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Solely from my heart

What is the toughest part about Blogging?

The most challenging part about Blogging is Getting Started….isnt it for everything else as well in this world??? 😉

You have something in your mind, and some level of ability to put them into words..that’s all you need. This could be many things ranging from different subjects and genres. But instead you wait. You have number of excuses, but all you are is scared to make the first step and to enjoy that first move which could have lead you to a journey that is yours, owned and laid by you and only you.

Whenever i tried to start a blog the first question that would come in my mind would be – What do i Blog about?  Once i started writing essays on different topics that are mostly given in essay competitions and realized it was very boring, the second time i started with documenting all poems and quotes i had collected over years  – basically the diary i had maintained i thought i ll make it digital 😛 and it sucked after a week.

Every time that i had tried blogging, what also scared me was those blogs which had so many followers, comments, like and shares and to add to the fear even, dare i say it, advertisers!  

So i realized its not about what you want to write, its about what you enjoy talking/letting people know/evaluate/analyze/or just like about that you should blog. These big bloggers i mentioned about above, were normal people like you and me, with their own fear and insecurities.

So i decided just like they started blogging by keeping their fears aside, i did the same and started my blog the third and for sure the last one too. (yes am sure its the final one)

Sneha (gal from the island)


Swaraj – Happy Independence Day!!!

Wishing all my potpourriers,

A very happy 68th Independence  Day!! 

Today on this day, my message is to all the young professionals specially in the IT sector including myself since i have experienced it myself.

Sometimes it makes me wonder – what would it have been to live before 1947… would we have had the courage to sacrifice our lives for our country..for the freedom of our future generations.???? Honestly, that emotion of patriotism only awakens within us only on the 15th August and 26th January that’s it. Am not being rude, but i think that is the ugly truth. Once we are out of school/college i guess these days only one meaning for us of these dates is..another holiday where in our morning alarm can be turned off or snooze button can be clicked for much more longer than 10 mins.

How hard it is to wake up one day early or may be its your usual timing itself for just those two days for your country … stand up for the National Anthem singing it out loud and see the National Flag – the most beautiful Tiranga being hoisted and flying high, to at least remember all those decades of freedom fight, struggle and so many thousands of lives sacrificed just so that we could all breathe in the fresh air of freedom and independence today.

At least if not the people in the past, but for those brave soldiers few whom you might personally know in some way or other- who chose to stand at the border and risk their lives every single day so that we can sleep in our air conditioned rooms, go to work in peace and maybe talk about movies and sports or go party after office hours. 

I think its our responsibility to least, pay homage to those who have sacrificed for us. We the youth our the backbone of the worlds largest democracy should be ever ready to stand up for our country when the time comes and to keep that feeling strong and going, we can start with by waking up and saluting when the National Flag is hoisted tomorrow -15th August 2015 and singing our heart out loud the National Anthem – Jana Gana Mana Adhinayak Jaye Hai Bharat Bhagya Vidhata… … …

I’ll be there watching my flag flying high and singing out loud – will you??

Jai Hind!!! Vande Mataram!!!

Sneha (gal from the island)


Why and what is Life as a Potpourri?

Potpourri – for many this word would be new or even if is known you might well assume how does it relate to life. So to start with what does a potpourri mean is given below (from our common source of searching things – Google o’namah)

potpourri definitions

Isnt life – a mix of different things, a mix of emotions, a mix of experiences, a mix of things we learn over the years, a  mix of habits, notions, principles, actions !!???? 

Yeah..I enjoyed doing many things, talking about different topics and i never enjoyed keeping those experiences to myself. I would end up telling everyone around me about it. In fact, on doing some homework, i found out that the point of many popular blogs is to share the wisdom people have gained, and equip others to accomplish those same goals from as simple as – how to boil eggs to how to make varieties of egg recipes, from distance between one’s home to the airport  to travelogues on leh and ladakh. From posting about movie reviews to on how to write short stories..infact what and how to start blogging?

So here i am with my blog Life as a Potpourri, in which i would talk about different topics i am interested about, things i have learnt and maybe come use to someone else too. 

I am gonna talk about my views on different things in life, about recipes which i have tried and tested(and tasted) , my travel diaries, poems and quotes which have inspired me, simple things that can turn into beautiful home decors and yes…am gonna post questions – to know your thought about it and the best answer would be getting a surprise from me.

The surprise could be anything ranging from – a small gift, a chocolate, a handmade greeting card  -anything that comes up in mind 🙂 So looking forward to participation from folks when i posts polls!! 🙂 ( feels like am bribing you guys 😛 )

Sneha (gal from the island)