This has definitely given me a perspective to think better for a future book that I write. Blog posts should be different from the chapters of a book for sure. No adjustments there the next time.
3. Ideas need a trigger
Am already having a bunch of ideas for the next years challenge and in the lines if that could be publishes as well into a book would be fantastic. Ideas need trigger and this year’s Ebook has certainly triggered me to do my homework well next time for better results.

Am sure as you read through my book you would agree that you have also experienced them in your life in some way or the other and if you do so , please do drop by your comments and feedback cause it would mean the world to me. I have also included posts from my friends who had guest blogged during the last years #AtoZChallenge and two among them were non-bloggers but enjoy writing. I find that as a big motivation in bringing good content to you folks.
You can mail me your feedback to lifeasapotpourri@gmail.com or leave your comments below in this post! You can also check out other amazing Ebook’s which got published by clicking this link – Download Ebooks

I pass on the Baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival to Prateek whose Ebook “Phir Milenge” is also a part of the mix.
About Prateek’s Ebook: ” जहाँ भावनाएँ शब्दों से एक लय में मिल जाती हैं, वहाँ कविता का जन्म होता है। विश्वास करिए इस दुनिया में शब्दों और लय की कमी नहीं है, पर भावनाएँ जागृत करना कठिन है। इस संग्रह के माध्यम से मेरी हार्दिक तमन्ना सिर्फ़ यह ही है कि अपने पाठकों का उन संवेदनाओं से फिर से परिचय करवा सकूँ जिनसे इस भावहीन संसार में मिलना दूभर हो गया है। यदि मेरी एक कविता भी आपको किसी व्यक्ति या समय या परिस्थिति की याद दिलवा पायी और किसी मार्मिक लगाव की ओर ले गयी, तो मेरा लेखन सफल हो जाएगा। परंतु यदि ऐसा नहीं हुआ तो, फिर मिलेंगे !”.

Happy Blogging!!!Live.Love.Laugh ❤ ❤ ❤

#Reflections – my first ever #AtoZChallenge

I finally did it 🙂 In my wildest dreams I had not visualized me completing the #AtoZChallenge considering three major facts – 1. this was my first daily blogging challenge 2. April had been a roller coaster ride personally 3. I also decided to be a Minion this year for John’s Holton’s Heroes and being able to put up a #Reflection post but today as i pen down this post am feeling so overwhelmed and accomplished. I DID IT !!! 😀 😀 😀

Just sharing my achievements in terms of the Blogging Stats here it goes

Views and Stats in April

2021 Views || 866 Visitors || 607 Likes and 491 Comments ❤ ❤ ❤ To check out the complete list of my entries during the challenge click here

My #AtoZChallenge Blog Posts

I had picked up a theme which I thought would be an easy piece of cake but it’s only when I dived into the challenge I realized the depth of it. Here are my key takeaways from the challenge:

1. Preparation is a must :
Whether or not you have chosen a theme for your challenge, deciding it way before the challenge starts makes half the challenge easier. At least the 26 words that you would be using should be well jotted down from before.

2. Look and Feel of the Blog Posts:
If you have in mind to follow a particular style of font, images and other cosmetic customization to follow for your posts prepare that well in advance. Also if you could do with the draft of all your posts with these basic things like the framework all you would be left during the challenge is to post the content

3. Follow for a follow, comment for a comment:
The #AtoZChallenge is all about collaboration and networking. When so many people with so many topics have been registered for the challenge there is no point if you are just focussed on your blog alone. Try to reply to all the comments that have been posted on your blog(if not the same day but not too late either). Follow folks who have followed your blog, read their posts and leave them a comment as to what you liked about their posts. Mutual encouragement is very important during the challenge cause who doesn’t like appreciation of the hard work you put into

4. Stick to the deadline:
Ohh yeah, we are all so used to procrastinating things in life but having a deadline helps you not do it this one even more if you don’t have your posts scheduled for the challenge way before. There would be times when you’ll face the Writer’s block but don’t let is stop you from blogging. Just write even if it’s about how the writer’s block is not letting you come up with ideas but just do it.

5. Read Read and Read:
The knowledge base that is formed during each challenge is immense. One should spend more time in reading other blogs to gain knowledge in just 26 days and also do a lot of reading for your own topic if required.

Personally this challenge has helped me in lot many ways, it helped me organize and plan my posts, it made me force to think how new my next blog post could be and how better than the previous one, picking up a theme like #Emotions helped me understand each of these 26 emotions personally as I did research on them. The challenge helped me collaborate with so many old and new friends. ❤ 

I would also like to thank all the guest bloggers who took time from their blogging challenge to post on my blog and share their thought and views

Darshith for writing on Disappointment and how it’s related to over expectations. Darshith himself couldn’t finish the challenge due to some personnel emergency but he did manage to guest blog on mine. Check out his Vlogs which he had started as part of the challenge.

Ketan for taking time from his really really busy schedule and sharing his views on the emotion Empathy (more credits since he is not a blogger himself). Special thanks to Ketan who actually planted the seed of blogging and more specifically writing in me.

Vikas who gives his input on a daily basis for all the topics that i chose to write about and finally my biggest achievement to make him do a guest blog cause the blogging community needed to know an amazing writer like him. Do read his post on the emotion – Jealousy

Pratyusha is my singer blogger sister friend who sang beautifully for me on the emotion Love. Listen to her sing so amazingly and also check out her blog for more of her songs.

Jennifer is an amazing blogger and more importantly a friend now. The #AtoZChallenge brought us really close as friends. I would always wait for her comments as soon as i finish publishing my post. And during the last sprint of the challenge he accepted to do a guest blog for me on the emotion Vulnerable. We also love the same person – Brene Brown.

And finally a huge shout out to all the amazing new bloggers i met during this challenge and am sure to read more of their work during my time here in the blogging community. Thank you so much for all the comments, likes and encouragement which made me push myself to perform better with every new emotion i picked up. Congratulations on the survival ❤ 🙂

Cheryl Wright
Aura with Writing
Dr Gulara Vincent
Aaliyah Zahra
Nuttie Natters
Lori Henriksen
Vishal Bheeroo
Me in the Middle Writes

Thank you everyone once again! The challenge wouldn’t have been a pleasurable one if it wasn’t for you readers. And a huge round of applause for the people behind specially Arlee Bird this amazing blogging challenge, all the co-hosts and the minions who made such a challenging task seem so simple.

Arlee Bird @ Tossing it Out
Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh
Heather M. Gardner
Jeremy @ Hollywood Nuts
AJ Lauer
Pam @ An Unconventional Librarian
Damyanti Biswas @ Daily Write
Zalka Csenge Virág @ The Multicolored Diary
Joy Campbell @ The Character Depot
John Holton @The Sound of One Hand Typing

Looking forward to the next year already . 🙂 Live ❤ Love ❤ Laugh ❤

survivor-atoz [2016] v2



#AtoZChallenge DAY26: Z for ZEST – I survived!!!

Day: #26 || Alphabet : Z || Theme: Emotions || Word: Zest


It all comes to an end where it all had begun. Choosing a theme like #Emotions as part of the #AtoZChallenge and then coming up with 26 alphabets was not that easy as I had thought it would be in the beginning; well about my reflections on the challenge for a later date.

My first post and emotion that I choose was #Anticipation  the anticipation towards taking up the challenge, the anticipation towards doing anything for the first time or something has been exciting you for good long time and keeping the anticipation continuing am here talking about another emotion ZEST.

 ~~ The Zest Zeal and Zen for LIFE ~~

The life we live is a roller coaster ride, we would never know what the next turn is left or right, whether we are gonna go up or we are going down all we can do is hold on to our seat belt and enjoy the ride some turns would scare the shit out of us and some would be exciting and awesome.

Similarly, hold on to your principles and values of life taught by your parents, your education and the experiences you have lived so far that makes you YOU and enjoy the life’s roller coaster ride. Embrace everyday as if it’s new, have the eagerness to look forward to the day. The amazing things you can do, things you couldn’t complete or achieve last night could be just close enough the next day when you wake up.

Thank the Lord, whomever you pray to or not, thank to that one whom you believe for giving you another chance to life to fulfill all that you have dreamed and worked hard for. Count all your blessings that you have from the roof above your head to save you to the floor you have where you can sleep every night. Love the walls that surround you and protect you to every single thing in your life. Have love for all those who come within this world of yours, everyone who has stood by you through thick and thin and for those who left you only to make you even more stronger.

Never stop learning, always have the excitement to learn something new. Always tell yourself –when was the last time you did something for the first time. Travel –  at least to one new place every year, grow rich in your thoughts and memories you make. Have the appetite and hunger to learn more and more – What hunger is in relation to food, Zest is in relation to life.

And with this I complete my first ever daily blogging challenge in my first year into blogging  – the ultimate #AtoZChallenge . I thank everyone who has visited my blog and showered me with so much love and affection which has only motivated me more and more to pen down my thoughts about emotions and feelings that make us human being ALIVE. Am glad to have made some new friends and come across some great themes and have learnt so much during this challenge. Congratulations to everyone who took up the challenge and survived and also for those who couldn’t make it there is always a next time. Do come back next time! ❤ ❤ ❤

For every non blogger this must be another random post by a blogger but we as bloggers know the kind of effort we put in before we publish every single post. The homework we do in terms of content, images, ideas, the time especially from our otherwise routine life to read the works of others and appreciate them. All for the love of Blogging and for the love of Words

Soon to come up with the Reflections post – about my challenges, the guest blogs and the new friends I made. Already looking forward to the month of May as I would be taking up my first one month photo challenge on my instagram. All those who are interested can follow the below link.

A Photo a day challenge by Fat Mum Slim

May 2016 Photo A Day Challenge

and let’s officially close the #AtoZChallenge in style, i am sure must have all watched or heard this song if not then its perfect for the challenge- so do watch and sing along(if you can at all :P)

#AtoZChallenge DAY25: Y for YOUNG

Day: #25 || Alphabet : Y || Theme: Emotions || Word: Young


Mark Twain said – “Age is an issue of the mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter” 

Welcome everyone! Today being the second last of the alphabets for the #AtoZChallenge – this post is a dedication to all those lovely people who never crib about growing old and yet welcome age as a friend 😀 Cause for them AGE IS JUST A NUMBER 😉

And for some reason, this statement Age is just a number is actually defined truly by the senior folks. How would we as youngsters know what it is to be old and yet feel young at heart. I used to look up at my grandparents they were always energetic, fun and such good company. They never complained(even though they were physically not that strong) whenever we asked them to join us for some fun during summer vacations. My mother did her post graduation when she was about 45+.

You are always young at heart if you still dream of flying
It’s never too late to learn something new

I guess one should always be ready to learn and unlearn things no matter what the age. Your age shouldn’t restrict you from achieving your dreams. If you feel young you would eventually behave young and think young. I sometimes see old uncles in their retirement years sitting in a park and having long conversations, having a good laugh just the way they would have been in their 20’s. I see grannies sitting together in a group and bitching about their daughter in-laws which for sure they would have done when in college. But what i loved most watching was this one time when a grandfather was trying to make a Facebook account and his grandchild was helping him, then another time a lady in her 40’s trying to learn a four-wheeler driving, 

Growing old with someone you love doing the same amazing things you did as a young couple is a blessing

People need to understand the difference between Growing old vs Growing up. Growing up is just a mindset, people mistake it for growing old and people give up on their dreams and fairy tales that they had once seen as a kid. Whether you choose to grow up or not is entirely your choice. 

I wana have a swag like this when i am that old

Staying young at heart is nothing but a matter of still seeing the world through a child’s eyes. Every time you grow old by a number it surely means you have seen an amazing number of things for 365 days while circling around the sun..isn’t it? Is that not cool? Every year that you grow old , you know how to be a better person, to change things about you and explore things which you couldn’t when you were a year younger 😀 😀

You are what you are in your head and heart. Dont let the walking stick stop you from shaking a leg

The only bad thing would be growing old at heart and being cold towards new things and learning new things.You grow older cause that is inevitable. What you feel is never inevitable. It’s never too late to try hands at doing things you dreamed as a kid, to do things which made you happy once( now you can – who is gonna stop you, you are an adult unless you stop yourself). There is never an age limit to fall in love, to learn something new. All you need to do is feel young now and forever.

I already have a tattoo in my mind that I would get done incase i hit a 50 on the age scale 🙂 Age is not gonna stop me from getting inked once again.

“That’s the real trouble with the world. Too many people grow up.” -Walt Disney

My Favourite movie – UP

Do you believe in the statement – Age is just a number? What is that you want to do something that you had dreamt of as a kid but gave up cause you felt you are too old for it do now?

P.S: There is word for the fear of growing old and its termed gerascophobia .Man i tell you, one can find all kinds of phobia possible for a human being in google 😛 And am sure each one of us living in this planet has at least one from the huge list of fears.

Watch this video of the amazing granny who is gonna turn 80. ❤ ❤

#AtoZChallenge DAY24: X for XENOPHOBIC

Day: #24 || Alphabet : X || Theme: Emotions || Word: Xenophobic


The most toughest alphabets in the #AtoZChallenge begins, the last three alphabets – X Y and Z! specially when you have a theme like #Emotions.Since some of my alphabets are even moods and state of mind of the human being, it was easy for me to pick up a word and that is X for XENOPHOBIC  which according to Google means –


This feeling i would say is on a very extreme level in a nation’s perspective racism is the most harmful social causes. No one chooses the country, state, language or color they are born with for that matter. End of day its the same red color blood which flows inside our body that makes us one common species and that is Homo sapiens.

These differences only bring out diversity within us making the world a more beautiful place where everyone is united in the end. What if you were born dark and not fair and someone treated you as if you have committed a crime. What if you  were born to a country which is looked down upon by all the other nations of the world does that make you different as a human being. You would probably think differently but you would still be the same person at heart no matter where you were destined to be.

Like Audre Lorde said – “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences”.  How true right. How boring it would have been if everyone looked just like you. behaved like you ,thought like you..you would have been bored by your own self eventually 😛

I am born and brought up in a cosmopolitan place the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and am so proud that i was born there. It’s a place where you would find people from different states and cultures of India settled in one beautiful island. Where everyone knows everyone, where everyone appreciates the food, language,religion,tradition of the other person and even tries to incorporate into one another life.

I am so proud my parents are from two different religions making me know about two divers religious cultures and beliefs and I respect both equally. I am glad am in a city like Bangalore where you would find every second guy different to the first and every third person different to the second. Its awesome knowing so many things in one life.I believe living in India only I haven’t got the chance to learn about many other cultures and when I think of the whole world I’m not even close 

Instead of having prejudice about someone it’s always better to have an open mind and learn what makes them different from you. It’s better to learn the good from all over the world. In diversity there is beauty and there is strength – Maya Angelou

Travel – travel is the only thing that would make you rich. Rich in knowledge knowing that we are privileged to be born as human beings in this era where differences only makes life even more interesting and beautiful. One who is a wanderlust can never feel Xenophobic. 🙂 😀


 I feel the Blogging community is the best example that doesn’t tolerate xenophobia. We accept all kinds of bloggers and readers for one common thing that binds us and that is – love of words ❤

Do you think Xenophobia has no place in this world? Are you open to experience other cultures? Have you experienced racism ever?

#AtoZChallenge DAY23: W for WONDER

Day: #23 || Alphabet : W || Theme: Emotions || Word: Wonder


Woohooo.. my stitches are removed and my toothache is all gone ..like wooosh 😀 Having been quiet I mean literally quiet for the past one week was like punishment to me (relief for people around) but guess I enjoyed this phase of being silent..like not talking much just relaxing doing stuff that doesn’t involve much talking for example – listening to people :P, reading,watching movies, observing people and things around me.

Ohhh that reminded me my balcony has become nest to one of the pigeons; actually two they are a couple. The female pigeon has laid two eggs and is hatching them while the male pigeon brings her food and sometimes straws etc to make the nest more cozy. Initially I thought of chasing them off since their nest is right under my flower pots which makes it difficult for me to water the plants. Whenever I water the flowers, the area becomes wet and the nest which is very close to the pot and on the balcony floor also becomes wet 😦  I now water the plants when the mother pigeon flies away for sometime leaving the eggs. I make sure no water is spilt on the floor. That’s my morning schedule this summer I take like 15 mins to water four flower pots. 😀 😀

I am moving away from the topic(happiness of finally being able to talk 😉 ). The last four alphabets in the #AtoZChallenge is the most difficult ones even more when you are following a particular theme. Since I have chosen #Emotions finding words for these alphabets was little tough(not W but the remaining three to follow) And since I have been observing and thinking about the different things around the emotion what I have chosen for”W” I feel is absolutely perfect and that is W for WONDER.

~~ I wonder looking at the sky ~~

Have you found yourself suddenly lost in thoughts (daydreaming is the ugly side of wondering:P) while you are sitting at your office desk in front of your computer, sometimes when you are travelling and you keep looking out of the window dreaming so many thoughts and ideas, even when sometimes you are in the middle of a conversation you just
get lost and start wondering (may be of the movie you have planned to watch at night, or the football match of your fav team, or even about your dream vacation)?? Have you??! 🙂

Well there is one such thing that I always look at and keep wondering of how beautiful our life is . Nature always relates to our life if we sit and wonder about it (Since I have started doodling and zentangling I kind of observe even more around me the patterns naturally formed). What I am talking specifically is – I wonder looking at the SKY 😀 😀 😀 I find our lives and the sky has a lot of resemblance and the sky teaches us a lot things

The sky is like our life. No matter its the sun which shines bright in the morning or the moon which brightens up at night with millions of stars both complementing each other similarly our life complements both the happy and the sad times making it complete. Unless and until there is sadness we wont value happiness and vice versa. After all it’s only in the darkest nights the stars shine the brightest 😀

The sky teaches us that there are different chapters of life, some bright happy ones, some dull and dark, some like a silver lining giving us hope for future, some with sudden surprises like the rainbows. Some scary moments like the thunder but which necessarily don’t lead to rains but just a sudden jolt to awaken us from our mundane life.

It also tells us just like there are different shades to the sky, similarly our life is comprised of people we meet on a daily basis who are of different personalities. Some we accommodate in our lives while some just pass away like the meteors only to trouble us while some come and leave us like the shooting stars making a significant impact in our life.

Everything in our lives we can relate to the sky that’s my personal opinion. The sky changes every second letting us know that CHANGE IS INEVITABLE and the only thing which is constant in life.

Below are the pictures of the different shades of the sky taken by my dear friend ManasCheck out more of his photography in his Instagram account, click here ⇒

The silver lining when the rays come out after a dark night

The silver lining when the rays come out after a dark night

The purple shade to the sky - my fav pic of the lot
The purple shade to the sky – my fav pic of the lot
The sky that is always over us as we travel
When the moon comes up as the sun goes down
The heavy clouds which add beauty to the sky. The ever-changing clouds
A rainbow – right from the promise God made to Noah till today its the most amazing phenomenons of nature

When the birds fly back to the shelters after a good day out. home is where the heart is

So what are the ordinary things that you wonder about so deeply? Do you have another perspective to the emotion Wonder ? Would love to hear from you  😀 

Just three more days to go for the challenge to end 🙂 and with three most difficult alphabets (not for everyone am sure) All the best!!! Happy blogging ❤ WORDPRESS (from W) is another thing that i would like to mention here. My blogging journey has been amazing and am loving my time here knowing so many beautiful people all over the world ❤ ❤ ❤ shout out to many blog friends (in detail some other day about them)

For the complete list of #Emotions discussed as part of the #AtoZChallenge click here

#AtoZChallenge DAY22: V for VULNERABLE

Day: #22 || Alphabet : || Theme: Emotions || Word: Vulnerable


As you all know besides taking up the #AtoZChallenge one more goal I had in mind was to encourage guest posts on my blog some who are my existing blogger friends and others who are not bloggers but are good at writing. And am so happy I managed to have four guest blogs already.

Finally today is the last guest blog in this challenge and that is being done by my dear friend Jennifer from Courage Coach and she has taken up the emotion VULNERABILITY. Thank you so much for your valuable time and writing on my blog. Really appreciate it Jenni ❤ ❤


“You can’t get to courage without walking through vulnerability first” ~Brené Brown


What do you think of when you hear the word vulnerable?  Does this word make you feel uncomfortable?  If so, you are not alone and in fact you are the majority.

When we think about being vulnerable or when we are actually experiencing vulnerability we are living outside our comfort zone because it means taking a risk and the risk is exposing yourself and not knowing what the response will be.  That is definitely uncomfortable.  It could be a good or bad response but what underlies it all is this willingness to expose yourself first and that’s what scares people the most.  Seeing how vulnerable we are can determine how courageous we can be.

Once we do embrace being vulnerable we walk into being courageous and that’s where the magic happens because when we are acting out of courage, we are taking action steps.  That action is layered with fear because that’s what being courageous is all about, it’s doing something despite the fact you are scared.  Otherwise courage would be a walk in the park, no big deal.  Being courageous is showing up to be seen.

Some examples of being vulnerable are; wanting to ask someone out on a date, wanting to express how you feel to someone you truly care about, waiting to hear back test results from your doctor and so on.  When you find the courage to take action on your vulnerabilities, you then walk into hope.  You hope that whatever you courageously do is going to produce the reaction you desire and wish for.  This chain reaction of vulnerability, courage and hope is centered around one thing the entire time and that is living wholeheartedly with an open mind and heart.

Brené Brown is the queen of this topic and if you haven’t seen her TED Talk video about vulnerability, I highly recommend you see it.

It’s a game changer 🙂

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, innovation and change” ~Brené Brown

I would like to thank my sweet friend Sneha for asking me to be a guest blogger on her site during the A to Z Challenge.  “Thank you so much” 😀     I hope we can meet one day soon, Sneha! 😉

Much Love❤

#AtoZChallenge DAY21: U for UMBRAGE

Day: #21 || Alphabet : U || Theme: Emotions || Word: Umbrage


We are into the final sprint of the ‪#‎AtoZChallenge‬..say whattt!! Just six more alphabets to go including today’s and the energy feels the same as the first day.

So for today’s alphabet am gonna make this one a more personal kinda post and am gonna talk about an emotion which is kinda similar to one before I had discussed(Irritated)  and that is UMBRAGE


Before i begin, the difference between being irritated and umbrage is that the latter is a more serious one and tends to hurt you  most of the times or just amplifies your emotions to a whole new level. Most of the times it’s on the offensive side as well. So you get the meaning now huh?  If yes, then here i go with 25 things that annoys me the most and makes me feel like UGHHH!!! (cause killing is illegal and so if physical violenc)


1. When i text a whole paragraph specially when something very serious and the opposite person replies after ages saying “k” or “hmm”
2. When someone uses abusive language specially during arguments
3. People asking for justification for the choices i make rather than respecting it
4. Being ignored – this is not cause the opposite person is busy but i am actually being neglected and ignored
5. When people continue to talk to me even though they can see i have earphones plugged in
6. When i am not interested to talk and still forced to continue conversation just for the sake of it
7. People commenting anything about my family(and you are so dead)
8. Men urinating in public – i just feel like punching them right on their face. Just because you can hold it straight and aim standing at some corner you have the liberty to do that
9. People judging me even without knowing the human being i am in person
10. People who drag their feet, and continue doing it even after being told about it
11. Faking over facebook – all those lovey dovey pics and knowing that there are also friends in your list who know whats happening in your personal life then why the superficial romance? Don’t discuss your personal bedroom problems with your friends and the next day you upload a profile pic with your wife or husband with too many kisses and hugs and other emojis
12. People talking at the top of their voice specially personal talks in a public transport. I have no interest listening to your personal life story duh!
13. When “woman” use feminism as a means to gain sympathy and actually demean the word which is so powerful and stands more for equality irrespective of the gender
14. When women and men are discriminated at workplace, for example women can’t stay back after 8pm in offices but men can no matter its the woman who has slogged her ass in that project
15. Couples with kids talk about diapers and play school all the time and the friends who are single or newly married have nothing to contribute
16. People don’t make an effort to be in touch but say they have maintained friendship cause you are still friends on Facebook
17. People at ATM’s who take a lot of time and simply waste time of everyone else for example – i have seen people(again mostly woman – why why do you make a fool of yourself lady??) first check their balance then withdraw money and then again check the balance so total of three transactions and all this while am standing out of the queue arguing with my male colleague that women arent that technologically dumb
18. This one i am offended the most – when people ASSUME things in their own shitty head and then don’t even bother to clarify or confront me and decide on their own what i am thinking
19. When people misunderstand a No for a Maybe! Trust me every woman knows when its a YES, a NO and when a MAYBE
20. People honking for no damn reason on the road!Ughhhh
21. When people don’t say a thank you and sorry when it actually needs to be said
22. People who send forward messages specially the ones saying – forward this to another ten people or something bad will happen to you!
23. People taking me for granted, a weak attitude doesn’t mean i don’t have a say !
24. When I am made to wait. I avoid making people wait(unless it’s the traffic in bangalore)
25. Men not knowing what PMS is all about. When you learn the physical attributes of woman during your growing years it’s important you learn what PMS is .And when a girl says she is not keeping well instead of the exact detail like cold or fever etc then please understand its that time of the month and she is being cranky don’t just keep asking what happened

So did mine match any of the things that annoys you? Let me know what is that annoys you the most and how do you deal with it? Happy blogging until then lovely people!!! \m/ peace love and hugs ❤

#AtoZChallenge DAY20: T for TRUST

Day: #20 || Alphabet : T || Theme: Emotions || Word: Trust


Happy Sunday potpourriers!!!  ❤ Making my second post for the day in order to compensate the last two days !

Emotions is a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, relationships with others, situations we are in and many other factors. While most of the emotions we feel is straight from the heart and all those neurons working in our brain, there is one more organ which is a huge factor in feeling one of the most strongest emotions we feel and that is TRUST. This is not just the trust we have on another person but this one is the TRUST we have within our self which we call the GUT FEELING or rather put it in these words TRUSTING OUR INTUITIONS.

Source – Google

That feeling deep down in our tummy, that little voice in our head, feeling of being tickled inside that my friend is what we called the gut feeling. Some people always listen to this gut feeling and take decisions of life (like the eenie meenie miney mo we do and tick answers during exams 😛  ) and some do not instead put a lot of thought behind making a decision.

In our lives also many a times we must have gone ahead in life based on the decisions we made listening to this gut feeling and if you actually look back or give it a deep rewind most of the times the decision such made is a positive one! 😀 Like Dejavu – you know things even before it has happened, and you just can’t explain the situation.

The only question being, how more often can you convert this gut feeling into positive ones that work in your favour. How can you actually TRUST YOUR GUT FEELING? (below content source : care2)

Judith Orloff, PhD, a Los Angeles–based intuitive psychiatrist and author of Second Sight suggests that it’s just a matter of striking the right chord between gut instinct and rational thinking. And below are the five main points we need to remember whenever we want to go by this feeling.

1. “Something feels wrong in my body.”
Listening to your body’s subtle signals is a critical part of exercising your intuitive sense, says Orloff. Intuition allows you to get the first warning signs when anything is off in your body so that you can address it. If you have a gut feeling about your body — that something is toxic, weak or ‘off’ — listen to it. Go and get it worked up.Your body is a powerful intuitive communicator,”.Physical symptoms can also have symbolic value. If you’re around somebody and your energy goes down, that’s an intuition not to ignore. Sudden sleepiness can mean that you’re in the presence of an energy-draining person or circumstance; it can be your body’s way of communicating that these conditions are taking more energy than they give. If you stay in a situation that makes you feel instantly depleted

2. “I’m in danger.”
The feeling you get about a person in the first 10 seconds expresses an “ancient biological wisdom,” says Myers in his book Intuition: Its Powers and Perils

3. “I want to help.”
While you might think of our gut instincts as something we’ve maintained mostly to avoid danger, the human species has evolved an equally powerful capacity to sense when our fellow beings need support. “Sympathy is one of humanity’s most basic instincts, which is why evolution lavished so much attention on the parts of the brain that help us think about what other people are feeling,” notes Lehrer.

4. “I know how to do this.
If you know you can do it, trust your gut — not your head.

5. “This is it!”
When your intuition signals that you’ve found something or someone truly right for you, the choice often becomes strangely easy. “It feels healthy; it feels good; it doesn’t feel like you’re forcing it, there’s not a lot of conflict,” says Orloff.

P.S: Of all the reasons to use your gut instincts to make big decisions, this may be the best: It leads to the choices that are most fully satisfying — decisions that can improve the quality of your life

#AtoZChallenge DAY19: S for SADNESS

Day: #19 || Alphabet : S || Theme: Emotions || Word: Sadness


This is a first when am gonna post about the emotion which am feeling right now and that is SADNESS. Why? you may ask and the answer is am two days late in the #AtoZChallenge thanks to the wisdom tooth removal and the terrible pain which didn’t make me even open my laptop in the last two days and it is still existing. 

Inside out – must watch movie!! More about that during the end of the challenge

What is being sad/sorrow?def

Well let’s not make this post all sad and gloomy after all it’s a Sunday…and sundays are supposed to be happy and fun and cheerful 😀

How do we know what is happiness if at all we don’t know what being sad is? Just like two sides of our coin, our life has n times those two sides – the many shades of life is all because we feel the many sides of the emotions we live as human beings, which makes us feel alive. In Osho’s words –

Sadness gives depth.
Happiness gives height.
Sadness gives roots.
Happiness gives branches.
Happiness is like a tree going into the sky,
and sadness is like the roots
going down into the womb of the earth.
Both are needed, and the higher a tree goes,
the deeper it goes, simultaneously.
The bigger the tree, the bigger will be its roots.
In fact, it is always in proportion. That’s its balance.
– Osho

How beautifully described isn’t it? To appreciate the things in life we need to know its value, sometimes we realize the value when we lose them be it people or things we like and so is sadness. When the dark clouds fade away the amount of happiness we feel seeing the clear clouds is absolutely awesome. Sorrow and happiness are just like the yin and yang only when as a person we feel both we are complete and balanced. What is the point of being happy all the time.. wouldn’t it be boring eventually?

Once you have tasted something bitter, only then you will know what a sweet thing tastes like. This doesn’t mean am saying that we need to be sad all am saying it is necessary because sadness is a more intense and strong feeling when compared to happiness.

It’s okay to cry sometimes – let your heart out and feel sadness . There is no point in holding on to those thoughts and feelings inside us and just try to be happy. This happiness is fake! When you feel sadness thoroughly only then you feel happiness in its truest sense. Crying doesn’t make you weak, it only makes you feel alive (and crying isn’t gender biased – it’s okay for men to cry at times)

You have to feel the pinnacle of happiness as well as the nadir of sadness.You need to experience the spectrum of emotions to live life.It’s not a welcome visitor, but it’s a necessary one.giphy (2)The Sadness Smiley – not really, Inside out has actually personified Sadness so beautifully that the emoji just wouldn’t do the justice 😛