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Stop, wait a minute

I know that reminds of you the song Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars but naa this is not about the song but its time for #HalfTime2016 that is being organized by the BlogChatter group. I generally do posts from the prompts by the Daily Posts of WordPress but this introspection of your own mid year blog sounded interesting to me. Looking forward to more of these campaigns by the Blog Chatter team 🙂 2016-1-min-300x300July is definitely the right time to take a pause and look back at your journey both your New Year Resolutions that have been postponed each month 😛 and so it is with Blogging. It does make a lot of difference as to the areas where you need to improve and to continue doing certain posts that has been a hit for you. So here’s a look back at my blogging journey  🙂 Hop Along!!!

  • Number of Posts
    Considering this being my first year into blogging, my main focus has been on improving the number of posts i make each month. Initially when i had started I only published posts according to my mood(which swings weirdly) and for specific events. Lately I have made a good progress on this and my biggest achievement in being able to take up daily post challenges
  • Writing Challenges
    I have realized how important it is to take up writing challenges. It not just pushes your creative side but definitely helps you grow in your writing which is a big deal for any blogger. The random prompts, quote challenges, daily post challenges are really amazing. One you get a lot of traffic to your blog, two increases your blogging networking, third its a totally brainstorming activity. I am glad i could do a lot of these
  • #AtoZChallenge
    The best decision i took besides getting into blogging was signing up for the Ultimate Blogging challenge – AtoZChallenge. Even more challenging because I was also a minion for John’s HoltonHeroes. This really improved me as a blogger. I did my homework on searching theme – Emotions, working on different topics, content. Learnt how networking is important for a blogger. I have made some really great friends through the challenge and more importantly it was like an encyclopaedia of different topics as varied as possible that i got to learn. Amazing experience and can’t wait for April 2017 already!!!
  • Guest Posts
    I started of guest posts through my AtoZChallenge, not just by my few blog friends but also some who write well but don’t really wana have a blog. I was proud of myself that i managed to inspire them to write and leave a mark of their own in the blogging world. Woohoo!! ❤ I have also started doing guest posts on other blogs and the encouragement has been amazing.
  • Published work
    Women’s Web  has been really kind in publishing my articles on their reputed community page. In the last three months i guess I have published five of my articles on the website and i feel good about it. I am more excited now to do even more inspiring posts that could help the women out there in the tiniest way possible
  • Photo Challenges
    I suck at clicking pics of self and others though i always loved capturing memories in a frame and this wish was fulfilled by the #FMSPHOTOADAY challenge hosted by FatMumSlimI got to know about this in May and i managed to complete the challenge. I plan on doing it for alternative months now cause it really helps my instagram networking as well.
  • Scheduling and adding more sections to Blogs
    As my blogging journey continues I have planned on adding different sections to my blogs which i had not done so far. I have been posting my Zentangle and Doodles art work randomly on the blog but now i am keen on doing them regularly as a separate section. I was overwhelmed when couple of my friends started to do Zentangle after seeing my posts. I feel i could touch few lives in some way possible. So would be the movie reviews henceforth. I have always written short reviews for movies on facebook but i think i can plan on giving them some space on my blog cause i love movies ❤ ❤ . Few other in mind are Book Reviews and Experiences etc. Also i have learnt how scheduling posts on a particular day of the week is a sign of a good blogger who takes up blogging seriously.
  • Attend Bloggers Meet
    As is reading and commenting important to nourish your blog so is attending a bloggers meet and this i realized when i attended the Indiblogger meet in Feb. I met some really amazing bloggers who are now such good friends. It’s not just about attending some event and then writing about it but meeting these people in person has really influenced and inspired me to be more religiously involved towards my blog. I plan on attending more of such events.
  • Importance of Social Media channels
    For me Social media was all about facebook and instagram. Blogging has taught me how effectively I can use these social media channels to help my blog grow. There’s more to check-in and uploading images, ask any blogger this and you would know why. Hashtags can immensely affect your blog and posts if you know how to use them wisely. Hootsuite is something that I am learning to use right now.

My stats for the last six months though not a big number but is definitely inspiring enough for me to be more passionate about my blog LIFE AS A POTPOURRI. I have to do justice to it by bringing more variety in it. More on my blogging goals and blog makeover as i complete my first blog anniversary next month 😀 #superexcited