Happy Sunday people!!!! December is such a lovely month of the year so much of fun,celebration,happiness,festivities all around. People talking about taking vacations, talking about the new resolutions (of which 50% are the incomplete ones of the current year …including me as well) .

On that note am not gonna talk about December and Resolutions on this post, but in fact this post is going to be another one inspired from the Daily Prompts which i don’t refer daily, am to moody about it 😛 😛 😛 So this time the prompt was Flawed  – What is your worst quality?? Now who would wanna talk about their own worst quality on a blog??!!!

And i realized, aren’t these The Flaws that make us different from the person standing right next to me, cause they are MY FLAWS.!!! Imperfection is Individuality!!! and i totally believe that thought. What is the fun being perfect and boring and mundane, it’s better being weird and crazy and fun and interesting… 🙂

So talking about my flaws i have many like i expect a lot from my loved ones, i don’t like being lonely ( i have never understood the funda behind “My time”, never works for me), i don’t like the way i look when it comes to certain features like the scar of six stitches on my nose bridge , i am lazy, i don’t like sleeping which is bad for health blah blah blah 😦 😦 😦 but keeping all that aside, my WORST QUALITY is i have this new syndrome termed by my very close friends, am not sure if there is a medical term for this but they call it PERIODIC ATTRACTION – and this is a fun kinda syndrome cause it applies on almost every aspect of my life be it towards people, things, activities!!! Yeah you heard it right!! 😦 Below is a detailed report of this syndrome/flaw. Hope u have fun diagnosing it. Kindly ignore the handwriting(it’s a lil tough after the thumb injury but somehow looks more realistic considering the handwriting of the doctors which only they and the pharmacist understand 🙂 )

Periodic Attraction Report

Periodic Attraction Report

Yup that’s the report, and unfortunately after all these years my family and friends have not been able to come up with a treatment to this Worst Quality of mine! But few of them have said that i am kinda improving now and to justify that they have my continuous Blogging as proof which initially many thought i would give up after a month or two like i have done before. So yeah am showing positive healing signs 😛 but they do tell me that they find this Syndrome/Worst Quality in me pretty interesting and fascinating cause it keeps them all entertained.

I am happy the way i am , i think that makes me ME!! I do agree there are few  flaws which i really need to correct like sleeping on time, being not so lazy etc. but this periodic attraction does happen many times in my life but i just can’t help it so i am trying to let people know about it around me so that then i have this challenge of proving them wrong 😛 

I am happy I am flawed, I hate perfection! I find them utterly boring! Now tell me what are your flaws??? Do u love them!!! 

20 thoughts on “IMPERFECTION is INDIVIDUALITY..ehh,okay,really??”

  1. So true! In fact, my flaws always remind me that I have still a lot to work upon. And I too am heavily infected with Periodic Attraction syndrome, and I always end up being confused. I used to think that it’s only me, but after reading your post I’ve come to realize that I’m Normal. 😀

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  2. Haha…u put this up so welll…how many discussions we had on dis..!! Well if having my tym is a flaw then I had it …I think now I am done with it as these days I am never alone😛 well I think it is good to have as it gives u time to think or share about everything that u can/ want to share only to urself.😊😊


  3. Haha..u put this thing sooo well..what discussions we had on this…!! If having my time is flaw then I had it..I think now I am ok with it 😜 because these days I am never alone …still it is good one to have where u can think of about many things which u can share only with urself😊

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  4. Great post to light up my Sunday workday.. 🙂 Can’t stop smiling reading this as I suffer from the same syndrome.. 😛 Tried a pelthera of hobbies from sewing to making soaps, but could only stick to the one of reading… 😛 Even I have some flaws as being lazy, and giving way more time than usual to silly tasks…but hey, I love them too, after all , it’s the me that gets completed with all my flaws… Happy Sunday to you, go out enjoy the day for me please! 🙂

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  5. Haha! Even I keep talking about some of the amazing people I come across! And then after a few months, someone else is being spoken about 😉 But I don’t think of it as a flaw! It keeps the excitement in me alive. I like it. 🙂 I do the same with songs. I’ll listen to a new song so much that within ten days, I’ll grow tired of it to never come back to it for a couple of months 😉

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