#AtoZChallenge DAY17: Q for QUIETENED

Day: #17 || Alphabet : Q || Theme: Emotions || Word: Quietened


I am in terrible pain as I write this post just minutes before the day ends. I am pushing myself cause i really dont want to miss a single day at any cost , this is my first challenge and i want to do it sincerely.

The reason for my pain – got my wisdom tooth removed ! 😦 Will update the post tomorrow once my pain reduces.

Meaning of Quietened – well actually not the exact emotion but am not talking at all since both the upper wisdom tooth has been removed


past tense: quietened; past participle: quietened
  1. make or become quiet and calm.

16 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge DAY17: Q for QUIETENED”

    1. thanks Julie for stopping by. I can imagine how bad it would be if you had all four removed at once. With two am having a tough time..probably i ll need to get the lower ones removed too once they start hurting again. Sad i couldn’t share much on my post cause of this


  1. Oohhh poor you Sneha! 😦 I had mine removed too and I remember it well. Don’t drink with a straw whatever you do and use lots of ice! Good for you for keeping up with the challenge despite this surgery! 🙂

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    1. Thank Liz for stopping by and sorry didnt have much on the content for you to read.! 😦 feeling better but still on pain killers..would take another couple of days till the stitches get healed


    1. Hey..it is…as long as the painkillers effect stays i dont feel the pain but the moment it subsides it hurts terribly not letting me speak ..and me being quiet is a challenge.. 😦 Hopefully another 2-3 days and all will be good.


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