#AtoZChallenge 2017 Theme Reveal is here !!!!

Yipeeee!!! My second year into blogging and my second time in the #AtoZChallenge and I can’t tell you how much i had to convince myself to take this up this year as well. Not that i hate anything about the challenge but more on the other side that is I love the concept of A to Z challenge and being the perfectionist kinda person i am, I wanted to do complete justice with the challenge.

I had my own reasons for being doubtful about it more so because I was not into blogging for the last six months for valid reasons Click here to read I was not sure if I could commit to myself 26 days of continuous writing and that too when i had no theme in my head. And even if i ended up on a theme , alphabets like Q, X and Z alone would make raise the bar of challenge to a whole new level 🙂 I am sure most of you would agree with it. But, i have learnt not to give up and so i wouldn’t this time as well at any cost.

What is the #AToZChallenge about?
Now #AtoZChallenge is all about blogging for 26 days, one day for each alphabet during the April month except for Sundays. It not only helps in networking with many new and old bloggers but you get to learn a lot about yourself while taking up this challenge. Most of us would do a #Reflections post once we “Survive” – yeah that’s what we tell once you finish the challenge. Trust me it seems easy to blog 26 days but when you get into it you fall short of words, you fall short of time, you even fall short of interest. Its not just about writing, you even need to read other blogs which are participating which is essentially the idea behind this challenge.

Does a theme help?
Having a theme is totally up to the participant. While having a theme filters down your ideas about posting it also makes it tough (majority of the times) when it comes to specific alphabets. Many people chose a theme in order to come up with an ebook later on. Some write stories which is good if you have a script in mind; some write poems, some do DIY, some receipes all in all you would find everything under the sky in this blogging world during the challenge.

Theme Reveal
I was certainly wanting to have a Theme as it filters down my random thoughts running all over the place but i ended up banging my head as i would fall short of words for few alphabets and then give up on that idea. Does that happen to you as well ?? (~~ wondering ~~) So today on my way to work i had this Eureka moment of an idea and surprisingly jotting down words for this was the simplest things i have ever done in my blogging life. Sometimes you underestimate the simple pleasures of life.

So let the drums roll while I present to you this years theme of #AtoZChallenge2017 on my blog Life as a Potpourri which is extremely close to my heart and that is 

🙂 🙂 🙂 I am so happy with my theme that you guys have no idea right when the day is about to end here in India. It would be an honor and pleasure to talk about my hometown Andaman and Nicobar Islands where i have been born and brought up with all you people out there. Many of you am sure wouldn’t even have heard the place but just to give a sneak peak here are some facts about #ANDAMANS 

  • It’s one of the Union Territories of India.
  • It’s an archipelago of about 300 islands.
  • It’s has a history related to Indian Independence.
  • The island’s #Radhanagar beach has been rated Asia’s best beach and World’s 8th best beach by Trip Advisor
  • The waters of Andamans have been rated as the 6th best blue waters all over the world
  • It has the only active volcano of India – Barren Island
  • The 26th December, 2004 Tsunami had majorly affected the islands at it was just about 30 mins from Sumatra the origin of the earthquake which measured about 8.9 to 9.1 on Richter scale
  • Your blog friend – Sneha(that’s me) was born in these islands …just kidding, need to save the info for the blog posts ❤

If those details got you glued and thinking then you should definitely check out this blog cause these islands have a lot to offer, only if you ask 🙂 Also i would be using the hashtag #AmazingAndamans  which is the theme as well along with #AndamanswithSneha and #Galfromtheisland

It would be really great if you could give your feedback, comments,suggestions and keep visiting my blog during the April month. Please feel free to connect via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google +

Wishing all the participants the very best! Let’s do this together and celebrate the joy of Blogging 🙂 Hoping to meet many new and old folks during the one month of blog marathon..woohoo!!! Let the games begin.

Live.Love.Laugh and Keep Blogging!!!

~~ Sneha, gal from the islands ~~

Back from a long break – do i regret?

Sep 11th 2016 – that is exactly 184 185 186  187 days since I have blogged and even though I don’t regret being away from my blog , should tell you I have missed this world of Blogging.  😦 In fact even the couple of posts before to last one were just one per month so all in all its been a considerable amount of time that I had been away. And it’s not just the writing part but haven’t read too from all the wonderful people out here whom i absolutely love love love. So many posts to be read and I am going to take time catching up all the reading work, but am sure I’ll manage doing it.

What got me alarmed? Sometimes you need a hit again on your head to come back to senses and that’s what exactly happened with me today. All of a sudden i realized its nearing 20th March #themereveal for the #atozchallenge 2017 and i need to get my ass back up there and participate in this. I had already missed few campaigns from #blogchatter for which I had signed up but didn’t really participate at all. So, yeah for a quick update i would be doing the Ultimate blogging challenge – the #atozchallenge even though am short on theme and time. Last year too all my posts were impromptu and nothing scheduled ahead of time so am experienced with that. Theme is what is actually killing me, any suggestions out there? 🙂

Why i don’t regret being away from Blogging? Honestly the best part about blogging is its your own space and you can do whatever you want with it which is so awesome. Few other things definitely were priority than my writing and that is majorly my regular IT job, few other personal stuff going on, lots of travel both work and leisure. 🙂 I would be letting you know all of it in detail in my upcoming posts for sure (At least the travel part 😀 ). But here is a look back of what happened in my life in the last six months in a fast rewind mode that kept me away from blogging.

~~ Job July 2016 to Jan 2017 ~~

Now let me clear few things 1) I absolutely love my job, it does get hectic like how it was last six months but there is nothing to complain. I have studied hard and worked hard to achieve this place and it would be totally unfair to talk bad about it in anyway. 2) It was a new role for me in my career and I really wanted to do well, it needed lot of hard work and time. The project I was working on is going live  on April 7th and am excited about it. All the hard work and dedication my team and the other associated teams had put in is now going to reap fruits. 3)I had extra responsibilities of my teammates apart from my individual work and hence I didn’t want to let down my team in any way. I always wanted them to look up to me and be inspired to work hard. So yeah, now that the go-live date is just few days from now work is absolutely less which got me back to blogging. 🙂 (of course until the next project but am not letting that stop me from blogging again)

~~ New friends ~~

I am definitely the social kinds, I need people around me, people who accept me for what I am , for making me feel normal and perfect with all my imperfections. And just when I was about to feel that where did all such people go I happen to meet a bunch of people. A friends friend to his friends sister to the sisters friends…and so on we ended up in a group of almost 20 people who enjoy travelling, dancing, watching movies, anytime yes for tea and all sorts of craziness. Personally I think I am the most boring person in the group but the group itself has so much energy that it definitely lifts my mood too. From birthdays to trips we have had so much fun and laughter. Here is a sneak peek of all that we did in the last 6 months. If it was not for them, I would have been stuck 100% with just work work and no fun at all.

After wedding party of a friend in Pune. This was my first time in a pub wearing a Saree and it was fun 🙂
Impromptu drive on a weekend to #Rastacafe, outskirts of Bangalore towards Mysore Road
Surprising a friend on his birthday at midnight and giving him a chocolate facial amidst that beard he had.
And there is one more from another birthday, again same old story beard and the cake
this was after the cake on the face was all cleaned up so that we had one decent pic to upload

~~ Travel. Travel. Travel ~~

The second half of 2016 and right until last month it was all about travel if not work. Thanks to the #Bookkaas (that’s the group name 😉 ) group of friends I talked above. Starting from #Gokarna in Oct , then #Hampi again towards Oct end; #Ridermania in #Goa in Novembers, Goa again for New years in December. Well not just for fun I travel, I even traveled to New York for almost a month for business trip. This was my first time abroad and an amazing experience of Winters. My first time in snow too 😀 ❤ (saving that for later posts) . Finally it was #Andaman my hometown after almost a year for 2 weeks and it was crazy. My #Bookkaas group also flew down for a week to visit Andaman and it was one of the best vacations back home I had. I generally go for a week or so and am mostly at home. I hardly go out to the other islands or beach. Check out the pics below and you’ll know how much fun I had.

To new friends and family in Hampi 🙂 Talk to a stranger and you never know you might become friends for life
A candid pic, courtesy Nithish. On the background the famous Jog falls on our way to Gokarna. That’s Swathy with me
Mandatory Selfies when on a trip – that’s Nithish, me Vikas and Swathy
Epic pic from the Andaman Vacations at Neil Island, waiting to watch the perfect sunset. Still a bunch of them missing in the frame
Sanjay with his Go Pro which captured all amazing views and a lifetime of memories. This is while waiting for our boat at the harbour to Havelock.
One of my fav places in Andaman – Ross Island. You wana know how many shades the color blue has just watch this pic and you ll know 🙂
The Amazing Bokkaas Gang, All 19 of us in a frame 🙂 Thanks to Selfie Sticks
I too managed to click few pics from my cellphone in between all the enjoyment. That’s another one from Ross Island
Central Park , New York -Yeah!!!! In between the business trip one of those weekends when you decide to see New York and enjoy the winter in its truest sense
Airports and Travel is fun when you got a bunch of crazies to send you off!! This is me travelling to US for the first time.
Another epic pic – Ridermania 2016, Goa

~~ Laziness and Writer’s  Block ~~

Being incredibly honest here, even though i had time at hand once a while it was either pure laziness or a writer’s block or too many ideas but not sure where to start from specially after a long break. I could have at least done the Echoes series and maintained some consistency 😦  Every time i would think of getting back there again at blogging i would be like naa not now, maybe once all this work and hectic life comes to rest i shall start and not stop but then you saw right i started this post four days ago and it took me today to finally publish it.

 I have missed blogging for sure, but sometimes its nice to take a break and enjoy other things as well like travel which i did. But promising this to myself that i am going to get back to regular blogging after all i love this and all you wonderful people some who have become such good friends, some from whom i have learnt many new things. Hoping to be start of with the #AtoZChallenge, i still don’t have a theme so let’s see how it goes. Need to just start writing thats all.

Have you ever taken break from blogging? Let me know, if its okay not to blog for sometime – does that affect one personally?

With loads of love love love.. i missed you all 🙂 ❤

~~ Sneha ~~