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#AtoZChallenge DAY21: U for UMBRAGE

Day: #21 || Alphabet : U || Theme: Emotions || Word: Umbrage


We are into the final sprint of the ‪#‎AtoZChallenge‬..say whattt!! Just six more alphabets to go including today’s and the energy feels the same as the first day.

So for today’s alphabet am gonna make this one a more personal kinda post and am gonna talk about an emotion which is kinda similar to one before I had discussed(Irritated)  and that is UMBRAGE


Before i begin, the difference between being irritated and umbrage is that the latter is a more serious one and tends to hurt you  most of the times or just amplifies your emotions to a whole new level. Most of the times it’s on the offensive side as well. So you get the meaning now huh?  If yes, then here i go with 25 things that annoys me the most and makes me feel like UGHHH!!! (cause killing is illegal and so if physical violenc)


1. When i text a whole paragraph specially when something very serious and the opposite person replies after ages saying “k” or “hmm”
2. When someone uses abusive language specially during arguments
3. People asking for justification for the choices i make rather than respecting it
4. Being ignored – this is not cause the opposite person is busy but i am actually being neglected and ignored
5. When people continue to talk to me even though they can see i have earphones plugged in
6. When i am not interested to talk and still forced to continue conversation just for the sake of it
7. People commenting anything about my family(and you are so dead)
8. Men urinating in public – i just feel like punching them right on their face. Just because you can hold it straight and aim standing at some corner you have the liberty to do that
9. People judging me even without knowing the human being i am in person
10. People who drag their feet, and continue doing it even after being told about it
11. Faking over facebook – all those lovey dovey pics and knowing that there are also friends in your list who know whats happening in your personal life then why the superficial romance? Don’t discuss your personal bedroom problems with your friends and the next day you upload a profile pic with your wife or husband with too many kisses and hugs and other emojis
12. People talking at the top of their voice specially personal talks in a public transport. I have no interest listening to your personal life story duh!
13. When “woman” use feminism as a means to gain sympathy and actually demean the word which is so powerful and stands more for equality irrespective of the gender
14. When women and men are discriminated at workplace, for example women can’t stay back after 8pm in offices but men can no matter its the woman who has slogged her ass in that project
15. Couples with kids talk about diapers and play school all the time and the friends who are single or newly married have nothing to contribute
16. People don’t make an effort to be in touch but say they have maintained friendship cause you are still friends on Facebook
17. People at ATM’s who take a lot of time and simply waste time of everyone else for example – i have seen people(again mostly woman – why why do you make a fool of yourself lady??) first check their balance then withdraw money and then again check the balance so total of three transactions and all this while am standing out of the queue arguing with my male colleague that women arent that technologically dumb
18. This one i am offended the most – when people ASSUME things in their own shitty head and then don’t even bother to clarify or confront me and decide on their own what i am thinking
19. When people misunderstand a No for a Maybe! Trust me every woman knows when its a YES, a NO and when a MAYBE
20. People honking for no damn reason on the road!Ughhhh
21. When people don’t say a thank you and sorry when it actually needs to be said
22. People who send forward messages specially the ones saying – forward this to another ten people or something bad will happen to you!
23. People taking me for granted, a weak attitude doesn’t mean i don’t have a say !
24. When I am made to wait. I avoid making people wait(unless it’s the traffic in bangalore)
25. Men not knowing what PMS is all about. When you learn the physical attributes of woman during your growing years it’s important you learn what PMS is .And when a girl says she is not keeping well instead of the exact detail like cold or fever etc then please understand its that time of the month and she is being cranky don’t just keep asking what happened

So did mine match any of the things that annoys you? Let me know what is that annoys you the most and how do you deal with it? Happy blogging until then lovely people!!! \m/ peace love and hugs ❤

#AtoZChallenge DAY09: I for IRRITATED

Day: #09 || Alphabet : I || Theme: Emotions || Word: Irritated

I had an amazing weekend, sometimes taking a break from the hustle bustle of the daily life is so very rejuvenating; even more during this summer sitting with your best buddies looking across the valley with clouds that seem to be just a hand away is such a bliss ❤ Yippee!!!

And so it makes a lot of sense to talk something which will be serious yet not get on to my nerves. A new week into the #AtoZChallenge  and the emotion we have started feeling lot more often in the current times is IRRITATED.  


Y’all ever just get into one of those moods? Like you don’t know wtf is wrong with you, but you just feel irritated or down?! Or heard someone else say they are irritated or few who are irritated like all the time.

Even though there are emotions which are negative in itself as I keep telling everything can be introspective in a way it turns out to be a more learning for our self. According to Carl Jung -“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves” How true?!!Every time that we are irritated instead of just complaining about how we feel we never sit back and think why is it that I am irritated? Probably at that given situation we are more irritated than the person standing next to us would be so the situation is same but the reactions are different., it not that the event is not what irritates us, it is our self.

I for Intolerance and I for Impatience leads us to I for Irritations (think about it 🙂 ) We all have a certain level of tolerating things and so is a certain parameter beyond which the tolerance level breaks and our mood burst and shouts out loud that ” I am irritated”. In the fast pacing life today all our parameters are already to the brim with scope left for just few additions and few subtracts. Its like the parameter has always been at the higher level of breaking point.

Probably if you think about it, forget the person standing next to us sometimes we ourselves would have reacted in a totally different manner if we were in the same situation that irritated us. Stress in life to prove our own self and others has kept the bar of tolerance level very low. We tend to succumb to pressure and this brings about a huge change in what we feel and how we feel about the same situation.

For example the same traffic from office to home would not be that irritating to you but on a day when you had a bad time at work with your boss or colleague the same traffic from office to home would be irritating to you so much so that you end up letting that out on your family members once you reach home. 

The math is simple – More Pressure = More Stress = Less Tolerance = Less Patience = More Irritated

But for some people this equation holds valid all the time. They are irritated for every and anything that happens around them like all the time. The more the unsolved problems the more the person has less time to evaluate and validate a situation and find a possible solution to it.

Work, Relationship and Health the three major catalysts that decide our moods be it from Anticipation to Irritation that we have discussed in the last eight days. Our subconscious mind is so strong that even when we don’t think about all these our mind still thinks about it only to find solutions to our problems. 

So the question is How to become more tolerant? The answer pretty simple find out what has made your parameter level of tolerance bring a drastic shift try to keep more space for the bar to reach the brim and this only happens if you try to find out solutions to things that worry you which lie way down at the bottom and has been piled up cause we prefer to avoid things or simply sit and crib about it rather than taking actions

Change the math equation Problems =Solutions = No worries = More tolerance = Less Irritation


What irritates you??? How do you switch your mood when you get irritated? Do you have any particular things or situations when you get irritated for sure? Like for me people who don’t do their bed in the morning is irritating 😛 Or keeping things in a safe place and then forgetting the safe place is irritating to the core 😉

The Irritated Smiley