#AtoZChallenge Day04: D for DISAPPOINTMENT

Day: #04 || Alphabet : D || Theme: Emotions || Word: Disappointment


Today is the fourth day into the #AtoZChallenge and the Emotion I have chosen is DISAPPOINTMENT  Yeah! Not all the times one can be in a happy state of mind. We humans always have expectations from others especially the ones we consider close to us. And there is no harm in it as far as it doesn’t break us down so bad that rising up again becomes impossible.

What exactly is the definition of Disappointment? (all my definitions are from Google *)



Today my very dear blogger friend DARSHITH, whom many of us already know, is doing a guest post on this topic for me. Thank you, Darcie, for doing the guest blog ❤ .This is what he has to say !!! Please visit his blog for some interesting posts


The final stage of any relationship is always DISAPPOINTMENT. You ask why? Let me explain.

When was the last time you were stood up? Or the last time your call was not received by somebody whose call you’d never miss? Or the last time you were taken as an option when you made others your first priority?

This kind of situations come & go and that’s okay. That’s life. But when we start to expect things from others(due to our good nature or because that’s how we are made), things go south for us. Disappointment is the baggage of expectations. Less the expectation, less the disappointment. That’s a pretty simple equation but then very difficult to achieve.


Life is a constant struggle of being better today than what we were yesterday. This struggle means trying to make the above equation true. Whether we achieve or not, it’s a far away thing but we always have to try.

Disappointment also stays away when we live in the moment. That’s again difficult to achieve. But we keep on trying.

I would had been really disappointed if I didn’t participate in this AtoZ challenge but I did & tried to have fewer expectations(no steep increase in views or fame) and things are looking good as of now. Everything within limits is good & so is expectations as that will keep disappointment at bay.


That’s it. It was an honor to write as a guest author here @ Life as a Potpourri. Sneha(I call her Janemann) is awesome & I am glad we both are participants of this A to Z challenge.


The  Disappointed Smileydisappointment

37 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Day04: D for DISAPPOINTMENT”

  1. I’ve been disappointed many times, by many people over the years. I’m at the point now where I try not to have any expectations and that way I don’t get disappointed. That’s hard though because we always have expectations. So it’s just a matter of realizing from the beginning that things may not work out as we hope. Hope for the best but plan for the worst…

    Michele at Angels Bark

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    1. Totally agreed Michele I think no matter how hard we train ourselves not to keep expectations we fail at it terribly so better improvise on the way we think. I have started maintaining just the basic and minimum so that when life hits me am prepared and not shaken by it severely. I have started following my heart but I remember to carry my brain along with me 🙂 thanks for stopping by

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    2. Sorry for the late reply. Both you ladies said the correct thing. Hope for the best but also, be ready for the worst. We are humans and we will expect things from others. As per the strength of the bond with others, the level of expectations varies. More strong the bond, more the expectations, more the chances of being disappointed. BUT, when the bond is strong(I mean bond between souls), expectations are met. If not, we learn to live with the disappointment.


  2. I think disappointment is inevitable. It’s definitely part of life, whether it’s in relationships, work, goals, etc. What’s important is to remember that, like all emotions, the feelings of disappointment will come and go. And not to get attached to them. Very thought provoking post!

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    1. Hey Ashley. thanks for stopping by 🙂 you are absolutely correct. Like any other emotion disappointment is also a part and parcel of life. I think only if we experience disappointment we would know the value of happy times !!!! Glad you liked it ❤

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  3. Wonderful post! This emo comes up for me quite a bit. Mostly the disappointment of myself, or should I say some choices/decisions. I’ve learned to be kinder to my self and to not have expectations of others. Sometimes I slip. Thanks for a great reminder! Enjoy the rest of the A to Z Challenge.

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    1. Aww Donna.. i guess we all do make choices and decisions that we at times become disappointed about at some time later in life but then i think they all add up to the experiences which would help us not get sulked in with this emotion in future 🙂 All the best to you too.

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    2. Thanks for the comment, Donna. As you mentioned about being disappointment on yourself is valid due to some choices/decisions of past but at the time of making decisions, there is no right/wrong decision. After we decide that this is my decision, we give it our everything to prove it right. And it also involves so many variables that are beyond our control. I can suggest that you be a bit lenient on yourself and whenever you slip, try to balance yourself. If you need help, just ask & it will be at your door 🙂 Have a great week ahead.


    1. Hey Vinay… I think we are tuned to expect from people we are close to I think its just part and parcel of the wheel of emotion we as human beings go through . All we can do is not let disappointment lead to deptession. Thanks for stopping by.

      @darshith0000 I met Vinay through indiblogger and many other wonderful bloggers. Oh yes the harry potter theme is so cool almost reliving it all over again. There is a harry potter theme something coming up in Bangalore I had seen an invite some where

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    1. Hehehehe u don’t have to at all. Making you do a guest blog for me is my honour 😉 I love you too janemann ❤ and as long as I have friends like you I need no other extra effort to be strong. I love you

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