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FIVE people who mean a lot to me – DAY 05 OF HALF MARATHON

Hello 🙂 Hope everyone is doing good!!! I am doing good too, i have recently switched to my third company in the six years of IT career and the current role is pretty challenging plus the distance from my home to office is 21+kms 😥 😦 But i am loving the new vibe, new people, new work etc which is keeping me really busy so much so that I hardly get time to check my blog comments or make posts on time(scheduling a post before itself is really not possible for me, i prefer writing in the spark of the moment) But all is good, as far as i manage to complete the #halfmarathon. And for the #WordHighJuly that i stopped mid way i would complete it over the weekend(hopefully)

So today the prompt is FIVE PEOPLE WHO MEAN A LOT TO ME and for some reason I ‘d not want to make it specific like Mom, Dad, Sibling, a Friend cause everyone’s parents or rather family means a lot to them so lets keep that specifications aside. Rather I’d put it in a generalized way to make it more simpler(for me to quickly publish the post 😛 )

Parents : Since God couldn’t be in all the places he made parents !!! Its as simple as that. No matter how successful we become in life, or even if we become parents in future we would always be the kids in the eyes of our parents. They still care for us if we even catch cold, or get worried when we don’t reach home on time. We make mistakes repeatedly even then they never hate us. We hurt them at times yet they chose to forgive us every single time. They accept us for the way we are. More than that they are the ones who brought us in this world and set those basic moral values within us. We didn’t know from the start that A stands for Apple or what it is to be well-mannered, all this was taught by our parents and we tend to grow up becoming like them someday. So take care of them and love them unconditionally cause no one would love u the way they do.

Siblings : They are your first friends!!! You learn to share things, you learn to give respect, you learn to care and love another person, you learn whats fun and whats a fight. You need to keep that bond strong as you grow. Many siblings tend to part ways cause of their own personal life which is not wrong but then you share the same blood, you shared the same values. Love your sibling as much as you loved them when you were kids. I love my brother and equally fight with him like cats and dogs. He is 34 and am 29 yet our fights are for silly reasons, i have my own ego that am no more your baby sister that he would preach me and for him his ego would be she is so younger to me and yet she is showing attitude but all this is just those silly fights and nothing else as long as you don’t let the ego take over the sibling love. I have a lot of respect for my brother even more after our mother passed away. If it wouldn’t have been him dad and me would have just shattered to pieces even more so. (But that doesn’t mean he gets the remote while watching tv hahaha 😀 )

Teachers : A teacher takes a hand,opens a mind and touches a heart!!! Thank you for guiding us all the years in school and college with your love and affection. The most noble job that you do – guide us, support us, inspire us, teach us. Just as parents plant that seed within us of a future Sneha or X Y Z, it’s the teachers who nurture them with their care and knowledge. We are like clay in their hands and the way they mould us is how our future looks like. If it hadn’t been for my dance teacher who saw me dancing around when i was 5yrs old and took my hand and asked me to join her classes I wouldn’t have completed my diploma in classical dancing. It it wasn’t my English mam in graduation who motivated me to push myself and perform well in studies and extra curricular activities and get a job i wouldn’t have been taking up new challenging roles at work, or my teachers in school who chose me to become the school prefect which has given me the strength for a lifetime to walk up to anyone and on any stage and talk to a crowd.

Friends : This is the family you get to choose on your own !!! Since its Friendship day next month i would talk more about friendship in future posts but here i would want to simply say, parents you don’t have an option to choose, siblings you don’t have an option to choose, teachers you don’t have option to choose – The only people you get to choose are your friends and trust me it’s these friends who actually mold you in the person you are. They accept you with all your flaws, they motivate you when you are low, they cheer for you when you do well, they love you when you can’t count upon your family. This is the family that you need to take along with you as you grow in life – in age and in career. One always needs someone to talk to who would not judge him but listen.

This is an interesting one !!!

People who share the same passion as yours In my case it would be all those people who share the same kind of passion and interest that i have. Be it my friends back in dance class, or my office colleagues who became best friends, or this bunch of blog friends i have made cause we share the passion for writing and speaking out. I always love people who share my interests even if it’s just someone random whom i got to know and might not even be in touch in future but “that moment” makes them my favourite people.!!!! 😀 ❤

P.S: this feels like a post made in so much of haste 😦 But am glad i managed to publish it before the day 5 ends 😀 All is well!!! plus i complete a 100 posts on Life As A Potpourri with this post 😀 Woohoo!!! See my fav people make special things happen for me 😛

100 posts

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that i saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren 


Wasn’t it obvious that after yesterday’s post on Three Turn-On’s we have to talk about the Turn-Off’s as well. They are i guess more important than the turn on’s because as you grow no matter you are not aware of what are your likes in a person but for sure you know what you don’t want in the person 😛 (did that make any sense?)

Lets come straight to the point – What turns women off? It’s very very easy to screw up a woman’s mood !! We just fluctuate all the time even if it’s not that time of the month our moods have their own mood at times 😀 So here are Four Turn Offs that most women find in men including me

Self obsessed :  I mean come on dude, i know you have good looks, you might be filthy rich and would be street smart but you don’t really have to boast about yourself or be too self obsessed. All this should be appreciated by the opposite person without you mentioning it and not vice versa. Talk about yourself in general what are your likes and dislikes, give room for the lady to also talk about herself and her experiences. Do not dominate the entire conversation only about you…Cockiness would just not help ..!!!

Lack of Passion : This is like very important to the women today, cause they themselves are so passionate about their career and future. Don’t just be lazy and lack that aura about doing something in life. If not climbing mount Everest at least have the passion to go for a drive with your lady,not asking too much from you. Women find it extremely sexy in men who knows what he wants in life and works towards it. No drive no passion, not at all hot or happening !!!

Disrespect and Control : Your woman is your better half and you have no right to control her or treat her like an object. As much as you have a say in important matters, so does she. Be respectful towards her. She doesn’t owe you anything for you to be abusive or violent towards her. You have an opinion about things tell it to her in a calm manner like why you would not want her to do certain thing, don’t force it onto her. (you talk to a woman with love and she’ll do everything for you,the moment you try to order her the same thing oh boy you’ll have the time of your life) . Similarly don’t eat too much of her space, she herself is an individual and has her own individuality so give her that privilege. Don’t be too clingy and over possessive about her. There could be times when she needs to handle other things rather than giving her updates about where she is what she is doing to 24×7 to you (if you insist on doing so, then be prepared to let her also be pestering you 24×7). 

Having a Cold Shoulder attitude : I totally agree with the fact that men don’t like discussing problems and try to find the solution on their own and i totally respect it. But my only concern is why would that still show up in your actions. If you are upset about something or worried discuss it, it doesn’t make you a weaker sex. Keeping it all inside you and making a mountain of the mole simply won’t help you or your woman. Your actions should match with your words, if not then just go ahead and communicate (the key to everything). Woman love listening to others problems so take advantage of that trait and use it your favour, you would never know when she can come up with a solution or just talk you out of not thinking about it much. 

Besides these four turn offs there are few common things that woman don’t like at all which i guess even a kid would know!!! Like bad breath, body odour, not being responsible, being needy, dirty shoes and ohh i totally forgot this one dirty nails…yukk!!!.

We love you men for all that you do for us. We love how you take care of us and pamper us specially when we are not keeping well, how you surprise us by small little gestures, we are not complaining about you we are just helping you tell what you don’t have to do to make it even simpler in us liking you even more. 😀 😀 😀

Please do let me know your feedback, this is the first time am doing such gender based blogs and don’t want to end up having a war with my men readers and followers 😛 So let me know what turns you off both men and women alike are free to answer!!! It would be interesting if one of the male blog follower could come up with their side of the story so that we women would know what we should not be doing and what we should continue doing after all its all about sharing experiences !!! Isn’t it? ❤

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that i saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren 


They say men operate in just two modes – 0’s and 1’s (if you know what am talking about) while women have 0’s and 1’s too but with many permutations and combinations. (hence the image :P)

Wooing a woman is as easy as cutting the butter with a knife all you need to know is how and when to do it!! Simple isn’t it? No? well let me tell you more on that – 🙂

We woman love good sense of humour, a happy woman is whom you would all want to be with. Am i hearing men not agreeing to the fact of happy woman – hahaha it’s not a myth trust me. You don’t have to be a comedian or an encyclopedia of good jokes (avoid the Poor Jokes- woman don’t enjoy them at all) all you need to know is how to bring that smile on her face. For me a man who can make me laugh finds his way straight to my heart. Blame it on the female hormones but every once in a while we women tend to be sad and gloomy. I have a bunch of amazing guy friends who have such awesome sense of humour. I can laugh for hours and hours with them, even at the sarcastic jokes they make(if you get it right in the first place itself). So try to be if not funny but a happy person in general and you’ll see how your woman’s face just lightens up as well.

Sapiosexual – that’s what I am. I love men who could talk sense someone who knows about a lot of topics not necessarily all that i know,then there is no fun in learning from your better half. A man who could have an intelligent discussion. I find a man’s brain as his sexiest organ 😀 (thats what sapiosexual literally means) I have met men in life who look really handsome but the moment they open their mouth ..man i must tell you i just wish that moment passes as quickly as possible. To share a story, i had this guy in office who was really handsome, well-built, good features, a really good personality and he was my “temporary crush” that time. I was talking about him to my best friend that how i wish i could just talk to this guy once as i really find him hot. And my friend told me that he knew this guy – they stayed in the same apartment and could set up a meeting like a house party where both of us him and me could meet. But he told me that you should just let it go cause you would regret it later since he knew i liked intelligent men(not nerds not being offensive but naa not them) I insisted on my friend to set it up and told him that he was simply jealous that am giving that “temporary crush” so much importance. And so being the best friend he is , the house party was set and he introduced me to this guy. We got to talking and then ten mins into the conversation i just turned towards my best friend and was like please save me from here. I know my mistake. What happened was this crush wasn’t boring just that his frequency didn’t match with mine at all. He still sounded like a guy who was still in college and was in his own dreamland i mean i just couldn’t connect and understand what he was talking. He made some really bad jokes which didn’t change my blank expression on my face forget about even a smile. And that day i realized Don’t judge a book by its cover!!! Beauty with Brains applies equally on men as it is on women.

Communication : They say to get a woman’s heart a man must first his 😛 Woman love to listen as much as they love to talk. They say men always end up finding solutions to the problems discussed by woman which is a nice gesture but sometimes all we need is you to listen to us. We have already planned in our head what we are gonna do about a problem or have choices in mind we just want to share it with you and know your opinion. Sometimes all we want for you is to LISTEN which is also an important way of communication. Similarly we do want to listen to your problems as well. We love those small talks you men make. And for people like us bloggers who have so many words to speak i think we need someone who can keep up with us. And not reply to our long messages with a “hmm ” or “okay”. It really pisses a woman off. At least type a sentence. (A Blogger for a blogger? :P)

A few other important traits in men that turns me on is Chivalry – a man who knows how to respect a woman is the one who can always find love and respect for them in my heart. You don’t really have to pull the chair and pay the bill on a date night or open the door but more than all these small gestures, the respect you show in your words and actions not just with the woman but people around would really impress any woman. A real woman can do it all by herself..but a real man won’t let her(that’s chivalry. You need to know when and how to do it).

Remember woman have grown up watching their dads and brothers so they would always want to find those traits in the men they like/love. You don’t have to be her dad or brother but  if you could just make her feel she is gonna be equally loved and taken care by you as other men have she will be yours forever.  Respect her space, be a friend to her first. 

A man who remembers all the dates like a calendar, who spends money on his girl, who just talks about money and only calendar but has no passion, good looks all these really matter if you don’t know how to make her happy and feel loved.

So what turns you on in a man? and in a woman? Do you agree with what i have said, please do let me know with your comments. 😀 

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that i saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren 

Two Smileys – Day 02 of Half Marathon

Hello everyone and a happy weekend.. today am in a happy mood and hence day 2 is gonna be about my two favourite smileys:) or rather two smileys that define my life almost all the time and they are 

😍 and 😂

Yup the love and fun smiley. I always love appreciating people, things and beauty and since am the kinds that carries my heart on my sleeve this is totally justified in my case. 

Second the fun smiley cause I love good humour and am lucky that I have some really good bunch of friends who know how to crack those witty jokes which just makes me laugh like a little kid. 

Love and laughter also goes with my blog punchline which I use very often. The day you adapt these two emotions in life and let it grow within you..you would know how happiness would come naturally to you.

Appreciate and  love people who love and respect you. Find goodness and beauty in others similarly find fun moments in this busy life. Humour is an instant mood booster and the day you find fun in life you would know happiness is a state of mind all you need is believe in it.

Laughter is the best medicine, it can just change the way you feel like in a blink of an eye. Have you seen the way the eyes twinkle of a kid when they see a cone of ice cream or a bunch of balloons the same twinkle you see when someone appreciates you for your work even when you are grown up. 

LOVE and LAUGH go hand in hand and I love my life when there is both of these elements and am beaming with happiness. Yipee!!!

What two smileys define your life ? Or two smileys that is your logo for life ? Or something that you use a lot while text messaging with family and friends?? 

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that i saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren

P.S: my first post using the mobile WordPress app. Ignore if any formatting issues. 


One Confession – Day 01 of Half Marathon

~~ Stop pressing Rewind on the things that need to be Deleted from your life ~~

I started this blog with an intent to express my views about life and everything that revolves around it with other people out there but more importantly this blog was more of a personal diary to me. I wrote things that either i loved or something that annoyed me. Some of my blogs were what i could never do but would wish other people out there to not make the same mistake. And so is today’s post – Today i make an open confession to myself and that is I WAS AN INSECURE SOUL 😦 (i still am but in a minor %) .I have never been so personal in my posts this is a first.

I was an insecure person specially when it comes to people i love. It’s this constant reassurance i needed from them to know how important I am to them. I used to wait for them to evaluate me as a human being. Not that i was a shy introvert kind of kid, I was pretty confident and extrovert in my feelings. I always had a group of friends, my teachers loved me, i never had stage fear anything for that matter. Nobody would imagine that i would be such an insecure person back then.

But deep down only my mother knew how insecure a kid i was. I used to constantly ask her stupid questions like “do you love me?” “am i good daughter/sister ? even questions like “am i beautiful?” And she always used to scold me for acting dumb. She used to tell me how seeking reassurance from others is simply not required to know one’s worth. Things were easier till I was 18 and used to live with my parents.

As i stepped out for my studies to a new city where i knew no one, i was staying in a hostel, didn’t know the language or people – everything was new! I had mom to talk over the phone daily and things got better as i made friends(they are the best thing that happened to me in my life so far). I was enjoying my time doing my graduation, i was evolving as a new person I kind of got over those insecurities in the presence of my friends. They loved me as if i was one among them from their place and i was made a part of their own family. College was good, Life was good.

Now i moved to this amazing city Bangalore for my first job. And it was awesome, this city was nothing like my hometown and it was so busy and so many people, everyone running the rat race to perform well and move up the ladder. I had a good friend circle and amazing roommate. But there were times when you just miss your friends back from college and again this insecurity hit me whether people would accept me and will i be able to make another good bunch of friends. Now i was in my mid twenties and i wanted to look pretty and beautiful and i wanted to have an amazing romantic life that every girl dreams of and just within a year of my job my mom passed away. And my life just shattered. I didn’t have her anymore to tell her what and how i feel about life. I lost that one person who was my strength and i don’t know am finding it difficult to put it in words for the first time in blogging. Confessions are difficult! ehh!! 

After six months of depression, i was back on track, i went into a relationship for almost like seven months, broke my heart and all that melodrama that follows. I was single for sometime and then i started feeling the need of having someone to confide my feelings, more than falling in love it was the fear of being alone that made me being vulnerable to people. And i realized it was just not worth it. 

Sometimes you just need to accept yourself and give your own self reassurance that you are there for your own when no one else is around. You are there to compliment yourself, you are there to pamper yourself, you are there to scold and advice yourself , you are there to motivate and push your own self and YOU ARE THERE TO LOVE YOURSELF. 

And though late in life, i have realized this when am 29 years old and i think am happy that it’s not too late. I might have wasted a couple of years to let other people evaluate me and tell me my worth but am gonna live long (hopefully) and so i think it’s never too late to make confessions to yourself and learn something out of it. Starting this blog has been a major booster in life for me. As i write to bring a change in myself, i somewhere wish some girl who fights insecurities finds strength in her through my blog. 

You don’t need a man to tell you that you are beautiful, you don’t need to be a different person so that you can have friends, your friends who love you and respect you would hold on to you through thick and thin no matter how long you have not seen one another or spoken they would be there for you if you could just be yourself with them. You don’t have to boast about your work cause eventually your hard work would show and bring success to you. You don’t have to ask anyone to know how good you are in anything, You just need to do what makes you happy from within and it would automatically resonate in your life and the people in it. 

Nothing holds you back more than your own insecurities. So go kick the ass out of those insecurities of your own self and just love yourself.

P.S:  i have never felt so difficult in putting my words but now that i did i feel happy and relieved. I thank all those amazing people in my life who have accepted me the way i am and have seen the worse of me. I guess people who stick to you in bad times are the ones who deserve your good.

This post is written for the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge at Blog Chatter and also the reference for the first ten days has been taken from 10 Day Writing Challenge that i saw on Shane’s blog which was inspired by dakilanggerlpren