#AtoZChallenge DAY18: R for RAGE

Day: #18 || Alphabet : R || Theme: Emotions || Word: Rage


Hello everyone! Thank  you for all the get well messages! I am still on painkillers and antibiotics hopefully I would be relieved of the pain by the weekend !!! Am having ice creams like crazy to get some relief from the tooth removal. Have had like 2 tubs since last night 😛 😛 😛 (even more cause am not an ice cream fan as such 😦 )

Yesterday i couldn’t post much on the alphabet Q ( i’ll update my post over the weekend) and am kinda in the same mood hence posting a video on today’s emotion RAGE – ANGER 

Another beautiful illustration by INKOLOGY on ANGER


The Anger Smiley along with Hulk gif for Anger!! 😛



10 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge DAY18: R for RAGE”

  1. Ice creams are the best.. What you don’t like ice creams omg 😛 😛 change flavours, mix a couple of other things..

    What youbsaid about anger is true.. More than anger, hatred as a feeling finishes us rather than others!!

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    1. hehehe yeah i dont like ice creams as such..no matter whatever the topping is. i only prefer them once in a while..like ice cream with waffle, or brownies otherwise not.. Hmm Hatred as an emotion i guess i havent covered yet

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    1. Hey NJ 🙂 am a little better…have been working from home…and yeah ice cream is the only resort as of now.. not able to eat anything else as such.. bt i dont prefer ice creams though 😦


  2. Ah, wisdom teeth… the memories. I hope you don’t get to where I’ve been for the last month, fighting against nerve pain that seems never to be sorted out, and awaiting two implants. I blame bodged dentistry when I was a kid, but I dare say my failure to follow the hygienists’ instructions have something to do with it!
    Get well soon, and fight the rage with serenity 😀
    Jemima Pett

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