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#AtoZChallenge DAY17: Q for QUIETENED

Day: #17 || Alphabet : Q || Theme: Emotions || Word: Quietened


I am in terrible pain as I write this post just minutes before the day ends. I am pushing myself cause i really dont want to miss a single day at any cost , this is my first challenge and i want to do it sincerely.

The reason for my pain – got my wisdom tooth removed ! 😦 Will update the post tomorrow once my pain reduces.

Meaning of Quietened – well actually not the exact emotion but am not talking at all since both the upper wisdom tooth has been removed


past tense: quietened; past participle: quietened
  1. make or become quiet and calm.

#AtoZChallenge DAY16: P for PRIDE

Day: #16 || Alphabet : P || Theme: Emotions || Word: Pride


We have all heard of the 7 deadly sins – Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath , Sloth and finally PRIDE. During my time here at the #AtoZChallenge I have tried my best to bring about the positive side of all kinds of emotions that we  human beings feel, the ones that make us alive and so keeping the track going am gonna discuss the emotion PRIDE  and how there is a thin line between Pride and Arrogance!

What is ARROGANCE?arrogantARROGANCE is a negative trait in all means. Arrogant people believe themselves to be superior be it looks, knowledge, skills they possess, possessions they have or all of these. The sole motive of arrogant people are to over power and look down upon others. Ego and being overly opinionated are the striking shades to these people.


So where does PRIDE come into picture ? And what is PRIDE? pOne can be feel pride in many ways – be his cultural and traditional roots, his upbringing, his family, friends, his accomplishments and more than anything pride in one’s own country. Self confidence is like the basic of the virtues that a Pride person possesses. When humbleness touches Pride , Pride becomes a positive emotion.

The main direction of pride is toward within in contrast to arrogance which has a more outward focus.


It is for us to make a constant effort to not cross the thin line and become arrogant about all that we are blessed with either naturally or accomplished by our own hard work. Nothing is more a blessing than being self-sufficient yet equally giving in nature.

P.S: Another day having writer’s block. All the best to everyone for the remaining days!!! 🙂 So glad to have come across some awesome blogs and have learnt so many new things during this journey.

#AtoZChallenge DAY15: O for OBSTINATE

Day: #15 || Alphabet : O || Theme: Emotions || Word: Obstinate



Hello all my lovely potpourriers !! Hoping everyone is having a good start to the week and congratulations to all the bloggers who are half way through the challenge!!! 🙂 

Today before I begin the emotion/mood am gonna talk about let me first put up the meaning of it.obstinate defYup we are gonna talk about the emotion OBSTINATE!!! Your stubbornness could DEFINE – YOU!!!

Are you the good kinda Obstinate or lets break it into simple words the good kinda Stubborn person??!! Take a min to think about it and then continue reading. I have personally been called a stubborn person myself when I didn’t do things the way one should have during certain situations but there are also times when my stubbornness was my CHOICE! Being defensive or self-centered (even being selfish at times) or being sure about something you want in life can give you the tagline of being HEADSTRONG then be happy you are one; cause it’s an asset you have!!! How ?? Let me explain of being a good kinda stubborn person and you would be happy you are one 😀 ❤

1. You can hold your head up high
Like Elizabeth Edward said – She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails Well yes!! You never changed your path when obstacles and difficulties came your way. You stood by your choice and continued in the journey you chose.

2. You are what your principles are
Every person has his/her own principles in life. Some we are taught by our family and the education we have, some by the experiences and some by the lessons we have learnt in our lives by our choices or knowledge we have gained over the years. And when a person’s clothing, job , people they hangout with can change a person’s principles can never change. This also makes you more trustworthy and dependable in the long run of life cause you don’t deter from your principles. No matter what the circumstance you hold your ground and you hold on to your values and virtues.

3. You know what you want.Cool isn’t it?
Cause of your strong headed nature and the ability to hold on to your choices you make wise decisions in life and you know exactly what you want from life and you work towards it. You might even chose a path which is less traveled cause you know that would take you to your ultimate goal. You are okay if the path is rough and scary but if the journey is worth the destiny you don’t mind taking it.

4. When others say you can’t you beat the shit out of them
Reverse psychology actually works many a times on us specially for the good kinda stubborn people. When everyone tell you can’t you are more determined to prove them wrong. You are the kinds who create their own rags to riches stories

5. Your Obstinacy can be an inspiration
Yes! For the ones who have a weak attitude your obstinacy could be a huge source of motivation and inspiration. You set an example for the others. Remember the path less traveled is now for everyone else who wants to reach the same goal just that they didn’t have the courage to take the unknown path.

6. You learn from others failures
Learning from ones own failure is nice but learning from others failures is being smart. You learn to see different possibilities to your own choices and also the similar kind of choices others have made and failed. You also think from outside the box and like a third person

7. You know when to let go
When life demands you to let go cause the right thing would be to letting it go you wouldn’t be hesitant in doing so. You would also be the first one to accept that you are wrong even though it has its own consequences.

8. You are the coolest person even with a strong head 😉
During a situation when everyone else would panic you would remain the cooler one cause you are the courageous one of the lot

9. You are the designer, content writer of your life.
Since you follow your own path keeping your values intact you design your own life and hold responsible for it. It might take time but you eventually become the person you always dream to be despite the odds.

How can your obstinate attitude turn you into a bad person ???Stubbornness should not let you have a closed mind, it should not let you be arrogant or egoistic. Your obstinacy shouldn’t derogate someone else specially the less fortunate ones. Your obstinate nature shouldn’t be shown when the opposite person is in need of you as a friend more than ever or someone who needs you to listen to them and hold them tight and say things are okay and not make you judge the person who is opening up their heart to you.

P.S: It’s okay if you have been stubborn in a way you shouldn’t have but if you have regretted it later try not to repeat it. You would never want to be the person who everyone hates or is not welcomed. I am a defensive person and I know that’s my flaw which I don’t personally like hence am gonna work on being less defensive and stubborn which harms my family and friends specially. 


Couldn’t find a smiley for obstinate 😛

#AtoZChallenge DAY14: N for NOTHING

Day: #14 || Alphabet : N|| Theme: Emotions || Word: Nothing


Yesterday I spoke about melancholy which many people interpret as being sad and that’s not what it is,melancholy is a feeling when you have no reason but yet are gloomy and worried about so many things but nothing specific. Similarly there is another emotion or rather state of mind which is misinterpreted and that is feeling NOTHING. 

Instead of me trying to explain am sharing this article by Eleanor from Whats Your Grief which explains the more serious aspects of feeling NOTHING.


Feeling Nothing During Grief: The disorienting experience of emotional numbness

There are so many things one can feel in this life – anger, joy, jealousy, love, shame, happiness, embarrassment, amusement, sadness, euphoria, frustration.  The roller coaster of emotion whips over high peaks, spins, and dips over and over and over – it’s thrilling and it’s scary and it’s one hell of a ride.

Except, I want you to imagine that one day you get on the roller coaster and as it climbs, falls, twists and turns you realize that you feel nothing.  You are sitting in a tiny cart being whipped around like a wet noodle, wondering why everyone else is laughing, screaming, and throwing their hands in the air.

Feeling nothing may be described as anhedonia, which is one of the main symptoms of major depressive disorder, but someone might also experience this sort of reaction in response to things like anxiety or trauma. In grief, it is common to experience such emotional numbing, especially in the days to weeks following the death.  Under any circumstance, it feels awful to feel nothing.

Anhedonia is often described as the loss of interest in previously rewarding or enjoyable activities such as friends, family, hobbies, work, food, sex, and laughter; although some might say this depiction pales in comparison to the actual experience. The trouble is, it’s difficult to explain feelings of nothingness to people who feel a general something-ness.

21-1024x512Well, sometimes I feel like I’m melting.

puddle-1024x512And sometimes I feel like I’m disappearing.


Unfortunately feelings of melting and disappearing can also be difficult for people to relate to.

Feeling nothing is not akin to feeling ‘okay,’ underwhelmed, or enthused.  Feeling nothing is more like feeling empty, dead inside, emotionless, as though you have nothing to contribute, or as though you can’t relate to the feelings and emotions of others (thus rendering social interaction problematic).

It’s hard to understand how the absence of feeling could actually equal extreme pain and distress, but it does.  When you feel nothing, the world seems to make less sense.  You look in the mirror and barely recognize yourself, without emotions you feel alien and it’s hard to imagine being a person ever again.

The emotional numbness sometimes experienced in grief can feel especially disturbing because after a death you expect to feel so much.  You might wonder, “What is wrong with me?!?!  Why don’t I feel anything?!? Maybe I’m not a human being at all.  Oh no, what if I’m a sociopath?!?  Or a robot?!?”  Feeling nothing during grief is alienating and isolating because everyone else seems pretty in touch with their feelings.  You know you’re sad about the death, but you can’t actually access the emotions and so you feel different than others grieving the death.

Friends and family show up in support and say things like, “I can only imagine everything you must be feeling right now” and send you cards that say, “tears are a reflection of love”,and you feel guilty because you’re not crying.  Worse, you worry others will think you’re apathetic and question your love for the person who has died.feelings

Feeling nothing when you’re supposed to feel intense sadness is really disorienting.  You need to feel feelings again STAT, so you try to coax your emotions out by doing things like picking fights.


Or by engaging in reckless behavior in hopes of feeling something….anything.  Picking fights and reckless behavior sometimes work, but they also come with undesired consequences.


The good news is, in the absence of disorders like depression, bipolar, or anxiety, sooner or later your feelings should return. But be forewarned, sometimes feelings return with a vengeance.Untitled7-1024x512Overall, I want to reassure you that you’re most likely capable of experiencing feelings.  I also want you to know that it’s normal to feel numb for a little while grieving; this does not reflect anything negative about you as a person or your love for the person who has died.  If you’ve been feeling this way for longer than you’re comfortable with, or if it is having a profound and negative impact on your ability to cope with your losses and engage in daily life, then you might want to talk to a licensed mental health professional.

If you have been experiencing anhedonia i.e. feeling nothing for a long time (weeks or months) under any circumstances, we recommend talking to a licensed counselor.  A counselor might be able to help you understand what your going through, identify broader disorders, and support you in finding your way out of the abyss.

P.S : One television sitcom character that feel nothing is Dr House 

#AtoZChallenge DAY13: M for MELANCHOLY

Day: #13 || Alphabet : M || Theme: Emotions || Word: Melancholy

Yeah!! We are half way through the 26-day #AtoZChallenge 2016 and I guess am going good so far and looking forward to the day I complete this challenge, can anticipate the happiness I would be feeling. 

Having said that today I have chosen an emotion which we kinda misunderstand to being sad. Its MELANCHOLY . As said by Victor Hugo – “Melancholy is the pleasure of being sad”. Yes! Sounds strange??!! Well let me first give you the meaning of this emotion (googled)

Yes, melancholy is an emotion (or better say a state of mind like the mood) during which we feel sad with no obvious reasons(can’t completely agree to no reasons but let that be for now). Aren’t there days where you go to sleep and yet end up being awake for no reason. Something constantly running in your head yet you don’t know what exactly it is. Sometimes when you are travelling and you get lost in thoughts (don’t get confused with day dreaming 😛 ) just watching out the window as the road you are travelling moves ahead and everything you see outside is being left behind…yeah similar to that.! 

How can melancholy help you?
1. Most probably at this stage you are lonely so you can get the time for yourself. Nobody gonna disturb you.
2. You can try out what you wanted to achieve but couldn’t manage to achieve that in past.
3. Listen music, write blogs, go out in beautiful places. You end up doing all the things that will refresh you.

Melancholy needs to be enjoyed for no one wants to become happy only after being sad or depressed. It’s that state of mind which lets you sit back and think about all that you have been doing right so that you continue to do so and also all that you have been doing wrong for which you can find possible solutions.

I have this special corner in my house where I sit and feel rather more melancholic, with some really sad and emotional songs in the background. I know its sounds weird but sometimes its a good place to be in. Do you have any special place in your house? Do you also go through this emotion of melancholy? Would love to hear your comments on it.

Leaving you all with a beautiful image that I came across which suits perfect for the emotion Melancholy.


#AtoZChallenge DAY12: L for LOVE

Day: #12 || Alphabet : L || Theme: Emotions || Word: Love

Happy Vishu 😀  everyone and all the other Indian States Happy New Year like Bihu, Bengali new year, Tamil new year etc. May God bless you with loads of happiness and peace(success would definitely follow 😀 ) For the ones who don’t know what Vishu is click here.

So without any second thoughts it is very obvious that the emotion I chose today is LOVE ❤ ❤ ❤ That one emotion which makes us feel alive and which makes us want to live, to love someone is such a true emotion and to be loved equally is even more lucky. 

Love to me is special cause my name itself means LOVE. And how my name was kept is a story in itself which we shall talk about some other day (an interesting one like a typical Bollywood movie)

Today am not gonna add the meaning(Googled) of Love cause we all know what it means from the day we start breathing within our mothers womb – the most eternal and unconditional love one would ever feel.

11059611_10200707557928320_1514857430104046473_nAnd today I also have my very dear blogger friend who is now like my sweet little younger sister Pratyusha who blogs at Naughty Innocence  do a guest blog for me which is very different from other guest blogs cause its her singing one of her fav songs on LOVE. You should check out her blog and Soundcloud for more of her songs (All of Me by John Legend was so beautifully sung by her). She pens down emotions so beautifully, a techie by profession and a passionate singer and blogger by choice, am glad to have met her in my blogging journey (i have met her literally 😀 ) Thanks Prats for the beautiful song ❤

~~  LOVE  ~~

(click on the image below to listen to “You say it best” Cover by Prats)


What is love? Did you know when love arrived, would you have known when love had arrived at first in your life, did you know when love left ?Since LOVE in itself is a world of emotions I also wanted to share another amazing spoken poetry video with you guys. I sincerely request you all to listen to this if you haven’t ; and would love to hear your thoughts and comments on it. 

The LOVE Smiley(this is one of the most used emoji’s i believe)

Also sharing INKOLOGY’s ILLUSTRATION (click the inkology word to check his work, they are amazing)


P.S: For the complete list of the posts published as part of #AtoZChallenge click here ⇒

#AtoZChallenge DAY11: K for KINDNESS

Day: #11 || Alphabet : K || Theme: Emotions || Word: Kindness


With just three minutes left for the day to get over i had convinced myself that today i won’t be able to publish my post. I actually dozed off and had asked my best friend to wake me up by 11 so that i can somehow finish the post. And poor soul he called me so many times and finally i woke up by 11.45pm 😦 So with just few minutes left i had given up the complete hope. But then all of a sudden this voice deep down inside me said – “after ten days being successful in posting you shouldn’t miss out on this one, you can do it” 

So this post isn’t how i wanted it to be but i am gonna come back and update it later. Also i wish my dear friend Darshith  from Smiles here and Smiles there – many many happy returns of the day.Keep spreading the smiles through your blog and vlog cause you are an amazing person and friend. Thanks a ton for opening up whole new world of bloggers as friends to me ❤ love you ❤

The word i have chosen is KINDNESS  and am posting this image for now.  Image courtesy to one of my favourite illustrators INKOLOGYPlease do check out his facebook page, you’ll love it ❤

The Kindness Smiley(not sure if this justifies kindness)


#AtoZChallenge DAY10: J for JEALOUSY

Day: #10 || Alphabet : J || Theme: Emotions || Word: Jealousy

Day 10 of #AtoZChallenge yes..ten days is an achievement in a 30 day daily challenge specially when its your first time ever and I am gonna celebrate it with another guest post by my very dear about whom I have mentioned many times in my blog – Vikas 

Vikas is a fun, handsome, athletic, traveler, trekker and super awesome writer besides being a very dear friend of mine who understands me so well. I have known him for hardly more than a year but sometimes you meet few people and you know they are gonna be by your side as friends for lifetime he is one such person. I can’t imagine how I would have fun at work if it wasn’t for him and my other friend Dilip. They are my Yin-Yang in life.

Vikas Dilip and me 🙂

I have asked Vikas a hundred times to start a blog cause his writings are worth sharing with the world. He comes up with such amazing stuff and all that locked in his google docs 😦 So i insisted him to write a guest blog for me and to see the response he gets. Maybe this guest blog would encourage him to start his own blog 🙂 ❤

And what better emotion to pick – JEALOUSY ,  i was sure he would come up with something amazing and here it goes. Thanks Vikas ❤ ❤ ❤


Being jealous is human.
Knowing of being jealous is self-awareness.
Accepting of being jealous is honest.
Still unable to do anything about it. Life.

One man’s pride is other man’s jealousy (and foolishness according to a third 😀 ) Jealousy or envy is considered one of the 7 great sins and it might not be a virtue in any distant way but i say it can definitely be an asset (surprised …. we will get to it soon .. 😏).
Lets start with what we have been fed (overfed rather) since childhood, be it school, home, movies, books or our favorite cartoons (Tom and Jerry is still the best by the way…. dude don’t even argue) that being jealous is not the right way of being, it is immoral and not virtuous. Even our beloved Game of Thrones, where everyone you like dies sooner or later, doesn’t miss on a single chance to show all the characters harboring slightest jealousy in a negative and demeaning light (too much observation … i know 😎 … but i wasn’t talking about Tyrion 😉).

Lets set the ground rules now.
That stinging feeling you go through when you look at your neighbors Mercedes while you get out of your own (non significant) car everyday or the flushing feel you get when you meet your best (dumb 😈) friends hot girlfriend for the first time, who you too had a crush on, and get face palmed right back by your barren life, that agony (how did he manage to pull this off) and pain, let’s face it, is one or the other form of jealousy. Do not mistake it for you feeling incompetent or unworthy. Its envy. And the sooner you can identify and accept it the better it can be circled around and dealt with, inside that ego of ours.
So we feel jealous of inconsequential things also sometimes (I meant the Mercedes … 😏), big deal. Own it and accept it. Stop thinking of yourself as some evil incarnation.

Now that we start accepting of being jealous, the tough part is done. We hear being jealous is bad, I say it’s a blessing in disguise (a wicked one nonetheless). Jealousy, like anger, if channelized in the right way can be a great asset.

We are ambitious, we work hard, we like succeeding but there is always someone you find who does things better (stop planning their accidental murder … right now). No harm in a little envy to creep in. Because all we have to do is see it as a challenge and direct the jealousy to make ourselves better instead of cribbing and making ourselves miserable.
Now go and tell that best (dumb) friend of yours this “you lucky dog, I am so jealous of you”, and see the broad smile on his face. He might even give away his secret of how he got the girl. Result – you guys are still best buddies and you learnt something new from him 😉. Moral – no more gyan(preaching) on jealousy just a fact that there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

The  Jealousy Smiley

#AtoZChallenge DAY09: I for IRRITATED

Day: #09 || Alphabet : I || Theme: Emotions || Word: Irritated

I had an amazing weekend, sometimes taking a break from the hustle bustle of the daily life is so very rejuvenating; even more during this summer sitting with your best buddies looking across the valley with clouds that seem to be just a hand away is such a bliss ❤ Yippee!!!

And so it makes a lot of sense to talk something which will be serious yet not get on to my nerves. A new week into the #AtoZChallenge  and the emotion we have started feeling lot more often in the current times is IRRITATED.  


Y’all ever just get into one of those moods? Like you don’t know wtf is wrong with you, but you just feel irritated or down?! Or heard someone else say they are irritated or few who are irritated like all the time.

Even though there are emotions which are negative in itself as I keep telling everything can be introspective in a way it turns out to be a more learning for our self. According to Carl Jung -“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves” How true?!!Every time that we are irritated instead of just complaining about how we feel we never sit back and think why is it that I am irritated? Probably at that given situation we are more irritated than the person standing next to us would be so the situation is same but the reactions are different., it not that the event is not what irritates us, it is our self.

I for Intolerance and I for Impatience leads us to I for Irritations (think about it 🙂 ) We all have a certain level of tolerating things and so is a certain parameter beyond which the tolerance level breaks and our mood burst and shouts out loud that ” I am irritated”. In the fast pacing life today all our parameters are already to the brim with scope left for just few additions and few subtracts. Its like the parameter has always been at the higher level of breaking point.

Probably if you think about it, forget the person standing next to us sometimes we ourselves would have reacted in a totally different manner if we were in the same situation that irritated us. Stress in life to prove our own self and others has kept the bar of tolerance level very low. We tend to succumb to pressure and this brings about a huge change in what we feel and how we feel about the same situation.

For example the same traffic from office to home would not be that irritating to you but on a day when you had a bad time at work with your boss or colleague the same traffic from office to home would be irritating to you so much so that you end up letting that out on your family members once you reach home. 

The math is simple – More Pressure = More Stress = Less Tolerance = Less Patience = More Irritated

But for some people this equation holds valid all the time. They are irritated for every and anything that happens around them like all the time. The more the unsolved problems the more the person has less time to evaluate and validate a situation and find a possible solution to it.

Work, Relationship and Health the three major catalysts that decide our moods be it from Anticipation to Irritation that we have discussed in the last eight days. Our subconscious mind is so strong that even when we don’t think about all these our mind still thinks about it only to find solutions to our problems. 

So the question is How to become more tolerant? The answer pretty simple find out what has made your parameter level of tolerance bring a drastic shift try to keep more space for the bar to reach the brim and this only happens if you try to find out solutions to things that worry you which lie way down at the bottom and has been piled up cause we prefer to avoid things or simply sit and crib about it rather than taking actions

Change the math equation Problems =Solutions = No worries = More tolerance = Less Irritation


What irritates you??? How do you switch your mood when you get irritated? Do you have any particular things or situations when you get irritated for sure? Like for me people who don’t do their bed in the morning is irritating 😛 Or keeping things in a safe place and then forgetting the safe place is irritating to the core 😉

The Irritated Smiley

#AtoZChallenge DAY08: H for HAPPINESS

Day: #08 || Alphabet : H || Theme: Emotions || Word: Happiness


Today as part of the #AtoZChallenge  the emotion I have picked up is the most important and vital emotion we try to feel every single day. In fact for which we work hard, love people and do everything possible to reach that state of mind where we can say HAPPINESS!!!  I personally believe happiness is a state of mind 🙂 🙂 🙂 and happiness to different people mean different things. 

Since am travelling, I’d like to post this video which would sum up what I want to talk about Happiness. Hope you guys like it ❤ ❤

Also leaving a song on happiness nope not Happiness by Pharrell Williams (almost all of us must have heard about it) but this one is from Donovan. One of my best friends fav. 

The Happiness Smiley