#AtoZChallenge DAY25: Y for YOUNG

Day: #25 || Alphabet : Y || Theme: Emotions || Word: Young


Mark Twain said – “Age is an issue of the mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter” 

Welcome everyone! Today being the second last of the alphabets for the #AtoZChallenge – this post is a dedication to all those lovely people who never crib about growing old and yet welcome age as a friend 😀 Cause for them AGE IS JUST A NUMBER 😉

And for some reason, this statement Age is just a number is actually defined truly by the senior folks. How would we as youngsters know what it is to be old and yet feel young at heart. I used to look up at my grandparents they were always energetic, fun and such good company. They never complained(even though they were physically not that strong) whenever we asked them to join us for some fun during summer vacations. My mother did her post graduation when she was about 45+.

You are always young at heart if you still dream of flying
It’s never too late to learn something new

I guess one should always be ready to learn and unlearn things no matter what the age. Your age shouldn’t restrict you from achieving your dreams. If you feel young you would eventually behave young and think young. I sometimes see old uncles in their retirement years sitting in a park and having long conversations, having a good laugh just the way they would have been in their 20’s. I see grannies sitting together in a group and bitching about their daughter in-laws which for sure they would have done when in college. But what i loved most watching was this one time when a grandfather was trying to make a Facebook account and his grandchild was helping him, then another time a lady in her 40’s trying to learn a four-wheeler driving, 

Growing old with someone you love doing the same amazing things you did as a young couple is a blessing

People need to understand the difference between Growing old vs Growing up. Growing up is just a mindset, people mistake it for growing old and people give up on their dreams and fairy tales that they had once seen as a kid. Whether you choose to grow up or not is entirely your choice. 

I wana have a swag like this when i am that old

Staying young at heart is nothing but a matter of still seeing the world through a child’s eyes. Every time you grow old by a number it surely means you have seen an amazing number of things for 365 days while circling around the sun..isn’t it? Is that not cool? Every year that you grow old , you know how to be a better person, to change things about you and explore things which you couldn’t when you were a year younger 😀 😀

You are what you are in your head and heart. Dont let the walking stick stop you from shaking a leg

The only bad thing would be growing old at heart and being cold towards new things and learning new things.You grow older cause that is inevitable. What you feel is never inevitable. It’s never too late to try hands at doing things you dreamed as a kid, to do things which made you happy once( now you can – who is gonna stop you, you are an adult unless you stop yourself). There is never an age limit to fall in love, to learn something new. All you need to do is feel young now and forever.

I already have a tattoo in my mind that I would get done incase i hit a 50 on the age scale 🙂 Age is not gonna stop me from getting inked once again.

“That’s the real trouble with the world. Too many people grow up.” -Walt Disney

My Favourite movie – UP

Do you believe in the statement – Age is just a number? What is that you want to do something that you had dreamt of as a kid but gave up cause you felt you are too old for it do now?

P.S: There is word for the fear of growing old and its termed gerascophobia .Man i tell you, one can find all kinds of phobia possible for a human being in google 😛 And am sure each one of us living in this planet has at least one from the huge list of fears.

Watch this video of the amazing granny who is gonna turn 80. ❤ ❤

6 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge DAY25: Y for YOUNG”

  1. What an incredible post….and what an incredible video! You’re so right: age is just a number. I’ve felt myself getting older because of aches and pains and just the general wearing down of the body…but my spirit is still young. I may not be able to dance like Paddy but I’ve still got it! 🙂
    Excellent point with such valid points. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Michele at Angels Bark

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks a ton Michele 😀 ❤ Thats cool that you still enjoy dancing 🙂 Music makes every heart young i believe no matter what the age !! Happy blogging and congrats for surviving the challenge. I ll be posting my last one in sometime. Happy Weekend


  2. I will discard gerascophobia. This post is bliss. You are spot on when you tell the line between growing up and growing old. I don’t wanna grow up. There is no age to learn something, enjoy fills of life or romance the world.


    1. hehehe hi fi on that..even am discarding gerascophobia 🙂 I have given up few things in past thinking am old to do that but not anymore…(Atleast i should stand by what i blog 😛 ) Have a happy weekend Vishal ❤


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